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    Is Someone Trying To Tell Me Somethng??!!!

    It is unusual for my Doctor to call, but he did yesterday to confirm that some initial tests are good. But then he asked, "are you looking for a new doctor?" I thought, is he accusing me of doctor cheating??? But I said no, and then he explained how he is retiring next year and that I was probably not yet notified due to my age group. I told him he is too young to retire, and then thought, "oh no, gotta find a doctor again, which is hard to do, plus I am not comfortable with just anyone poking around my carcass!"

    Now there is a theme here. In the last 5 years or so I have had to change my "barber" 4 times! One left when she got pregnant, another left just after my first cut, another wasn't working out for me for scheduling purposes and then another suddenly left to work at another shop....far away. Is it me????

    I do not like change. I admit it. I do not like the sound of "you have to go elsewhere, or we don't make that meal anymore, or the place is shut down for repairs."

    My all time favourite sandwich at a local restaurant disappeared. My all time favourite shampoo was discontinued. A type of blue jean I loved is no longer available. Lots of tv shows I really liked did not pass the grade. And just the other day a tree company we use from time to time no longer offers the service we enjoyed. I can give you plenty more! (now I am officially whining!!)

    OK....these things are not life threatening. They are mostly inconveniences. And for the sake of this forum, this is not about really important matters. But admit it, when your fav this or that suddenly disappears, it does not feel quite right. But cmon, if I have to find yet another hair person, or dentist or whatever, I am going to start getting a bit ticked!!

    Having said this...I sure hope they discontinue a certain colonoscopy drink, colyte, which is disgusting stuff, before my next procedure!!!! (Please, please, please)

    What say you?

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