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  1. News on Fairley
  2. Bubba Smith dies
  3. Philadelphia Eagles Conspiracy? They signed Ryan Harris too!
  4. Is There Going To Be HoF Game?
  5. Dan Williams (ARI DL) Is Looking like a BUST?
  6. Prince Amukamara out indefinitely
  7. Marcel Dareus
  8. NFL Rule Changes for 2011 Season
  9. LeShoure out for season
  10. Casey Matthews looks like Philly's starting Middle Linebacker
  11. Jaguars HC Bans Rookie hazing...
  12. Packs' Matthews: I played second half of 2010 with broken leg
  13. Cleveland Browns' Peyton Hillis is one of the team's most popular players, and it's e
  14. NFL vs Fans?(Giants FO lashes at fans)
  15. im so glad harris is gone!!
  16. Lee Evans traded to the Ravens
  17. Skins are looking very very good right now
  18. Suh back to his old tricks
  19. Damn Colt McCoy looks good
  20. Dareus sacked Cutler
  21. The "McDaniel's System"
  22. Rookie QB's
  23. 49ers to bring in QB Culpepper for workout
  24. Eagles wants a pair of 2nd rd picks for Samuel
  25. Is Eli Manning a elite QB?
  26. Dez Bryant or Mike Williams
  27. Jeremy Maclin, cancer free
  28. Who wins the NFC West?
  29. Who wins the AFC West?
  30. Who wins the NFC South?
  31. Who wins the AFC South?
  32. Who wins the NFC North?
  33. Who wins the AFC North?
  34. Who wins the NFC East?
  35. Who wins the AFC East?
  36. Goodell steered Vick to Philly according to Vicks GQ Article
  37. Raiders run of Injuries is becoming a Problem
  38. Peyton Hillis is Hilarious
  39. Panthers signed C Ryan Kalil to a new six-year, $49 million contract
  40. Peyton Manning
  41. Larry Fitzgerald agree's to extention
  42. Two Shot After Raiders v 49ers game!
  43. What week do Raiders name Pryor starter?
  44. Antwan Odom shot in home break-in
  45. Peyton Manning not expected to be ready for Week 1...
  46. Scary Thought (not likely
  47. Mason Foster fined 20k
  48. Why Do You Guys Hate On Cam But Think Tebow Will Be Great?
  49. Cam Newton told to be tattoo-free
  50. OT: Hit in Vick Last Night. What's Up with the NFL?
  51. Ryan Harris Out for the Year
  52. Miami and Tampa game (unsportsmanlike conduct penalty)
  53. Detroit abusing Pats young DB's
  54. Brees making OAK look bad
  55. Peyton Manning activated
  56. Vick gets $100 Mil deal
  57. Charlie Batch Rips Goodell
  58. Shockey saves teammate
  59. Chris Johnson has some words for Titan fans.
  60. Does Arian Foster take Fantasy sports too serious?
  61. Titans and RB Johnson agree to MEGA Deal...
  62. Off to the Broncos/Cardinals game!!
  63. anybody else not believing the vick fantasy hype?
  64. Tracking final cuts for all 32 Teams
  65. Pats sign Brian Waters.....
  66. Bears Sign Brandon Meriweather
  67. Peyton Manning's Neck
  68. Shanny names Grossman starter
  69. TE Jimmy Graham
  70. Most Versatile Player In The NFL?
  71. Jax set to release Garrard?
  72. Terry Pluto: Browns deserve long look from fans
  73. Peyton Manning ruled out for Sunday's game
  74. Cowboys 1st Round Pick Tyron Smith out 2-4 Weeks
  75. Jaguars Lb fined $20,000, only makes $5.6 grand a week
  76. Tony Sheffler News
  77. MNF: Saints @ Packers
  78. Manning had surgery this morning...
  79. No More Sproles
  80. another former bronco to start
  81. Panthers re-sign FS Charles Godfrey
  82. Day of the deals!
  83. 1st play from the Rams
  84. Colts get DESTROYED without Manning
  85. Interesting observations from week 1
  86. Conference contending Bears slaughter Conference pretending Falcons.
  87. SNF: Cowboys at Jets
  88. Cowboys Fans Want Romo's Head.
  89. Rivalries.
  90. MNF: Pats at Dolphins
  91. Anyone else notice the Bills with Dareus?
  92. Is Teddy Bruschi crazy or something?
  93. The NFL Monopoly (not the board game)
  94. Ask a Bengals fan
  95. Ex-Patriots sure are arrogant
  96. A football life - Belichick
  97. If Kyle Shanahan finds success with the Skins
  98. Peppers rent plane...
  99. "Bottom Line, Cam Newton Won His Game"
  100. Amazing what a talented QB can do
  101. Tony Scheffler
  102. peyton hillis
  103. Blaine Gabbert is in for Jacksonville
  104. It's Heartbreaking
  105. Jamal Charles out for the Season
  106. Not a good day for Cutler against the Saints
  107. Best play of the weekend....
  108. Don't want to stir the pot..but
  109. How is Matt Ryan Overrated?
  110. Now that you've seen them, what do you think of Dalton and Green?
  111. Julio Jones...
  112. Not Broncos related, but what would Indianapolis do if...
  113. Nick Collins out for the season.
  114. Monday Night Rams vs Giants
  115. Tony Romos Lung
  116. End to the Manning/Brady debate?
  117. will the Chiefs go 0 16 this year
  118. Ngata agrees to 5yr deal
  119. Cam Newton is John Elway
  120. So Brady is on pace for 7500 yards and 60 TDs
  121. After he smokes us, He smokes herb lol
  122. im so tired of hearing about cam newton
  123. Aaron Curry demoted
  124. RIP Orlando Brown
  125. Top Teams, Home Field Since 2006
  126. Official Shanahan support thread
  127. wtg Cam newton!
  128. Did any one just see that play?
  129. Bills, Raiders, Lions For Real?
  130. What happened at the end of the Pats' loss?
  131. Fitzpatrick - Bright Guy, Bright Future
  132. Good Luck today Shanny
  133. Falcons defensive-coordinator goes off.....
  134. Cam Newton can throw the ball alot
  135. What is wrong with the NFC West???
  136. More Taleted Henne or Sanchez?
  137. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  138. Bob Sanders out for the season
  139. Breast Cancer uniforms
  140. Thoughts on Nnamdi
  141. Chargers Dolphins blacked out
  142. Hester doing to the Panthers what he did to us a few years ago..
  143. Pitt @ Houston
  144. NFL Black Out Rules + NFL Sunday Ticket
  145. McDaniels 0-4 HAHAHAHA
  146. That fumble in the Giants game.
  147. Monday Night: Colts @ Bucs
  148. Hey Indianapolis...
  149. Steelers Harrison has broken eye socket
  150. Henne out for season
  151. Dolphins start looking for QBs as fears about Henne*rise
  152. Favre only surprised Rodgers didn't win Super Bowl sooner
  153. Shannahan doing it again
  154. Jay Cutler Mic'd Up
  155. Peyton Hillis trade request (rumor).
  156. A Football Life: Kurt Warner
  157. Terrence Cody Dominating
  158. MVP Candidate in Buffalo?
  159. nick fairly
  160. Chicago Bears....Who's Picking Their Players????
  161. I hate to see Denver lose to Rivers, but...
  162. Derrick Mason traded to the Texans
  163. What's up with Peyton Hillis?
  164. Ndamukong Suh......Superman!!!!
  165. Lebron to play football!?
  166. Raiders trade for Aaron Curry
  167. Glad we don't have Brandon Marshall anymore...
  168. WOW.....Has anyone seen how many draft picks the Raiders have left ?
  169. '9ers/Lions
  170. Dareus.......
  171. Love that about Shanny
  172. bears vs vikings sunday night football
  173. MNF- Christian Ponder
  174. Raiders pushing to trade for Palmer
  175. How on earth can HC's go into the season with Orton and Grossman
  176. Marshall and MNF! Kicked out or No!
  177. Rams cut Mike Sims-Walker after adding Brandon Lloyd
  178. Gruden extended 5 yrs on MFN
  179. C.J Spiller moved to WR
  180. New Raider QB coming.....
  181. What's up with Rex Ryan?
  182. Hilarious ESPN Article
  183. Dalton and Green mic'ed up
  184. Jerome Harrison had BRAIN TUMOR
  185. Cutler defends swearing at Mike Martz
  186. Revis gets mad during an interview because he is called out on his no P.I. Call
  187. Tony Dungy thinks the Colts should draft Andrew Luck, and trade Peyton Manning
  188. The Madden curse is alive and well.
  189. Brandon Lloyd Watch
  190. New Orleans Vs Indy
  191. Brady VS Manning
  192. Matt Forte Best Total Back.
  193. Christian Ponder the new experts Favorite
  194. Jags and Ravens tonight
  195. news flash
  196. MNF Vs. World Series Game 5
  197. Report: Cowher, Gruden interested in Fins job
  198. Stephen A. Smith destroys Jamarcus Russell
  199. Wembley 2011 photos
  200. Bills re-sign Fitzpatrick to 6 yr, 59 million deal
  201. Roger Goodell is on his way to ruining the game
  202. The Annual HOF Debate
  203. MNF- Chargers at Chiefs
  204. Hillis does not show at scheduled Boys & Girls Club appearance
  205. Hillis has intervention style meeting about attitude.
  206. Michael Lombardi - Not surprised we traded Hillis, Locker room was not happy with him
  207. So we all know Rodgers is good but wow...
  208. Patrick Peterson
  209. Mark Sanchez...wow.lmfao
  210. TNF raiders vs chargers. what team needs to lose the most?
  211. Funny Cleveland Browns Rant
  212. Um, excuse me...
  213. MNF Bears - Eagles
  214. Feel bad for Shanahan
  215. Who wins the AFC North
  216. Charlie Brown
  217. Who you got tonight? SD or OAK
  218. Cassel is a Baby!
  219. The Bears are having a picnic :-)
  220. SNF- Pats at Jets
  221. Indy are embarrassment - Caldwell has to be fired
  222. Devin Hester in the HOF?
  223. Matt Shaub done for the season
  224. Tomlinson injured left MCL last night
  225. MNF- Vikings at Packers
  226. The Official Aaron Rodgers For NFL MVP Thread
  227. Earl Bennett fined 10k for wearing Orange shoes LOL
  228. Mark Sanchez was 24-40, 252 yards passing
  229. It's tough being a Jets fan
  230. Why did seattle draft so low?
  231. Who wins today among AFC West rivals
  232. Raiders vs Minnesota.....Go Vikings
  233. Sam Bradford..
  234. Cutler has a broken thumb...
  235. Rumor: Cutler OUT for season
  236. Gaffney in ugly exchange of words with Cowboys fan
  237. Jake Locker will never make it
  238. MNF- Chiefs at Pats
  239. Cutler is having surgery in Vail Tomorrow
  240. Stevie Johnson and the Buffalo BILLIEVES
  241. why is it?
  242. Vernon Davis / Joe Staley sing a capella
  243. Game Day Thread - Packers/ Lions
  244. Dolphins - Cowboys
  245. O.T. What should be done with Suh
  246. Game Day Thread -- 49ers @ Ravens
  247. NFL Hall of Fame Semifinalists
  248. Ndamukong Suh
  249. Orton to be in chiefs line up as ... a .. WR
  250. Where does T.O. go?