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  1. colts claim brandstater
  2. Isaac Bruce traded to Rams - will retire (link)
  3. If you think Cutler is a jerk--take a listen to Aaron Rogers.
  4. Saints auctioning off Superbowl ring
  5. Raiders sign John Henderson
  6. NFL top 10 overpaid players
  7. Vince Young strip club altercation w/ footage
  8. Could NFL be fixed?
  9. Patriots' Mankins: 'I want to be traded'
  10. VJack and McNeill have made "financial preparations" to sit out..
  11. Albert Haynesworth situation
  12. NFL Proposes Expanded Season
  13. Chargers Question
  14. Haynesworth fined $10,000 for skipping minicamp
  15. Revis' contract looks to keep up the trend of stupid...
  16. Raiders switching to a 3-4 team?
  17. Steve Smith Breaks Arm
  18. Vincent Jackson could be on his way out of San Diego ...to Seattle!!
  19. Pray for Chad Jones
  20. Best Chargers Team Ever: 2006
  21. Texans RT Eric Winston on MMQB
  22. Jamarcus Russell headed to the Jet's (link)
  23. Shanahan has a chip on his shoulder.
  24. Randall Cunningham's son dies in hot tub accident
  25. Video Contradicts Vick's Account
  26. Chris Simms Arrested for Marijuana
  27. Chargers fan say good bye to Jackson!!
  28. bad day for chargers fan
  29. Brandon Marshall gets free use of $100,000 Jaguar in Miami
  30. Dre Bly the Dry and Tatum Bell the Smell
  31. JaMarcus Russell Arrested
  32. 16 TD's a game not enough to impress Jamie Dukes
  33. I'm a fan of Cutler but....
  34. the fadiers on outside the lines
  35. Maurkice Pouncey
  36. mike shannahan dissed on by dukes
  37. Update on Cody
  38. Colt McCoy article
  39. Bentley suing Browns over staph infection
  40. Charles Davis lays the smackdown...
  41. Cutler / Martz
  42. Bill Cowher's wife died
  43. Dez refuses to carry Williams' pads
  44. Manning donates $1m
  45. CP bet: Guess Owens's destination
  46. Maurice Clarett moves ahead.
  47. Cody fails physical
  48. Dez's punishment
  49. Dez Bryant didn't know rookie traditions
  50. T.O. sign 1 year deal with the Bengals
  51. Who will win the AFC North?
  52. Who will win the AFC South?
  53. Who will win the AFCEast?
  54. Who will win the NFC East?
  55. Who will win the NFC North?
  56. Who will win the NFC South?
  57. Who will win the NFC West?
  58. Who wins the AFC West?
  59. And the hits just keep coming from Mr Haynesworth
  60. Dominique Foxworth is out for the YEAR
  61. Dez Bryant Out 4-6 Weeks
  62. Haynesworth Fails Again; Shanahan Gets Fiesty
  63. Sam Bradford Signs....Record breaking deal.
  64. DJax leaves field on stretcher (Back Injury)
  65. Darrelle Revis to hold out
  66. Arizona Brawl
  67. Favre to retire...
  68. Delhomme article
  69. Why Did McDaniels Trade Cutler?
  70. NFL Official Admits to impacting Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl
  71. **Hall of Fame Game Bengals vs Cowboys**
  72. Questions about the Bengals (WhoDey?)
  73. Jet reject Revis' offer, name Kyle Wilson new starter
  74. Braylon Edwards takes shot a Cleveland, again
  75. Ochocinco can't wait to play Bailey, gives props
  76. Cutler- This is Great
  77. Brandon Marshall wants to play in the NBA
  78. OT: Ravens Vs. Panthers (MNF)
  79. Thursday Night football: Saints @ Patriots Thread
  80. Glenn Coffee retires
  81. Former Bronco RB's Looking Good
  82. redskins lookin good so far
  83. Looks like a QB controversy is brewin in Jacksonville
  84. Ex-Broncos coaching/Interning in Washington
  85. SD Chargers
  86. any one watching b-marsh
  87. Suprised nobody mentioned Bradford...
  88. colt mccoy already got hurt.
  89. The AFC South is a joke...
  90. brandstater
  91. Westbrook to Niners
  92. Marshall punting balls in practice again ha ha
  93. Any Watching Giants vs. Jets?
  94. Favre flying to Minnesota
  95. Browns punter Zastudil out for season
  96. legarrette blount throws another punch
  97. Percy Harvin collapses, leaves in ambulance
  98. C.J. Spiller
  99. Quinn-Hillis Trade: Hillis pushes for starting spot with Browns
  100. Revis reportedly wants $162 mill over 10 years
  101. J walker back in NFL signs with vikings
  102. Browns: Colt McCoy on the bubble?
  103. Brandan Graham
  104. Polumbus signs with lions
  105. greatest players by the numbers
  106. Ultimate Quarterback Round 1
  107. Bengals "ready to release Antonio Bryant." Any Intrest?
  108. Browns create 'ring of honor' to pay tribute to 16 Hall of Famers
  109. Cardinals name Derek Anderson Starter - WHY?
  110. Manning
  111. Haha
  112. Marshall looks upset
  113. Up-tempo Colts plead for adjustments to umpire position rule
  114. any one impressed by kubiak
  115. McDaniels and Cutler's paths may cross again
  116. Is it Just Me...
  117. Why I don't miss Shanny - Rapid Reports
  118. jay-cutler-is-the-worst-quarterback-starting-in-the-nfl
  119. Suh Doesn't Want to Play Football - He wants to break QB's necks
  120. Favre
  121. big name "cuts"
  122. biggest shot of luck
  123. Bucs cut Derrick Ward
  124. QB rankings
  125. Javon Walker
  126. Ultimate Quarterback Round 2
  127. Kevin Smith anyone?
  128. "You Know" Jay Cutler
  129. Tom Brandstater
  130. Cardinals BLACK jerseys..
  131. JJ Arrington cut by Eagles
  132. Sage Rosenfels traded to the Giants.
  133. Leinart got cut!
  134. Gibbs Quits!
  135. Brandstater Cut
  136. Ultimate Quarterback Round 3 *Semi-
  137. Jets prepare to open their season without cornerback Darrelle Revis
  138. ''The person who is going to kill this team is the quarterback''
  139. Titans Release Blount.
  140. Houston Texans QB Quandary
  141. Revis agrees to contract extension
  142. T.J. Houshmandzadeh signs with Ravens!!!
  143. bradon marshall trad
  144. Big Ben not a team captain
  145. Is it possible for an entire divsion to miss the playoffs?
  146. OT: Jay Alford was released..
  147. Peyton Manning complains, the NFL jumps
  148. Can you name all 32 starting QBs in less than 5 minutes?
  149. Tom Brady in Car Crash
  150. Vikings v. Saints
  151. Time to Put YOUR Money Where YOUR Mouth is!
  152. Heat in Baltimore
  153. Hillis scores for Cleveland
  154. The Lions Got HOSED!
  155. Jets accused of harrassing reporter...
  156. Stuff that happened in week 1
  157. watching shanny wit the skins
  158. Who is Rooting For the Skins tonight?
  159. Ravens vs Jets
  160. Joe Flacco...lol...
  161. Chargers Vs. Chiefs
  162. Chargers are a joke lol
  163. Jay Cutler with Kristin Cavailiari
  164. Week 1 - What teams impressed you this weekend/what teams didn't impress you?
  165. Kris Jenkins
  166. Clinton Portis, open mouth, insert foot
  167. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the Browns loss vs the Bucs
  168. Ryan Grant Done For The Year.
  169. Congratuations Redskins
  170. Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick
  171. Blackout
  172. kevin kolb or michael vick
  173. Dolphin fans wondering why BMarsh isnt going deep
  174. Sunday's Chargers-Jags game will be blacked out in San Diego
  175. Singletary.. lol!
  176. Does cutler last the season
  177. HILLIS 99 yard TD
  178. In the NFL today:
  179. How's that for Irony?
  180. Anybody see kubes pull a Shanny on Shanny!
  181. Giants vs. Colts
  182. Revis fakes injury after getting Burnt by Moss LOL
  183. Top 10 QB's Right Now?
  184. Week 2 MNF - Saints at 49ers
  185. Will Cutler make it to the pro bowl again?
  186. Week 2 - What teams impressed you this weekend/what teams didn't impress you?
  187. Soooo sick of Pittsburgh getting away with murder....
  188. Green Bay vs. Chicago, Who'll Win?
  189. Braylon Edwards arrested
  190. Kevin Kolb Era is Over in Philly
  191. Chan Gailey negativity
  192. Redskins abruptly cut RB Larry Johnson
  193. Kevin Faulk out for season? - Torn ACL
  194. Anyone else impressed with Bradford?
  195. Brian Cushing Possessed
  196. Your MVP winner this year?
  197. The end of a little schadenfreude
  198. Hate to beat a dead horse but....(merged)
  199. Alphonso Smith just picked off Favre
  200. Whats up with SF
  201. How About Those Bills?
  202. NFL Today:
  203. Jets Vs. Dolphins
  204. Niners fire offensive coordinator
  205. Raiders' HoFer QB/K George Blanda dies at age 83.
  206. Packers vs Bears
  207. Steelers, Chiefs and Bears
  208. Let me say this about Jay Cutler
  209. Week 3 - What teams impressed you this weekend/what teams didn't impress you?
  210. Stoke is now a Seahawk
  211. Edwards to the Jaguars
  212. Larry English out 4 weeks
  213. Dez Bryant
  214. Dez Bryant pays 55,000 tab
  215. Brutal analysis of Brandon Marshall....
  216. Trevor Pryce now a Jet
  217. DeAngelo Williams/Packers rumors?
  218. Brandon Marshall disses NFL net & Sharpe
  219. Mike Vick: "prision was the best thing to happen to me.."
  220. Not Another LT Thread?!
  221. St. Louis
  222. We aint the only ones that had trouble with Jacksonville....
  223. Somebody explain Mike Martz with Lions......
  224. SNF - Chicago Bears at New York Giants
  225. Real test is next week
  226. Tony Dungy: "The Chiefs are the most consistent team right now."
  227. 2nd INT for Alphonso Smith...
  228. Week 4 MNF - New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
  229. jay cutler
  230. Alphonso Smith
  231. Cecil...what a moron..40K finger
  232. Ryan Torain - IF he stays healthy...
  233. Cutler love in Chicago officially done!
  234. Marshawn Lynch traded to Seattle..
  235. Source: Randy Moss to the Vikings?
  236. Cutler to not starting on Sunday
  237. Champs Chumps Power Poll
  238. Finnegan Fined $5000 for hit on Kuper
  239. If the Bears' Offensive line is so awful...
  240. Brandon Marshall on NFL Today
  241. Houston is Overrated?
  242. All Things Alphosno Smith (Merged)
  243. The Raiders are going to
  244. Carson Palmer
  245. Farve
  246. All things Peyton Hillis (Merged)
  247. Eagles vs 49ers
  248. What is going on in the NFL this year?
  249. alphonso smith aka carlton banks
  250. Vikings vs Jets