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  1. Congrats to Brett Favre
  2. Wow the Eagles are TERRIBLE!
  3. Jets 'illegally' simulated snap count
  4. McNabb's comments dont wash in todays NFL
  5. Jason Taylor
  6. Texans To Upset Colts In Week 3!!!!!
  7. Owens fined 7,500 for camera celebration?
  8. Breaking News on "Spy-Gate"
  9. Why aren't the Titans favored against the Saints?
  10. Oakland better than SD right now..
  11. A couple of loyal charger fans
  12. Grossman
  13. GOD I wish we we were Dallas right now!
  14. Sportscenter reporting Deuce McAllister out for the season with torn ACL
  15. Can we drop the talk about Vince now?
  16. Griese to get a fourth shot...
  17. How about them Bucs?
  18. Jordan is the #2 rusher in the league!!!
  19. Houston @ Atlanta
  20. Clutch QB's
  21. Chad Johnson's Next End Zone Dance to Have Corporate Sponsorship
  22. Warrent Warrants Play
  23. Dwayne Bowe voted rookie of the week
  24. Jets ticket holder sues Patriots and coach Belichick, seeks damages of more than $184
  25. Congrats to Favre!!!
  26. Colts=NFL's Baby.
  27. Cadillac Williams done for the year, career in jeopardy
  28. Moss is on pace for 124 receptions 2,020 yards and 28 tds
  29. Ouch! Chargers got their own mess!
  30. How many football games per week do you watch??
  31. Are the Raiders a good team now?
  32. Dwayne Bowe voted rookie of the week second week in a row
  33. Trent Green At It Again
  34. KC looking good today
  35. When will we see Brady Quinn?
  36. Green Bay beat by Chicago
  37. Monday Night Clash of Titans - Cowboys vs Bills?
  38. WOAH Romo!
  39. Broncos>Bills>Cowboys? =D
  40. Seahawks Mack Strong retiring.
  41. If I was a Bills Fan......
  42. Cowboys & Patriots
  43. What Young QB surpised you soo far...?
  44. Adrian Peterson Thread
  45. So, like... Madden curse?
  46. Tom Brady is on pace for 56 tds, 5 ints, and 4,722 yards
  47. The Patriots
  48. Chris Chambers to the Chargers (Merged)
  49. Super Bowl in London?
  50. Do you think the Chambers deal was shady?
  51. What do you think of this Article?
  52. Will Priest play against Oakland
  53. Who would be hurt more? Colts if they lost Manning or Pats if they lost Brady?
  54. Keyshawn Johnson interviews Chad Johnson
  55. Most overrated stat in football is yardage!!!
  56. Vince Young?
  57. Ronnie Brown out for season
  58. NFL cuts time between draft picks
  59. Who will Broncos fans be cheering for? Titans vs. Raiders
  60. Billick to Blame?
  61. Raiders to sell 20%
  62. Colts Article...funny funny...
  63. Patriots v. StubHub Lawsuit
  64. Eagles Fans Give McNabb Three-Week Deadline To Win Super Bowl
  65. Vick or Mcnabb
  66. IFL - Wembley/London
  67. Running up the score
  68. Patriots (8-0) at Colts (7-0) (Merged)
  69. 49ers KICKER Nedney (ex Bronco) pulls a Plummer
  70. Are you starting to hate the Patriots too?
  71. If Moss had stayed in Oakland ->
  72. Jags' Stroud faces suspension for violating NFL steroids policy
  73. Pats-Colts CP BET
  74. You guys seem to forget about the Colts
  75. Colts/Patriots Game day thread
  76. Cowboys - Eagles
  77. harrison is embarrassing ogden
  78. Ben Rothisberger reminds me of Elway Style wise.
  79. Are the Browns for real??
  80. Should the pats have asterisk? (*moved)
  81. ESPN Live guys both pick the Chargers over the Colts?
  82. Will Croyle Play?
  84. Steelers Flying Under The Radar
  85. NFL telling officials to eject players for helmet-to-helmet hits
  86. Peyton Manning should be benched Now!
  87. No three way tie for afc west??
  88. The official 49er's at Seahawks thread
  89. Ricky Willams Reinstated
  90. The Trade.
  91. Pro Bowl Voting
  92. Adam has missed TWO FGs already...
  93. Merriman got his world ROCKED!
  94. Fire Norv Turner!
  95. Most craziest confusing fieldgoal
  96. Kevin Everett
  97. Marshawn Lynch!!!!
  98. Randy Moss
  99. How would you like to be the Patriots Punter??
  100. The Merriman Mystery
  101. Ya got to "feel" for Vince Young
  102. Priest Holmes career over?
  103. Hottest NFL Cheerleeaders
  104. Priest Holmes Retires
  105. Brady or Moss?
  106. Kolby Smith is tearing it up!
  107. Patriots Are Getting Exposed!
  108. redskins safety sean taylor shot and in critical condition (Merged)
  109. R.I.P Sean Taylor
  110. Show your Condolences to Sean Taylor
  111. Colts release Simeon Rice
  112. Clinton Portis is changing his number
  113. 21 on every helmet in the NFL for taylor
  114. Ricky Williams out for season
  115. Laurence Maroney
  116. The NFL's Fastest Player
  117. Aaron Rodgers
  118. Tell me
  119. Al Harris...
  120. 3 Detained in Taylor Shooting
  121. 10 Man Play.
  122. Peterson is back!
  123. lets go ravens
  124. Ron Jaworski said about moss...
  125. ok, now i'm positive the league wants the pats to win out
  126. Yes guys, I am a Broncos fan.
  127. Patriots Suddenly Looking Weaker
  128. Anyone getting worried about New England getting Darren McFadden
  129. Hall of Famers (non-Broncos)
  130. I think the Patriots are ruining the NFL
  131. Steeler guarantees win over Pats
  132. I'm going to the Titans-Chargers game
  133. Ravens MON night fines
  134. Two teams I'm cheering for like they are the Broncos!
  135. Those Darn Titans!!
  136. Classless Steelers Now
  137. The Refs in the SD/TENN Game
  138. Chargers lose Rivers, Merriman and Neal in win over Titans
  139. Not So Fast Folks!
  140. I know who the Patriots will lose to
  141. vick gets 23 months in jail
  142. OBVIOUS interference!
  143. pats 27 point favorite over jets
  144. merriman crying ........................
  145. fan dies at 49ers game after 20 foot fall
  146. MNF = Vick Talk Show
  147. Bobby Petrino Resigns from the Atlanta Falcons (merged)
  148. Randy Moss closing in on Rice's single season record
  149. Biased NFL
  150. '72 Dolphins.. and '07 Dolphins Ironic?
  151. Bills vs Browns
  152. Congrats Brett Favre
  153. Go Miami!!!!!!!!win 1 Game!!!!!!1
  154. colts vs raiders
  155. AFC West Champions!!!
  156. Smart play by Westbrook?
  157. ESPN Remaek
  158. Nfl Fined 5 Falcons for Supporting Mike Vick
  159. Cowboys' Roy Williams Suspended One Game for Horse Collar Tackle
  160. Grossman would have made that last throw
  161. It is 1:18PM right now. I bet that 11 Cowboys players make the Probowl.
  162. Parcells headed to Atlanta??
  163. Finally the truth behind the ref's calls!
  164. Rank the Coaches (No Shanny)
  165. Good Move By Wayne Huizenga
  166. Vote on the HOF
  167. ESPN's Stuart Scott has cancer.
  168. Ruin Romo? LOL.
  169. Falcons interested in Schottenheimer
  170. Dumbest Name in the NFL
  171. Top 20 free-agents this offseason
  172. Name your own NFL Franchise
  173. What you talking about Willis?!?
  174. Eli Manning has to be thinking WHAT IF!?!?
  175. Help me understand something:
  176. Ron Burgundy has every reason to be upset with the hypocritical Chargers...
  177. NFL fines Ref for Choke Hold
  178. Pats-G-Men
  179. ANy1 Rooting for the PAts?
  180. Go GIANTS!!!
  181. Domenik Hixon just returned a kickoff for a TD (Merged)
  182. Congrats to Brady and Moss!
  183. Lions to fire Mike Martz
  184. Raiders could Fire Rob Ryan - Defensive Coordinator
  185. I want to see
  186. Lt Wins Consecutive Rushing Title
  187. Mike Nolan Staying in SF
  188. Raiders going to a Cover 2 scheme?
  189. Dophins fire Cameron
  190. Jason Taylor to Browns or Bengals?
  191. Incredible stat..
  192. Warren Sapp retiring
  193. Chargers get extension to sell remaining playoff tickets
  194. If Chargers lose in 1st round???
  195. Chargers can't sell out playoff game. Reason? Light rain, of course...
  196. Who is Clinton Portis?
  197. Tom Brady Voted/Named MVP
  198. Go Jax!
  199. Coach of the Year??? Pffft
  200. Vince Young can NOT throw a pass....
  201. Congrats, Chargers and fans.
  202. Reggie Bust
  203. Stupid Associated Press
  204. Chargers beat Titans
  205. 49ers Hire Martz as OC
  206. Check out the Jags' power rankings page
  207. 2007 All Pro team
  208. Pete Carroll interested in Falcons opening
  209. Ricky Williams to be on Pros vs Joes
  210. Jaguars' Taylor Gets First Pro Bowl Trip
  211. Kubiak wants Alex Gibbs in Houston
  212. Hot Tampa Bay Cheerleader!
  213. Cromartie, the natural
  214. Kyle Shanahan now OC of Houston Texans
  215. Interesting Article on Bill Belichick
  216. Jaguars @ Patriots game day thread
  217. Phillip Quivers
  218. HOW can I Possibly enjoy the AFC CHampionship game......
  219. Root for Pats or Bolts?
  220. I give Chargers mad props
  221. AFCCG, two most hated teams by Bronco fans. Who ya rooting for?
  222. Colts made same mistake as Jax did....
  223. You know what makes the Chargers' win even worse?
  224. No Dallas in the SB
  225. Rivers runnin his mouth again !!
  226. The REAL reason the Cowboys lost
  227. Not all of T.O's Popcorn was Popped.
  228. Thats the Brett Favre i like.
  229. Titans fire OC Norm Chow
  230. pacman jones does it again
  231. Randy Moss Hit With Temporary Restraining Order
  232. Tony Dungy to step down....?
  233. "The way that we're playing now, nothing can stop us," Chargers DE
  234. Bucs Pressing Plummer for $7 Million
  235. Laron Landry
  236. Who are you pulling for to win the super bowl
  237. Turner is a good head coach
  238. Rams owner Frontiere passes away at 80
  239. Championship Games Prediction
  240. Chargers vs Patriots GameDay thread
  241. Super Bowl match-up you don't want
  242. Packers vs. Giants
  243. Eli Manning's Fiancee has to sit in the Ice stands of Lambeau
  244. Domenik Hixon is going to the Super Bowl
  245. Superbowl XLII - Giants VS Pats (disscussion board)
  246. Rivers has torn ACL
  247. Belichick defends Seymour from dirty play complaint
  248. P. Rivers had surgery before AFC title game.
  249. Brady wearing walking cast
  250. brady greatest qb?