View Full Version : Curse you Tony Romo!

12-07-2008, 05:27 PM
He just handed the Steelers the win with a pick 6 :(

12-07-2008, 06:51 PM
I wil make 2 points in this post.

first off, as much as I hate the Cowboys, I was actually rooting for them today, because Denver needs help to secure the 2nd seed and a 1st round bye, but trails Pittsburgh by a game, and Romo and the Cowboys blew a 10 point lead with 7 minutes to play in the 4th quarter, and allowed Pittsburgh to score 17 unanswered points to win the game. Nice job Cowboys, nice job Romo.

secondly, this is a prime example of what happens when a kid comes in a plays 6 games (2006 season) and then you turn around and sign him to a $60 million contract, when he hasn't even proven himself as a legitimate QB in the NFL. Now the kid did have a good season last year, but he hasn't won a playoff game yet. Not only that, but this season he's looking more and more like Steve Bono. Mediocre at best, and definitely overrated and overhyped.

12-07-2008, 11:05 PM
Ha ha this is funny because I actually live in Dallas and have to hear them hype that underrated quarterback every day on every station. I can not wait for tomorrow for all radio sport jockeys will try and come up with some excuse why Tony "Jesus Christ" Romo is not to blame.

One other odd thing is that on nearly all power rankings when the cowboys beat the sea hawks they jumped like 5-6 places in the power rankings to nearly one of the bests team in the lead, but we beat the Jets, and still was considered middle of the pack teams with only one less loss then them. Man I hate the cowboys, and could not even bring myself to cheer for them this game.

12-08-2008, 07:02 AM
They have been " Ripping off America's teams " since 1975. I cannot stand the Stealers but glad they beat down the boys. As for power rankings, they are a joke. Denver beats down the New Jersey Bretts and they are still trying to figure that one out. Maybe it was the shock of the Broncos beatdown that made the Bretts lose in San Francisco yesterday. I hate the Raiders, but will cheer them or any team on when they play DallASS. Terribly Overrated, is not even worthy of a " ****inson "* and Romo is a backup to any arena fluffball** team. The only hope I have is that the cowBOYS break the Lions future mark of straight losses. By the way it was Pittsburgh's defense that saved them this time, again.

* Eric ****erson complained about his offensive line and they let him have it by stepping aside a few times and letting defensive linemen and linebackers crush him. He never shot his mouth off again about any offensive linemen.

** Arena football still not a real sport.