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  1. Lockout is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I see what C Brown means about Little
  3. NFL Announces 2013 HOF nominees
  4. Records After Wk 3
  5. Anyone remember us trying to get Mebane that is now on Seatle?
  6. SNF: Giants vs. Eagles
  7. SD in KC
  8. Best undefeated team?
  9. Colts' Coach Pagano diagnosed with Leukemia
  10. Dawkins entering the field one last time
  11. here we go with the pink again..
  12. I'm So Tired of John Gruden
  13. Dez Bryant Just Had His 1st 100yd game..?
  14. I will never forget when I saw Cutler turn his back on Shanahan in 2007.
  15. Which Ex-Broncos QB (Orton, Quinn, Tebow) Will Start First?
  16. Registration with NFL.com and other large corporations
  17. Best team with only 1 loss...
  18. Many QBs late in their careers often did very little for their last team.
  19. Thursday Night Football: Cardinals at Rams
  20. Quick poll: Does Brees break Johnny U's record tonight?
  21. Jets still have 12k tickets available for MNF game
  22. Cutler caught on tape being a butthole...AGAIN!
  23. Tonight is the 666th Monday Night Football game. Weird.
  24. Of All The QBs Who Have Come And Gone Since Elway Left.............
  25. Being a Fan Of Multiple Teams
  26. Requiescat in Pace
  27. Thursday Night Football: Steelers at Titans
  28. Of All The QBs Who Have Come And Gone Since Elway Left.............
  29. Isn't the NFL great :)
  30. Well Charlie, the Browns won
  31. Seahawks are legit
  32. Sideline reporting dangers
  33. Ravens Likely Have Lost MLB Ray Lewis and CB Ladarius Webb for the Year
  34. Manning vs. Tannehill (First Six Weeks)
  35. Juan Castillo
  36. Tebow could play RB against Patriots
  37. Thursday night football Seahawks/9ers
  38. Last night the 49ers were favored by 7.5 points.
  39. Aaron Rodgers ripped by Shannon Sharpe
  40. Will Flacco put the team on his back?
  41. Tebow patents Tebowing
  42. Broncos vs. Chargers illegal substance.
  43. Flacco the 'elite QB' going well
  44. Anyone going to the London game next week ? Thoughts on TWO games next year ?
  45. Anyone watching the Raiders game ? LMAO
  46. Jets @ Pats
  47. Vontaze Burfict
  48. Some Panthers fans are delusional
  49. Brady Quinn Officially "The Man" In Kansas City
  50. Lions at Bears MNF
  51. I thought this was a funny picture.
  52. If Playoffs Started Today
  53. Charles "Peanut" Tillman
  54. boomer esiason hating on ndamukong suh
  55. Kyle Orton ranked #7 of least liked players according to Forbes
  56. Doug Martin
  57. Surely this is the PERFECT time for TEBOW to come on!!
  58. Browns beat the chargers
  59. Dez Bryant Jogs While Safety Jumps in Front of him to Pick Romo
  60. Redskins vs. Steelers: DeAngelo Hall Ejected after Confrontation with Referee
  61. Aldon smith
  62. Ask a Bengals fan anything
  63. Kansas City Chiefs 'Breaking Records'
  64. Eli Manning looking at things
  65. Aqib Talib traded to New England
  66. Chiefs vs Chargers
  67. Ron Rivera
  68. Chicago Defense in 2012 is really good and may end up as one of the best
  69. LOL - Anyone see that EPIC Raiders punt fake ?
  70. Big Ben and the Steelers just got screwed
  71. Packers' Aaron Rodgers says he's a target
  72. Holy mother of cow! Indy!!
  73. Anyone remember when Mike Anderson ran for 251 yards and 4 TDs in his rookie season?
  74. Steelers Are A Class Organization
  75. Coach Speak: Shanahan quits?
  76. Do you think the HOF has too many players in it
  77. Eagles OL is SHOCKING
  78. Comeback player of the year ?
  79. Random question, is every NFL team HAD to play a fan, where would you play him ?
  80. Someone with InSider / NFL's 10 most underrated players
  81. AFC midseason logo makeovers
  82. Hmmm.....There May Be Repercussions For The Loser Of The Eagles/Cowboy Game
  83. Andrew Luck Will Be A Star
  84. Indianapolis Colts one year turn a round?
  85. Worst division in the league?
  86. What to do about Tebow?
  87. Mid-Season FA busts list
  88. Steve Smith Appreciation
  89. Rams-49ers ends in a TIE
  90. Cutler was knocked out today's game against Texans
  91. Will it ever be broken?
  92. MNF: Chiefs @ Steelers
  93. Nnamdi getting the axe?
  94. Eric Berry doesn't like horses
  95. Football Xs & Os History
  96. NY Jet teammates rip backup Tim Tebow, believe 'terrible' quarterback hasn't improved
  97. Ben Roethlisberger has potentially life threatening rib injury
  98. Shonn Greene: Tim Tebow deserves chance for Jets
  99. Mike Shanahan = Jason Bourne?
  100. Roger Goodell: NFL preseason schedule could be cut
  101. Former Bears coach Ditka suffers stroke: "Not a big Deal"
  102. Never Count Out Drew Brees
  103. Gronk has broken forearm, out 4-6 weeks
  104. Sam Bradford = Bust
  105. Ed Reed suspended 1 game
  106. Aldon Smith
  107. Steeler set to sign Plaxico Burress
  108. So are we all rooting for the Jets to win Thursday night ?
  109. Cleavland waving the white flag
  110. Colin Kaepernick to Start Against Saints
  111. NFL Network just said that ____ Was a huge Broncos fan while growing up!!!
  112. Thanksgiving Day games Thread
  113. Suh intentionally kicked Schaub in groin!!
  114. What a Horrible Call
  115. Texans
  116. Hilarious NFL PLAY 60 commercial - NFLRUSH- Kid wants to replace Cam Newton
  117. Just needs to be seen over and over and over again.
  118. WEEDen strikes again!
  119. B Bunkley kicks a 49er on the head
  120. Report: Ray Lewis likely to return
  121. Bryce Brown
  122. Who is your ROTY so far ?
  123. Cowboys fans petition Obama to oust Jerry Jones
  124. If you were Dennis Allen...
  125. Re: Sean Taylor: Five years after his death, so many questions unanswered
  126. McClain - pick him up?
  127. New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Facons
  128. Browns Employee Kills Himself @ Practice Facility
  129. Tebow, Sanchez or McElroy?
  130. Suh Allegedly Taunts Injured Colts Player
  131. Terrell Suggs has torn biceps
  132. Wait, what???: Patriots are NOT the 2nd seed in the AFC.
  133. Tebow in '13
  134. FootBall Life BARRY SANDERS
  135. NFL HOF Semifinalists Announced
  136. Worst NFL coaches of all time?
  137. Russell Wilson
  138. Roger Goodell mulling over idea of eliminating kickoffs
  139. In todays NFL, which RB would be more valuble in their prime?M.Faulk or Barry Sanders
  140. Chargers to fire AJ Smith and Norv at end of season.
  141. Potential Teams Interested in Vick
  142. Cowboy player dead and another charged with Manslaughter...
  143. Josh McDaniels could be closing in on his second chance as a head coach
  144. Hall of Fame Question
  145. Amazing
  146. Are The Refs Missing "Aggressive" Forced Fumble Attempts?
  147. Atlanta Falcons - The Record Is More Impressive Than The Play
  148. Ravens fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron
  149. Who to root for tonight?
  150. Patriots WILL Lose, Denver WILL Lock Down #2
  151. Texans vs Patriots game thread
  152. John Elway, Steve Young and Jim kelly believe RG3 won’t last if he keeps running.
  153. Tagliabue’s ruling suggests Saints were targeting Peyton Manning, too
  154. Patriots put WR Donte Stallworth on IR after one game
  155. Goodell Wants to Expand the Playoffs (merged)
  156. Best Coach(s) to never win SB
  157. San Francisco 49ers or New England Patriots
  158. Richardson not demoted
  159. Can we do a Sunday Night football game thread?
  160. Rumor: McDaniels To... Chicago???
  161. London Fletcher's Family Assaulted in Browns Stadium.......by security
  162. Kirk Cousins
  163. The New Way....Young QBs Can Start
  164. Brandon Marshall Reaction to Bears' Loss
  165. So envious of the Jets
  166. League MVP should be...
  167. Do you give Ponder, Gabbert, Locker another year ?
  168. Will Kyle Shanahan be a hot commodity for a coaching position?
  169. Rex Ryan to announce Greg McElroy starting QB.
  170. McDaniels would jump at chance to coach Browns
  171. Kansas City.....How Good Can They Be With A Legit QB?
  172. Harvin, Frazier relationship souring...
  173. Calvin Johnson could be the first single-season 2,000 yard receiver in NFL history
  174. Tebow to Jags a 'virtual certainty'
  175. Can We Get An All Other Games Thread Going?
  176. What is a Block in the Back and Why Does It Happen During Kick/Punt Returns
  177. Cribbs lashes out at critics
  178. Announcers completely missed this. (SF@SEA)
  179. How Good are the Seahawks?!?
  180. Tim Tebow Removes Himself From Jets’ Wildcat Package
  181. Anyone see the Houston game yesterday?
  182. Do COLTS have motivation to win Sunday?
  183. Could Pro Bowl be replaced by Senior Bowl?
  184. The Jets' Thanksgiving Day Game against the Patriots
  185. Dolphins new logo?
  186. Fixing the Pro Bowl
  187. McElroy has concussion, Sanchez to start for Jets
  188. Cribbs states the obvious
  189. Saints sign Sean Payton to a 5-year extension.
  190. Is Devin Hester Done In Chicago?
  191. cute 5 year old girl rapping 49'ers song
  192. Jets Mike Pettine Caught as Media's leak
  193. Browns firing HC/GM (McDaniels)
  194. Neil Smith Suing the NFL
  195. Day of the Horse
  196. Adrian Peterson GONNA GET DAT RECORD
  197. How well would Jake Plummer do on this team?
  198. Not sure why they were ejected....
  199. Black Monday begins.
  200. Josh McDaniels will NOT interview for HC Jobs
  201. Fired Coaches Landing spots?
  202. Andy Reid emerging as the leading candidate for the Cardinals...
  203. Alfie Morris
  204. Vegas Odds - Question About Point Spread
  205. Ray Lewis to retire after the season
  206. So Where Does Alex Smith End Up Next Year?
  207. Why I believe Chip Kelly is the next great NFL head coach.
  208. Have the Packers found a RB?
  209. Andy Reid and Kansas City on verge of a deal
  210. The Consequences Of An Outrageous Call (Green Bay/Seattle)
  211. Mike Shanahan punk'd
  212. How SERIOUS Is Jerry Jones?
  213. Rex Ryan's Bizarre Tattoo (Wife Wearing Sanchez Jersey)
  214. David Akers closes Twitter account because of death threats
  215. Chiefs sign Reid fire Pioli
  216. Chip Kelly close to a deal with the Browns
  217. Chargers interested in Lovie Smith
  218. How Does Chip Kelly to the Browns Make Any Sense???
  219. Why Aren't Teams Interested In McDaniels?
  220. Any wildcard games today?
  221. Who Are You Rooting For This Weekend?
  222. Bengals @ Texans Game Thread
  223. Vikings @ Packers Game Thread
  224. Gotta eat crow
  225. Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens Game Thread
  226. Marc Trestman Bears New HC???
  227. Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Redskins Game Thread
  228. Richard Sherman
  229. RG3 Tears ACL and LCL
  230. Jon Gruden Thinks Tim Tebow can succeed as QB in the NFL
  231. "Effort" (Ray Lewis Farewell Song)
  232. Cowboys fire D-Coordinator Rob Ryan
  233. Seahawk signs DE Patrick Chukwurah
  234. D.C. mayor wants the Redskins to consider changing their name
  235. New GM Caldwell says Jags won't pursue Tebow
  236. Another HoF Rant
  237. My heart truly goes to Ray Lewis. As much as this hurts.. I'm okay with this loss..
  238. Packers v 49ers
  239. Russell Wilson > RGIII and Luck
  240. I want Tebow
  241. Patriots vs. Texans Divisional
  242. Super Bowl XLVII - Who Would You Like To See Play?.
  243. Stuart Scott announces cancer returned
  244. Cleveland Browns Stadium naming rights sold: Welcome to FirstEnergy Stadium
  245. The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading
  246. Eagles to hire Chip Kelly
  247. Some Sympathy For The Rams and The Cards - Play Kaepernick and Wilson Twice A Year
  248. Is anyone else surprised that Lovie Smith may be sitting out for a season?
  249. No African-American NFL head coaches hired in 2013
  250. Simply Hilarious, you can't not laugh at this!