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    San Diego 10/13/16

    My daughter is a huge Broncos fan and we will be going to the game in San Diego as part of her Fall Break/Birthday trip. She doesn't know we are going to the game and I would like to help her celebrate by finding other fans that will be there for the game.

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    Welcome to our Message Board.
    The last time I went to a Bronco/Chargers game in SD a few years ago, there was a LOT of Orange.
    I'm sure your will find some Cal Bronco Fans here.
    Just curious, TaylaJordy = Jordan Taylor aka "Sunshine" ?
    Everyone loves that guy !!!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter and have a nice time at the game.

    May God Bless All The Men And Women Of Our Armed Forces, Past and Present
    The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing.

    My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe.

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    Sorry Taylar Jordan. I'm an AZ Navy Vet as well.

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    Are you sitting on the visitor's side? If so, you will have NO problem finding other bronco fans! we have gone to the last 4 SD games and are always amazed at the HUGE number of Bronco fans! We're in the nosebleed seats in section V6 row 8 😀 Definitely get there early and cruise the parking lot to give some love to all the tailgating brothers and sisters in orange!

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    my wife and I will be at the game as well.
    can.t wait! we fly out of our place Calgary, alberta Canada tomorrow
    it will be our first n.f.l. game we already have our Elway jerseys
    we are in p9 row1 hoping those are good seats?
    can,t wait for the tailgate!!!

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