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  1. TIme for an upset next week.
  2. Legendary effort? LOL
  3. OK, so the Chargers look better than I thought they would...
  4. New Look Chargers Same Old Story
  5. So after 1 week .... lets look at the rankings
  6. I'll just leave this here thanks
  7. I'm more convinced than ever after last night's game
  8. Raven Fans and Now Giants fans!
  9. Lol niners
  10. Raiders weak!
  11. week two discussions
  12. Steelers @ Bengals mnf
  13. Best Raiders Jokes
  14. Remember 59-14
  15. The death of smack talk!
  16. marty ball is back!!!
  17. Congrats
  18. Cowboys fan here!
  19. Eagles vs Broncos
  20. Chief's Eric Berry afraid of horses!
  21. Raiders and Chargers 2 of the league's most worthless teams
  22. Official Warning for Peyton Manning
  23. Pats suck
  24. Oakland San Diego game tonite
  25. The Blue print on the Broncos
  26. Denver's defense!
  27. You Better Hope Yall Does Not Face The Saints In The Superbowl.
  28. Bronc Nation, Do You Want To Name san diago's Never Won A SB Monkey Contest Again?
  29. Jaguars and Tebow
  30. Monday night Black out
  31. Jags Fans Want To Injure Manning
  32. Bronco Play Call Questionable for the Jags
  33. a bit overrated?
  34. Best record without a home game or a bye?
  35. He's Back!!!!!
  36. Philip Rivers is having a pro bowl season
  37. AFC West - Best division in football!
  38. Kc is going to lose......to houston!
  39. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning
  40. 10/20 any NFL Games (today)
  41. This ones for BUM
  42. The Broncos are Imploding Right now, so much for "so and so is back" (LOL!)
  43. Wild card team
  44. we deserve this loss...we got outplayed
  45. Irsay: 1, Peyton: 0
  46. Elway Vs Manning
  47. Amazing
  48. Are KC and SD overrated? (only Denver fans respond)
  49. Niner fans r getting to me!!
  50. Guess the Chiefs final record
  51. I'm Tired
  52. Not Even Sure About The Seahawks These Days
  53. Lets have a little fun predicting the playoffs
  54. Cocky Colts Fans
  55. AFC Pretenders & Contenders
  56. Chargers vs Broncos CP bet
  57. Bring on San Diego!
  58. Seahawks Fan Goes to Peyton Manning’s Home
  59. Under The Bridge; A Place For Trolls
  60. good game
  61. Bring it KC!
  62. good game broncos fans!
  63. Wow Chiefs fans are so confident> I cant wait to see PFM embarrass them
  64. Chiefs fans
  65. Jay Cutler
  66. Way To Go Dwayne Bowe!
  67. The One We Have All Been Waiting For!
  68. More than one team
  69. Your most hated KC Chief of all time.
  70. KC released a Video in response to themadfanatic
  71. NFL Fantasy Live on NFL network
  72. Steelers fans
  73. And this is why you shouldn''t have long hair in the NFL
  74. are the bolts officially in the basement?
  75. C-Kap is the most overrated QB in football
  76. Things that are more welcome in life than Cris Collinsworth
  77. Is that it
  78. They are who we thought they were.
  79. TopekasNews article on last night's game
  80. Jimmy Fallon Chiefs-Broncos Skit
  81. Excuse Me Pats Fans.....
  82. Some funny threads from the Pats forums
  83. Danny Amendola & Julian Edelman at full strength to murder the middle
  84. Your Welcome Denver
  85. Chiefs vs Chargers
  86. Good game Broncos
  87. well....we deserve some lip over this
  88. If we won yesterday
  89. The Chargers have their fate in their hands.
  90. Broncos win 35-14
  91. 12/1 games
  92. NFC the Better Conference ?
  93. Check out this gem from the Pats board on Manning's *potential* 51st TD
  94. Seattle Scares Us!
  95. Mr. Bojangles Pats lovefest on a Broncos boards thread
  96. Eli Manning sucks
  97. Bull Crap!
  98. Chargers Part 2!
  99. 49ers are the team to beat....
  100. The Chargers Will Beat The Broncos On Thurs. Night Sig Bet CENTRAL!
  101. Cry me a Rivers at it already...
  102. Well, one thing we can take away from this game...
  103. good game well played
  104. much respect to my bronco counterparts
  105. Can Denver beat NE in Foxboro in Playoffs
  106. broncos vs Pats AFC Championship
  107. Teams that have never won a Super Bowl
  108. we're still alive
  109. Boston fans: biggest crybabies in sports
  110. Neutfest Draws Near For saan diagooooo EEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEE
  111. Merry Christmas, smackers.
  112. Congrats Bolts...
  113. 3 AFC west teams
  114. cinci vs SD sig bet
  115. I guess Denver > NE not a good name for Patriots forum.
  116. Patriots whining vs Saints whining
  117. San Diego at Full Strength Vs Bengals
  118. Richard Sherman names his Top 5 Smartest QB's
  119. so long chiefs
  120. rivers' time to shine
  121. well unless dalton quits sucking and has a miracle...bring on the bolts
  122. San Diego vs Denver 3!
  123. Figures it takes a Denver Coach to get the San Diego Chargers set right.
  124. A compilation of the useless smack posted by Chargersrule....until they lose
  125. Broncos Chargers Score predictions
  126. DEN vs SD chances
  127. A little bit of comedy
  128. Phylis in the locker room
  129. Rivers Radio Interview.....too good to be true! ---Not true.
  130. SB Infractions
  131. Chargers? Lol easy win
  132. Those poor Charger fans
  133. Manning W/O His Helmet
  134. Why the Chargers should fear Denver?
  135. Chargers Game Plan?
  136. Whats on the line for Peyton Manning this Sunday?
  137. I HATE Them CHEATING Patriots
  138. Good Luck Chargers Fans
  139. Congrats from our Charger fan regulars
  140. What Happen?
  141. san diago Neutfest Never Won A SB Monkey On Back Winner Named! Neutfest Begins Now!
  142. WELL the bolts choked
  143. 3rd and 17
  144. Broncos are in trouble...No?
  145. The average Pats fan couldn't pick a football out of a lineup...
  146. Bad Monkey No NaNa EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE san diago Neutler Winner!!!
  147. Robert Ayers mocks Philip Rivers
  148. Congratulations to the Broncos on an amazing 2013 campaign!
  149. Why is Denver Worried About thePats Run Game?
  150. Bradys wife flapping her trap again !!!!!!!!!!
  151. is it just me, or has the number of charger fan posts dropped significantly
  152. Papa Johns
  153. Freaking pats fans...
  154. Db4l
  155. Anybody catch the NFL Network's 2006 road to the SB last night?
  156. Bye Bye Patriots Fans
  157. Is Tom Brady now a big-game looser?
  158. This Sums It Up
  159. Seattle fans are hilarious
  160. Seattle fans throw garbage on injured 49er as he is carted off the field?
  161. Good game Pats, but this is for you
  162. belichek is crying about the big bad welker deliberatly injureing talib
  163. From a Seahawks fan - good luck in two weeks
  164. Question: Denver Super Bowl Teams Comparison 97, 98, 13
  165. Ladder to the Top
  166. Heath Evans talking smack
  167. Homer Seachicken Fans and Butt-Hurt Patsie Fans
  168. Let me save you the trouble
  169. NFC Defensive Teams are all overated especially the Seahawks
  170. Bronco's Can't Be Serious! Message From The 12th Man!
  171. LOB are Huuuuge!
  172. Is it possible for us to win.....
  173. Wilson will straight up murder the Bronco's D.
  174. Who's The Original 12th Man?
  175. Lol, do u honestly believe you're gonna stop beast mode?
  176. Check out this stat comparing O-Lines
  177. No matter which team you are rooting for, this is cool
  178. Hey Seattle Fans....
  179. Official Denver Broncos Excuse Thread after the Seahawks win the Superbowl!
  180. Seahawks D created by soft schedule
  181. How did Seattle get so over-hyped?
  182. Raiders
  183. Bronco fans…
  184. Try having a little class
  185. Broncos are Imploding....are you kidding me Denver? You suck!
  186. Congrats to seattle seahawks are superbowl xlviii!!!
  187. Parade?
  188. Disgusting performance.
  189. great game seahawks...you deserved the win
  190. Seattle fans showed up; Denver fans didn't.
  191. tough break guys
  192. Peyton Manning = Stan Humphries Today
  193. Should Manning Retire?
  194. My predictions were right.....
  195. Parade
  196. Let's look at the bright side!
  197. Should a first round bye
  198. New Papa Johns Special
  199. Playing the NFCW in 2014
  200. An Interesting Debate With Historical Implications...
  201. How can you call it 'football'?
  202. Champ = Done
  203. Elway The Reason The Rest Of THe AFCW Is In The Rear View Mirror
  204. The Validity of PFF (or lack thereof)
  205. Niner Fans Shut Up!
  206. NFL.com greatest QB of all time voting - Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson
  207. Bigger , Better, Faster , Stronger
  208. Bandwagon fans
  209. Those seeking revenge against Seattle...
  210. Stand By Your Convictions!
  211. Ray Rice? Aaron Hernadez?
  212. 2014 BCMB Awards!!
  213. Alex Smith
  214. Sam Bradford
  215. I just have to LOL at Sherman's Contract
  216. just going to leave this here....
  217. Over/ Under Manziel's Career In Cleveland
  218. Take this as your warning Peyton....
  219. Kansas City is kinda
  220. Seattle Fans Take Warning, You cant Use Your Superbowl Win Week 3!
  221. NFCW vs. AFCW schedule - 2014
  222. Whats this I hear? The Broncos have "Closed the Gap" with the Seahawks?
  223. Smack Shack Joke of the Day thread
  224. Top 10 QBs in the NFL
  225. Hernandez Again!
  226. Tom Brady drops out of top 5 QB's in NFL
  227. Why is Peyton Manning so annoying?
  228. Vernon Davis calls Russell Wilson the best QB in the league
  229. Wanna see the most beautiful ring ever?
  230. Week 1 predictions
  231. Homer or Not!... You tell me!
  232. Most overrated play in NFL History
  233. Does Peyton go in as a Colt or a Bronco?
  234. The AFC East is Trash
  235. World Cup - Germany-Brazil 5-0 at half
  236. Broncos offense was scared in the Super Bowl
  237. Wake Up Seattle!!!!!
  238. Does Anyone Really Believe in John Fox?....Anyone??
  239. Oh Paaaatttsiiieeee fan...
  240. Look Who's Flapping their Gums to the Media NOW
  241. Lynch continuing to hold out spells doom for Seattle's offense
  242. Rodney Harrison calls out Patriots' lack of SB titles since Spygate.
  243. Luck > Wilson, this isnt even disputeable anymore.
  244. Nearly half of Seattle's starters stay in Seattle
  245. Getting Tired Of The Bail Out Callls
  246. Loud Mouths
  247. Hey Seattle fans
  248. So is 2014 Denver's last horrah'?
  249. SD Chargers: the most under-rated team in the NFL
  250. Peyton Good, Eli Most Clutch, Brady is the Big Choker