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  1. Is Tom Brady overrated?
  2. How must the Rams be thinking about Goff?
  3. JJ Watt - Out for Season
  4. Pryor Says Browns Can Win Out
  5. Dolphins @ Bengals Thursday Night Football Game Thread
  6. Bill Vinovich
  7. Tom Bradys record vs Denver
  8. Bruton to IR
  9. Malik, Brock, Trevathin? How are these guys doing?
  10. Yay! Raiders lose too!
  11. Brock Osweiler never should've left the Broncos, John Elway
  12. Where the Jay Cutler era has gone wrong
  13. Pats Trade Collins To The Browns
  14. Norv Turner resigns as Vikings OC after two years!
  15. MNF and mobile QB's
  16. Superbowl 51, a foregone conclusion.
  17. ***Official Raiders @ Chiefs Thursday Night Football Game Thread
  18. Jeff Fisher...FIRED
  19. Dallas Cowboys cap
  20. Houston crowd goes nuts over Brock Osweiler benching
  21. Derek Carr has broken fibula
  22. Chargers Fire Mike McCoy
  23. A closer look at Kyle Shanahan
  24. Russell Wilson and Hawks
  25. Blockbuster Trade
  26. The NFL Playoffs
  27. Chargers to LA
  28. McDaniels Pulls Out Of 49ers HC Opening
  29. Jacksonville is turning into some sort a quasi Bermuda Triangle for Broncos FAs
  30. Defense wins Championships... except... this year???
  31. Cleveland Browns
  32. Seattle Could Lose A 2nd Round Pick
  33. Would like some neutral opinions on something
  34. John Lynch the new GM of the 49ers
  35. Browns going from 3-4 to 4-3 Defense?
  36. Will you watch the SB?
  37. ***Official Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread***
  38. Patriots defensive coordinator matt patricia clowns roger goodell bad (photos)
  39. Jimmy Garopplo
  40. Jaguars to trade Julius Thomas to Dolphins
  41. Patriots Owner- "Haters Still Hate"
  42. Tom Brady Trade
  43. Eric Berry locked up by Chiefs.
  44. pats trading with saints
  45. Osweiler to Cleveland!!!
  46. The Green Bay Packers
  47. Is Everyone Keeping Up With The Pats?
  48. Slow news day
  49. NFL Considering immediate ejections and/or suspensions for questionable hits
  50. Romo retiring. Going to be an analyst
  51. The Patriots
  52. Dan Rooney Dies at Age 84
  53. Todd Heap Daughter Killed in Tragic Accident
  54. Demarcus Ware Retires a Cowboy
  55. Interesting Developments....Including AP Looking To Sign In New Orleans
  56. Other Than Broncos, I Am Very Interested In Cleveland's Draft
  57. Cutler heading to televison
  58. Is It Almost Time For Football?
  59. NFL Network "4 Months Ago" Commercials
  60. Why Michael Bennett (SEA) skips voluntary OTAs
  61. Top 10 Greatest Defenses
  62. NFL Sunday Ticket Deals 2017(Merged)
  63. GOAT - QBs - My god, not this again?
  64. AFC East Predictions
  65. Ryan Clady (former Broncos) Retires
  66. Is Jay Heading Back To Football??
  67. Zeke Suspended
  68. Best that got away game
  69. Julian Edelman Injury
  70. SEA trades for Sheldon Richardson
  71. Ward's comments in Tampa
  72. NFL Opener - KC @ NE Discussion
  73. Calais Campbell | THE PROCESS
  74. Around the League 17-18
  75. With Sam Bradford's Banged Up Knee Kyle Sloter Is Promoted To Active Roster
  76. Dolphins suspend Timmons (aquire LB Anthony from Saints in trade)
  77. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Suspended By New York Football Giants After Argument
  78. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  79. Have you looked at the playoff race?
  80. Why the NFL is beginning to suck.
  81. 49ers Acquire Jimmy Garoppolo
  82. Eagles just acquired Jay Ajayi from Maimi
  83. Sources: Joe Thomas will be highest-paid OL with new deal from Browns
  84. Richard Sherman out for the year
  85. Goodell asking for 50 million a year and lifetime private jet
  86. NFL Refereeing/Rules Need Improvement
  87. Another Stellar Year For Rookie RBs!!!
  88. So Gang Tell Me...Who's Going To Beat The Pats This Season?
  89. Josh McDaniels - Pretty Good Career!
  90. Suspend Gronk or Not to Suspend Gronk....that is the question....
  91. Jon Gruden (Merged)
  92. Can Aaron Rodgers Work Some Magic?
  93. NFL Network Suspends Heath Evans, Marshal Faulk & Ike Taylor
  94. Chargers at KC
  95. The official rule
  96. P. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers!
  97. Do you care about the playoffs?
  98. Philip Rivers
  99. Turnover Automatic Review
  100. R.I.P. Dick Enberg
  101. If New England loses in the Post Season
  102. Coach and GM Tracker
  103. The 2018 NFL Playoffs
  104. Love for Shanny why Garappolo landed in SF
  105. Browns, what would YOU do?
  106. Offensive line on other teams from our roster
  107. Case Keenum uses VR to improve his QB skills
  108. The Saints just got Rahim'd
  109. Titans and Mularky part ways
  110. Marcus Williams
  111. The XFL Gets a Reboot?
  112. McDaniels to Indy? Not so fast.
  113. Pro Bowl
  114. Super Bowl LII (52) Thread
  115. Chiefs trade Alex Smith to Washington, saving $17 million
  116. The Pats* And Penalties
  117. Time To Change Pass Reception Rules
  118. The NFC Looks Powerful!
  119. Malcolm Butler: SB LII and 'a Perfect Storm of Issues'
  120. Remember we could pick Reuban Foster or Bolles
  121. Jay Culter
  122. Ryan Shazier....More Good News
  123. Cooks traded to LA Rams
  124. Favorite Non-Bronco?
  125. Our home town hero, CJ Anderson found himself a good home
  126. What does an actual NFL Contract look like?
  127. 49ers legend Dwight Clark dies at 61
  128. Julian Edelman Suspended 4 Games for PEDs
  129. Raiders fear possible suspension for entire year for Martavis Bryant
  130. What makes a problem player a problem player vs. just being passionate
  131. Janoris Jenkins - Dead body found at his home
  132. T. O. in the HOF-- What do you think?
  133. LeSean McCoy Accused of Beating Girlfriend, Son, and using drugs
  134. DeMarco Murray Retires
  135. Vikings offensive line coach Tony Sparano dies at 56
  136. The CFL and Manziel
  137. Pats Sign Decker
  138. Hall Of Fame Speeches
  139. The Other Week 1 PS Games
  140. Congratulations Vikings
  141. New Helmet Rule
  142. Which Rookie QB Has The Best First Season?
  143. Sloter
  144. Former Broncos TE Julius Thomas retiring to pursue doctorate...
  145. Eric Decker Retires
  146. OBJ Becomes Highest Paid WR
  147. Aaron Rodgers 4 Year 134 Million Extension!
  148. Elvis has left the building
  149. Mack to be traded to the Bears
  150. Around The League - 2018 Season
  151. Patrick Mahomes
  152. Imagine Being A Packers Fan Last Night
  153. Browns To Release Josh Gordon
  154. Patriots Expected to Land Josh Gordon... Landed
  155. Week 3 Power Rankings: Bad Kickers, Tricky Titans, and Quitters
  156. NFL HOFers Open Letter Discussion
  157. This is a 2fer: Browns Win & Mayfield Likely To Be Starter
  158. Steelers Now Listening to Trade Offers to L.Bell
  159. Week 4 Power Rankings: Roughing The Passer Is Rough
  160. HOFer Jim Taylor Died Today At Age 83
  161. Mike McCoy Fired...AGAIN!!!
  162. Browns Send Carlos Hyde To Jaguars For Pick
  163. Amari Cooper Traded to Dallas
  164. Head Coach Firings
  165. Josh Gordon Set To Be Benched
  166. Demaryius on the Texans
  167. WOW Demaryius Thomas harsh words
  168. Bruce Arians: I'd only come out of retirement for Browns
  169. Mark Sanchez???
  170. Onside Kicks / Big O Stats / Other
  171. Rickey Jackson (T&P)
  172. Kareem Hunt Assault
  173. The Pats Might End Up 4th Seed!
  174. Demaryius Thomas out for season!
  175. Washington Redskins cutting ties with D.J. Swearinger, safety says...
  176. The 2018/19 NFL Playoff Thread
  177. Raiders hiring draft analyst Mike Mayock as general manager
  178. Antonio Brown and Disgruntled Players
  179. Which team got screwed over the most this year?
  180. Steelers expected to extend Roethlisberger
  181. Hurns hurt in Dallas playoff game.
  182. Kingsbury to Cardinals
  183. Gase to the Jets as HC?
  184. Vance Joseph signed as Cardinals DC
  185. Good on you, C.J.
  186. Paxton Lynch signed with Seattle
  187. Can History Repeat Itself?
  188. NFL Rule Change?
  189. Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton
  190. Tony Romo
  191. Bob Slowik Alert
  192. New Orleans Attorney files suit against NFL for season ticketholders.
  193. Redskins have a backup?
  194. Pro Bowl
  195. Report: Ryan Tannehill expected to be released by Dolphins
  196. Two key calls that may have gone against the Rams
  197. So What About The New 'Alliance of American Football' League??
  198. How I think OT should be
  199. Texans expected to release WR Demaryius Thomas
  200. Ty Sambrailo
  201. Cowherd Says Russell Wilson Wants Out Of SEA To Play For Giants
  202. Bombshell!!
  203. Demaryius Thomas Arrested On Charges Of Vehicular Assault
  204. Jason Witten Ends Retirement.....Will Return To Cowboys
  205. Cleveland Makes Another Deal - Olivier Vernon for Kevin Zeitler (etc.)
  206. OBJ To the Browns
  207. Le'Veon Bell to the Jets
  208. Green bay packers sign Billy Turner
  209. Tryeek Hill alleged assault
  210. Shaquil Barrett signs with the Bucs
  211. Based On What We Know....I Predict The Jags and 49ers To Surge
  212. Idea for Rules Changes
  213. Rob Gronkowski Announces Retirement
  214. NFL Rule Changes --- 2019
  215. Blindside blockers banned.
  216. ILB Bandon Marshall signs 1-year deal with Raiders
  217. AAF suspends operations
  218. CJ Anderson a Lion
  219. Patriots sign Demaryius Thomas
  220. Seahawks Agree To Trade Frank Clark To KC For Draft Picks
  221. Drafting & Skillsets- Please stay on topic
  222. Cardinals CB Peterson gets 6-game PED ban
  223. Colts sign former Broncos backup QB Chad Kelly
  224. Peyton to the Jets?
  225. Packers / Raiders Game Here!!!
  226. Bart Starr
  227. CTE has really ruined football
  228. No suspension for Tyreek Hill
  229. I hope itís not our Team!
  230. Kyler Murray...franchise QB.....
  231. Rough Day for Jimmy G
  232. Rookie Quarterbacks Not Named Lock
  233. Andrew Luck Is Retiring From the NFL at Age 29
  234. NFL Final 53 Transactions Cut/Waiver Wire Thread
  235. Jadeveon Clowney Traded to Seattle
  236. Dolphins-Texans Mega Trade
  237. The Drama Didn't End With Hard Knocks
  238. Around the League 2019 season
  239. AB signs with NE
  240. Case Keenum, so far...and benched...,week 4
  241. Oaklands offensive line is OUTSTANDING
  242. Former Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas + K Sam Ficken Traded From Patriots To N.Y. Jets
  243. Trevor Siemian
  244. Shaq Barrett
  245. Salary Cap Comparisons...Can Someone Explain It To Me???
  246. Giants Bench Eli
  247. The NFL is changing.
  248. Steelers Sign Formers Broncos QB Paxton Lynch
  249. Has the NFL got a big player problem, and how to solve it ?
  250. Embracing The Mobile/Athletic QB