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    Quote Originally Posted by one_bad_55 View Post
    I have Google Chrome and up until today the wheel on my mouse would scroll up and down the pages on the boards. I typically have 17 tabs open at once when I run Chrome. Today the scroll wheel no longer works on the boards but works on all 16 other websites I have open.

    I also cleared my browser history and cleaned up all the junk i.e. cookies, etc that accumulates in the browsers to no avail.

    Can you look into this as this is a huge issue for me navigating the pages on the boards.

    Thanks for your help.

    Would you mind explaining '17'

    Sorry can't help with the wheel other than to say mine works ok still
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    Quote Originally Posted by one_bad_55 View Post
    Just an update for you guys and gals.

    I have verified that there is definitely a reported bug in Chrome that causes the scroll wheel to stop functioning and it is tab specific so it can work in one tab and not another. I am getting the problem now on other websites on other tabs so it doesn't appear to be website specific.

    I have a Logitech M705 Mouse but according to the information I found it doesn't have anything to do with Logitech as there are other mice brands having the same problems.

    According to Google this error started after the last update in 5.7. The website I found said that Google should have a fix for this by the end of the month.

    That would explain why it has worked great for several years and now all of a sudden there are problems. It was the last update to Chrome that created the problem.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed they can fix this sooner than later.
    Quote Originally Posted by one_bad_55 View Post
    Last update. I updated Chrome to the newest Version 58.0.3029.81 about a week ago and it appears to have fixed all the problems. So I guess the Google Chrome "Mouse Scroll Issue" case can now officially be laid to rest.
    Quote Originally Posted by dizzolve View Post
    Would you mind explaining '17'

    Sorry can't help with the wheel other than to say mine works ok still
    I think he has it resolved. See posts above.

    Thanks for your interest, though. I remember you being one of our techy members. Since I'm not one (techy person), I appreciate your help.

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