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This is exactly why I describe Coach Kru-zoo-ski as now being overrated, he creates a team overly dependent on the three point shot to win. When they're falling the team looks great, when they're not, they struggle badly. Third time in six years they've failed to advance past the opening weekend. But I guess 2017 South Carolina is at least better than 2012 Lehigh and 2014 Mercer.
Dude this year has been one of the most challenging year for any coach. They dealt with numerous of injuries, dealing with the Grayson situation and Coach K being out for a month. What killed this team was not having a true PG. We know you you hate Coach K and Duke but to call him overrated is silly. This team has bean through a lot and a lot of people thought they wouldn't even make the tourney in mid January.

Before coach K had Surgery they were 12-2 then once he left they went 3-4 and he came back and won like 6 straight.