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  2. Please change your avatar to honor D-Will, may he rest in peace.
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  36. Why do I get the feeling this crime will never be solved?
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  40. Rest in Peace D-will
  41. Did D-Will and Javon
  42. From a lifelong Chiefs fan, to my brothers to the west.......
  43. May God bless Darrent Williams and family
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  46. I am sorry Darrent
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  48. I'm so sorry
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  52. condolences from the Baltimore Ravens Fans.
  53. Go to 950 radio the fan
  54. May God Bless the Family of Darrent Williams
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  56. Needless Tradgedy
  57. what a shock
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  59. How did you react at first?
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  61. I Don't Know If This Is Me or What?
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  67. Team Tragedy
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  69. I want to see bailey and Lynch wear 27 in the pro-bowl
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  72. Rest In Peace Champ!!!
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  74. very sad
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  77. From a Bills fan in Buffalo to all you folks in Denver
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  83. sign here if you want broncos to put 27 on their helmets or jerseys
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  90. I'm in complete shock.
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  95. Dedication
  96. God Bless You Darrent, you will be missed.
  97. Condolences frem Brazil
  98. More information here
  99. Bump Until Darrents Killers Are In Jail
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  101. Graphics for tshirt pls
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  103. 24
  104. I have setup a Darrent Williams random image generator for anyone that wants it
  105. Could it be possible?
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  108. I am amazed!
  109. Mods or Admin - A Favor Please
  110. 07 already off 2 a bad start..
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  112. He had two Kids!!!!
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  114. Very sorry for your loss.
  115. I Feel Like I Lost a Teamate
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  118. Darrent
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  125. Understanding
  126. From a UK Fan
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  128. This really puts things in perspective for me
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  130. A Smile
  131. you will be missed
  132. Just thought you fans should know the Atl Falcons are with you. Please read!
  133. When Was The Last Time A Nfl Player Was Murdered?
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  136. I heard Javon was involved....
  137. You guys want to know what is sick?
  138. May we all take a moment to think . . .
  139. Andrew Mason and denverbroncos.com Staff
  140. Javon
  141. will they stop making darrent williams jerseys?
  142. Will we ever understand?
  143. Darrents MySpace
  144. Pictures, And Movies
  145. Javon will have new reasons to be a true Bronco
  146. This world makes me sick
  147. A Thank You to all our visitors
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  151. Brothers Killing Brothers
  152. The Legacy of DW
  153. Poetic eulogies to Darrent Williams...
  154. This will bring a teer to your eye.
  155. From a Canadian Football Fan
  156. This is very sad
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  158. DW may GOD BLESS YOU!!!
  159. message
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  161. Bronco fans
  162. My Darrent Williams Collage
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  164. No words seem enough
  165. On behalf of The Raider Nation
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  167. For The Fans
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  170. We want the death penalty!
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  174. Terrible
  175. for darrent williams
  176. From all of us here in Kansas City
  177. Deepest regrets from the big easy
  178. "Williams' mom: Dreams don't have to die with her son"
  179. How come ESPN or ESPNEWS haven't even really talked about Darrent Willliam's death??
  180. Thank you to Every Fan!!!
  181. Stickers CAN be made...
  182. It truly is amazing
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  190. NFL Primetime 8pm MST
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  192. Good article on last night's shooting
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  195. Darrent my idol
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  197. ...RIP Williams.....
  198. Shame on the NFL
  199. Rest in Peace Darrent
  200. 2 others injured? Who? Updates here.
  201. Paying my respects
  202. Pray for Javon as well.....
  203. Darrent Died in Javons lap.
  204. Darrent had played 27 games with us...
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  208. Darrent Williams Death
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  217. Hello everyone
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  219. Why Did Limo Stop Where It Was Hit With No Attempt To Evade Or Get To The Hospital?!
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  223. People need to stop with the disrespect
  224. My Condolences
  225. Darrent William's Quotes & Interview excerpts
  226. Sort of Ironic
  227. Do you think it had to do with the team???
  228. the punishment for Williams' killer(s)
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  230. Derrick Thomas
  231. 2007 is gonna be rough...
  232. Put Darrent on Cover of next years Media Guide
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  235. Inspired
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  237. darrent
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  241. "They got D-Hall... we got D-Will !"
  242. From KC Chiefs Fan
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  244. Darrent's Career
  245. to the williams family
  246. To the Players in the Denver Broncos Organization.
  247. colts die-hard fan has everyone in his prayers
  248. regrets from the Big Easy
  249. missing Darrent
  250. My hair is a tribute............