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  1. Do you want to the Broncos to make the playoffs?
  2. Hoping for Indianapolis
  3. If the season Ended Today: Playoff Scenarios and more!
  4. whats the feeling about our playoff chances?
  5. Indianapolis or New England?
  6. How does Tenn. beat us in tiebreaker?
  7. 2007 opponents
  8. new england
  9. Why aren't we in the Playoffs with a Jets Loss?
  10. Goofed up playoff seeding system?
  11. Mangenius to Smack Bitter Bill and the Patsies
  12. Who do you pick?
  13. who are you cheering for????
  14. Good luck to KC and SD
  15. Now we are out of the playoffs....
  16. Wild card weekend picks
  17. Chiefs @ Colts AFC Wild Card Game Day Thread - 1/6/06
  18. Predict the entire playoffs contest!!
  19. Seahawks/Cowboys
  20. jets/patriots
  21. Sauerbrun In NE?????
  22. eagles/giants
  23. Patriots - Chargers
  24. PeytatoHead To Lose Another Playoff Game
  25. Are the Patriots overrated or just media darlings?
  26. Who should with the superbowl?
  27. My predictions
  28. colts/ravens gameday thread
  29. Of this years playoff QBs which most deserves to go to the SB?
  30. eagles/saints gameday thread
  31. Are you rooting for San Diego tomorrow?
  32. I Give Colts Credit
  33. Ravens Or Colts
  34. So happy for the Saints
  35. Patriots @ Chargers AFC Divisional Playoffs Gameday Thread
  36. Colts, Chargers, or Patriots - Which would you rather have win the superbowl?
  37. Seahawks/Bears
  38. Here i am to eat my crow
  39. ok, now its ur choice, u decide
  40. Great ...juuust great. :(
  41. Will the Colts choke against the Pats.....
  42. Just Great, Now I gotta hear bout those damn Pats.....
  43. Lt
  44. Marty and Wade Phillips
  45. lets go saints
  46. LT is a hypocrite
  47. Broncos fans should cheer for...
  48. L.T. won't play in the Probowl if Belichick is the coach
  49. Those wanting the Colts to beat the Patriots
  50. LT Did the right thing
  51. Chargers: One and Done
  52. The fans have spoken
  53. Peyton Manning should be endorsed by.. ... ..
  54. New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship Game - 1/21/07
  55. New Orleans @ Chicago NFC Championship Game Day Thread
  56. Bears In Bowl = BORING!
  57. Go Colts..beat The Fake Team
  58. Worst SB EVER
  59. Wow! New England
  60. Rex Grossman
  61. Todd Saueroids
  62. Rex Grossman
  63. False Start/Off Sides Penalties
  64. Will Peyton Be the Next Marino?
  65. Offical Super Bowl 41 Thread (merged)
  66. Go Colts!!!
  67. Yes Aints Are Out!!!!!
  68. Colts Vs Bears
  69. Two black coaches make the Super Bowl
  70. If you have a cheater in your team....
  71. 85 bears super bowl shuffle
  72. Offical Super Bowl Xli Bet Thread (Merged)
  73. who takes the VL Trophy?
  74. superbowl
  75. ESPN Homepage Spoof - Hilarious
  76. Welcome to Media Day...
  77. NFL Policy "Copyright" for the SuperBowl
  78. Super Bowl XLI Game Day Thread: Colts Vs. Bears
  79. Superbowl Facts
  80. chicago lose or indianapolis win??????
  81. terriible super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. Super Bowl MVP
  83. Rex Grossmen In Sb41
  84. Superbowl Weather
  85. what if...
  86. Archive Scheduled