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02-10-2008, 04:42 AM
Looking at everything that has transpired and from others people’s voices its safe to say that Denver is not far off from being competitive or in fact dominating the west again. If the simple steps are taken it Denver can go far if not all the way to a Super Bowl Birth since 1998.

Step 1, the Cap.
Now the cap is something we need to remember the Broncos have $109 million to spend on their cap the cap space they have (the number escapes me) is pretty big. Now as Bowlen and Shanahan have both stated that they will be leery of the Free Agent market its not 100% true, no team in the NFL can build on the pure draft alone, somewhere you will need the experiences of other players to help those rookies along the way. People may or may not differentiate between pro and college level or even the Highschool and College level but its there, there are some blocks that must be over-come along the way. So with that you turn to a mentor someone that can show you the ropes by being there and doing that. [case in point the relationship between Rod Smith and Brandon Marshall and how that helped Marshall out to break into fill the lead roll. ] The Broncos also hold onto 4 very high priced Contracts...Highest to lowest, Champ Baley, Dre Bly, Javon Walker and Travis Henry.

Champ has hinted to the front seven witch may be an slight indicator that he may fix his contract that will better overall give more space to bring in some veteran talent. Travis Henry we may also get to fix his contract to open more cap room. Bly well he makes less then Champ so to lower Champ’s pay to Bly’s level isnt that big of a knock on either. In Fact giving them a stronger front 7 will put more value on those two as well they will be seen as ‘team players’. The only contract problem is a disgruntled Javon Walker who will refuse to take a lower cap number sadly this will mean the end of Walker as a Bronco as his dollars are needed for the Free Agent Market.

Step 2 the Free Agent Market,

Now this has been Shanahan’s bane as his tenure of being Coach GM, now with Bowlen putting the choke collar on him smarter money management will be helped. Meaning if the Broncos are going to be building through the draft any players we get will be on a Short Contract Basis. So who do we sign for witch side. The clearer choice is the Defense needs major help, OLB, DT, S, all need veteran upgrades as well depth. If anything has show us during the 2007 season is that our depth wasnt good enough to step in and actually play. DT would be the first choice to go after, Green Bay’s DT Corey Williams would be a short term quality FA signing. Sean Rodgers we may pick up during a Trade with Detroit who looks to get rid of him.

OLB, people are talking about Boss Baley coming to Denver witch would be a plus another short term fix at OLB, Ravens Terrell Suggs, Steelers Clark Haggans or some others. Safety well anyone who can give a breather to Lynch would be a plus doing a strait trade with Dallas for S Ken Hamlin for our Javon Walker would be best suited. Since that would be placing a 4th round value on Walker for Hamlin and if we need to throw in our 5th rounder next year to them for this trade. Get rid of a Cancer and sure up the Safety position, not a bad idea.

On the Offensive side to replace WR Javon walker sign D.J. Hackett of the Seahawks to a short 2 year contract (with a clause saying if he shows improvement to rase his worth, we’ll trade him to a team or something along the lines where we get dinged small on our cap)

Right now any OT we pick up would be great just as long as they are here for the short haul.

The way to approach this year’s FA is not Long term contracts, its with Short term Contracts that don’t kill our cap room. With that being said lets move on to the Draft.

02-10-2008, 04:43 AM
Step 3 Draft day and trade
[trade to a minimum]

So Draft day is 2 months around the corner and people polarize between go RB 1st round and those who say No and go Defense.

Well sad to say is that Denver has stuck with the philosophy of drafting later in the rounds because we happen to struck the figurative goldmine when we got our famous RB in the 6th round. The sad thing is that philosophy vein has ran dry. We have more one hit wonders then in the span of music from 1993-1994. The 2nd great RB post TD was Portis witch is sad but its shown a slight trend that going higher is not so bad, but Shanny did get burned by one Tatum Bell who showed a flare, then flicker until he disappeared from the league (stat wise).

There’s only one way to draft this year and that is Draft through Value. Meaning if the Value isnt there then Don’t Draft there, or if the player in question is worth the level you picking from don’t draft him. If the player you wanted is too high and it will cost you... Don’t go Up and draft him.

Simple concept, now with that being said from where at the 12 spot may only be Offensive Personnel.

Since in the Free Agent Market we addressed some crippling issues (namely Safety and OLB) with our 12th we can address another (DT) and fix something that has been on Shanahan’s mind (RB) now in his press conference he hinted, not tipped Hinted on some aspects namely the run game, something Denver is known for is our dominant run game, So with that being said to everyone’s hatred or disgust look for Shanahan to pull the trigger on a 1st round RB.

“Wait why is he going to do that we’ve got Henry?”

Well since this questions is basically answering those people who will post “we will not draft an RB until Henry is cut” its quite simple. Why Did we Draft Jay Cutler? If you can answer that you’ve just discredited your own thought. People on the boards (Plummer Apologist) for the most part thought it was stupid for Drafting Jay because we had a winning QB. The clearer thinking man would think, “there’s no way Jake can get us to the SB let alone keep up his performance at this level without falling over his own weight, its just a matter of time.” Truth be told that Jake fell under his own weight and the pressure during the 06 season. Now we got Jay who needs a legit RB to perform at the next level.
The same thing with Jake will not happen to Henry in fact drafting an RB will help Henry. It will lighten his load by sharing the touches. We’ve seen what Henry can do in 4 games until he got hurt now limit him to ½ the carries and see him carry that length through 8 games.

Wouldn’t that scare the pants of Defenders having a Franchise RB and Henry in the back field and letting the Franchise RB go into motion and run like a WR. They would have to worry about both players knowing either would burn them. That’s some food for thought.

Now the Draft Strategy for this year should be Draft through quality as well that each person we draft is to be drafted as they can ‘start now’. This will give rise to finding top depth. Some depth that should be looked for in the draft, after we get our Franchise Back, WR, OT/OG/C, DT, S, OLB ,P.

Once those players are gathered its time to take the next step.

Step 4 Coaching,

In the Past two seasons we’ve seen 2 Defense Coordinators go. Larry Coyer and Jim Bates, Coyer was good but failed to adjust in the second part of the season but he was a good coach as he did what he could with what he had. Jim Bates did na-da, nothing, zero, well he did something, he grabbed us some Defense last year in the 2007 draft so I guess I cant be as hard on him... well maybe not.

We as fans expected a whole turn around of the defense (top 10 d on all points across the board) there’s just one thing, “Rome was not built in a day”. With that being said we also had some set backs namely Al Wilson our MLB was injured to an extent he had to leave the league for an absence of a year as well trying to grab something of value for him. Enter DJ Williams as his replacement for this year. Now with a new DC and new Defense Scheme , keep this in mind we had major problems on the defense leading from major injuries to our front lines, to confusion to the whole if anything could go wrong it will. With that being said, Shanahan displeased or just couldn’t figure out that he made a gigantic mistake in letting Coyer go decided to relieve Bates of his command and transfer it to Slowik.

Now Slowik had the hard task of salvaging a defense so enter’s his scheme more hell breaks lose and the Defense couldn’t stop a cold from running on us, or piss-poor QB’s acting all pro on us either. This might have been due to transferring from one scheme to another thus short amount of time as well as key injuries just making it even more horrible.(namely in the 20's and 30th Rush defense is where we scored defensivly under the Bates/Slowik tenure)

Bottom line is, Coaching, poor execution, and anemic depth have led to the most catastrophic of meltdowns ever since last year. Witch leads me to go on saying that this meltdown has lead people go preach defense first blindly without recognizing the draft for what it is or, playing favoritism to certain players and colleges.

Offensive Coaching, Shanahan and Hemdinger had to manage with what they had, 3 RB’s that couldn’t stay healthy, a Swiss cheese offensive line and no real WR depth and had to rely on 3 players to get them through. (Cutler, T.Sheffler, B.Marshall) So when people are calling conservative play in the red zone, break it down more then you see its more of Covering your ass plays then actual play calling.

The Draft itself may fix the Offensive scoring woes (witch by the way were 21st in overall scoring with 20ppg)

The Plan outline

So in conclusion the things you want to fix the most.

Offense, with a QB that has the potential to rise to astronomical heights you want to Maximize it with adding offensive talent around him. Better WR, RB’s TE’s O-line.

Defense, with a young Defense you want to mix in some Veterans to lead and show them the way,

How it should be played out.

1st Consolidation of the Cap, this is where Bowlen has to have Shanny really crunch the numbers, if Shanahan can get some of his higher paying players to fix their paydays to give more space he should pursue that avenue, it doesn’t hurt to ask those who are willing.

2nd Free Agents, short contracts will give you more flexablity, Shanny has to stop giving away 5 year 5.5 mil contracts to Free Agents. Shorter versions will be beneficial to both parties.(they hold a place for a rookie, rotation, help rase their stock etc.. we get a quality player for a short while)

3rd Draft, The Philosophy for this draft has to be value, not over-extending yourselves for a player or selling your pick short for another. Staying away from players who have flags would be a plus for the team as you minimize that position becoming a constant need every year or two years.

4th Coaching, This has to be up to the coaches to bring their teams 110% prepared for each game as well, coach with what you have instead of forcing things that are not there. Do this and the Broncos should be able to rebound after this year.

02-10-2008, 01:06 PM
"show me something Denver", with results.

I'm done drinking the kool aid.

02-10-2008, 02:45 PM
"show me something Denver", with results.

I'm done drinking the kool aid.

Hahaha...was the kool aid sour or too damn sweet, cause one way or the other someone always screws up the kool aid, and right now Denver is not even showing us generic quality drink mix...lol. ;)

02-11-2008, 12:23 AM
Hahaha...was the kool aid sour or too damn sweet, cause one way or the other someone always screws up the kool aid, and right now Denver is not even showing us generic quality drink mix...lol. ;)

too little sugar is poor for the thinking process Lanc. maybe someone needs to sugar up Shanny's drinks to think better :cheers:

02-11-2008, 12:34 AM
We ARE the rightful owners of the AFC West. It will not be long before we reclaim the title.

Bowie Man
02-11-2008, 07:55 AM
So with that being said to everyone’s hatred or disgust look for Shanahan to pull the trigger on a 1st round RB.

I agree, I wouldn't be surprised with an RB in the first. I just hope the Broncos can make a move for Ellis beacause as you said, DT needs to be fixed.:salute:

02-11-2008, 08:31 AM
I would not complain at this plan if it unfolded sometime in the near future. I can't wait for this spring!

02-11-2008, 08:35 AM
And Lanc, thanks for changing Mendenhall's number on your sig.