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05-31-2012, 03:34 PM
I'm stealing this from Cinnamunmun who was going to make it, but he hasn't yet, and I am bored :)

Anyways, after tonight, we will be at the 50 games point, and hopefully sitting at 21-29, rather than 20-30.

So, just grade the players. Let's use the grading scale as follows:

A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ C, C-, D+, D, F

Outfielders: A-

Carlos Gonalez: A
Defense - He has two errors, and one was not his fault. Other than that, he's been great. = B+
Offense - He has been phenomenal. MVP type numbers. 41 RBI's, 13 HR, .323 AVG = A+

Only reason he didn't get an A+ is because of his two errors. He is still have a remarkable year, and is a really a lone bright spot on a sucky team right now. His offensive numbers are monstrous and he's been very consistent. He's the best player on our team, no question.

Dexter Fowler: B+
Defense - He's been kind of sloppy on defense this year, with 3 errors, but still very solid = B
Offense - He's been a great surprise on offense. 26 RBI's and 8 HR's with .374 OBP = B+

Dexter has improved greatly this year and has earned back his lead off spot. He put on a great deal of muscle compared to last year and has a career high 8 HR's already, 49 games in. He is showing great strides, especially with his On Base Percentage. He has earned a B+ Rating.

Michael Cuddyer: B+
Defense - Also a tad sloppy on defense, but he's played two positions, with 3 errors = B
Offense - He's been really good on offense. 32 RBI's, 6 HR's, .330 OBP, 2 Grand Slams = A-

He's been a very solid signing for us. He has earned a B+ because of his high offensive production and obviously he provides good leadership in the clubhouse. Glad he's a Rockie.

Tyler Colvin: A-
Defense - He has two errors, but has made some good catches as well. = B+
Offense - He has been good for his starts. 13 RBI's, .303 OBP. = A-

Tyler gets an A-, because he's only a role player. Limited starts this year, but he's done great in his role, and put up some really solid offensive numbers for the number of starts. Great bench guy for us this year.


Infielders: B-

Todd Helton: B-
Defense - No errors. Great catches. Great Scoops. Good ole Todd. = A+
Offense - Not been a good start for him. Bad average. Good RBI's at 25, and HR's at 5 = C

Todd gets a B- because of his defense and RBI's. His average isn't good at all, worst start of his career. He isn't seeing the ball great either, and as a result, his strikeouts have increased. He has however had some big hits (5 HR's) and a good amount of RBI's (25). His defense has been stellar as usual.

Marco Scutaro: C+
Defense - He does have a high error count at 5, but his defense has been solid and pretty sound. = B
Offense - Doesn't have a lot of production, but decent OBP at .312 and 8 RBI's. = C

He hasn't been great for us, but he's been a solid signing. He has been good at the top of the order. His defense has been pretty damn solid, and he's had some big hits. I think we'll see his average start to rise, and the same solid defense. For now, I'm giving him a C+ though.

Troy Tulowitzki: B-
Defense - Started off terrible. Been old Tulo since then. 8 errors though. = C
Offense - Started cold, now is hotter. 27 RBI's, .360 OBP, .287 AVG. No clutchness. = B

I think I might be a little generous giving him a B- 49 games in. Consistency is the big thing with Tulo, and he is not consistent at all. He was very cold until recently, when he started to heat up. this year it wasn't just his bat though, his glove was very cold too. He's still obviously a great player, and his numbers will turn. But for now, B-.

Jordan Pacheco: B+
Defense - His defense has been solid for a new position. Only two errors. = B+
Offense - Has a great bat. .287 AVG, .300 OBP, 10 RBI's. 12 game hit streak thrown in. = B+

He's only a rookie, and playing 3B instead of his normal catching position. He has earned a solid B+. His bat was never the question, and he's proved that with his consistency. He had the highest NL hit streak a couple days ago at 12 hits. He has hung around a .300 average, and has a decent 10 RBI's from the 2/8 spot. His defense was the big question, and he really hasn't been all that bad. Doesn't have a ton of range, but has still made some great plays, and has only recorded 2 errors.

Eric Young Jr: C+
Defense - Isn't very good at defense. But, has no errors. But is still a liability. = C
Offense - Poor average. 3 RBI's. Decent OBP at .346. = B

Even though he is listed as an OF, I still consider him an infielder. He has a limited role, but he has done a pretty good job. Still isn't hitting high enough, but can draw walks. His speed is his greatest asset. He doesn't play very good defense. He's earned a solid C+ for the role he has played this year.

Jason Giambi: B+
Defense - Very solid defender. Made some good plays. No errors. = A
Offense - Limited bats. .257 AVG, 7 RBI's. Great OBP at .440. = B

He has had a very limited role this year. He's only recorded 35 AB's. But he's gotten 9 hits, has 7 RBI's and had a walk off 3 run HR. He's also walked 12 times and scored 5 runs. He's done a very solid job in his role and is a great player for our team. He's earned himself a B+.

Johnny Herrera: B-
Defense - He's a very solid defender and has recorded no errors. = A
Offense - Doesn't have a high average or OBP. 4 RBI's, 2 HR's. But he's pretty clutch. = C

He's another good role player for us, but is on the DL for now. He always provides solid defensive outings. He also usually has a pretty big hit for us, or starts a rally. He's a very hard worker, and a very solid bench player. Therefore, he gets a B-.


Catchers: B

Wilin Rosario: B
Defense - He's been pretty solid on defense. Has 3 errors. Has caught 7 stealing with a .350% = B-
Offense - Bad average. Bleh OBP. Good RBI at 17 and good HR at 7. Great power = B+

He's also a rookie, and has been pretty good for a rookie, so I gave him a B. His defense hasn't been great, but he has caught some stealing pretty easily. Had a few errors though when trying to throw them out. He definitely has great power, you throw him a fastball, and you are going to pay. He will CRUSH them. Recently, he's doing better with discipline and not chasing the breaking pitches, but still isn't hitting them enough. He'll keep on improving and looks very promising.

Ramon Hernandez: B-
Defense - He's been solid too. Has 2 errors. Caught 8 stealing, with a .257%. Calls better game. = B-
Offense - Bad average. Bleh OBP. Pretty good RBI at 14 and 4 HR's. Power catcher too. = B

He had been a solid signing for us, but has landed on the DL. He's had some big hits as well, with a good amount for RBI's. He calls a very solid game, and is a true professional. Great catcher for Wilin to learn behind. He's earned a B- for this year.


Pitching: F

They've been terrible, so I won't grade them individually.

Friedrich has been a bright spot, but not at Coors. Pomeranz was decent, but sent down to fix mechanics. Alex White hasn't been great, but he's been improving. Guthrie hasn't been good. Moyer wasn't good. Chacin was a disaster, luckily they found what was wrong though. Bullpen has been a mess.

Only pitcher who has been great for us, is Betancourt, but he's only seen limited action. He has been a great closer for us.


Offense and defense have been pretty good. But pitching wrecks the team grade, because they are the reason we suck.

The Experience
05-31-2012, 04:07 PM
Pretty good analysis

I'll grade the pitchers

Jeremy Guthrie - D+ Good pitcher, but he is a flyball pitcher which makes him a bad fit with the Rockies. I think he will be solid for the remainder of the season on the road. But will suffer at Coors

Jamie Moyer - D- Nice story but didn't have much overall talent left and got clubbed. Saw this a mile away. Glad he is gone.

Juan Nicasio - C Another great story. Lack of consistency the key so far. Has looked dominant at times but then awful. I still think he has a great future.

Christian Friedrich - C+ Looked great in his first 2 outings. Time will tell if he can maintain consistency

Alex White - C- Like most of the Rockies young arms, White is struggling to be consistently good. I like his future though as well.

Drew Pomeranz - C- Looked very good at times but he struggled with his mechanics and his velocity is down. Still holds a strong future as Rockies ace.

Matt Belisle - B Solid for long stretches then has a stinker.

Josh Roenicke - B Most consistent reliever besides Betancourt

Josh Outman - C Haven't seen enough of him, but like him. Good arm

Rex Brothers - D- Looked Dominant at times but couldn't find the zone. Was awful.

Esmil Rogers - F+ Started the year great but has been awful ever since.

Matt Reynolds - D Doesn't bring a whole lot to the table. Not very good.

Adam Ottavino - C+ Been good so far, we'll see how he does.

Rafael Betancourt - A- Been great, seldom used. But I wish he wasn't closer because we could really use him in other spots.

Overall: F

Coaching Staff/FO:

Monforts: F- Worst owners in sports

Dan O'Dowd: D- Put together good offensive team, but pitching is awful

Jim Tracy: F Has consistently managed us out of games this year.

Tom Runnels: D Not sure what he really does at all....

Carney Lansford: C- Offense is good but he still isnt a great hitting coach

Bob Apodaca: F Big reason why our pitching sucks. Never has been good.

Glenallen Hill: B G Always does a good job.

Rich Dauer: D Doesn't do a great job.

Overall: F- The FO/Staff is the main reason we suck.

05-31-2012, 06:14 PM
Outfielders - A

Carlos Gonzalez - A+
That's the best grade I can give him unfortunately. This is an insult with how well he's played.

Dexter Fowler -B+
Wasn't a big fan of Fowler before, but he's starting to change my mind. He's done very well, offensive wise, this season, and his average has really improved.

Michael Cuddyer - B

Hasn't had the best May, but is still a very clutch hitter and is underrated on defense. (If you ask me)

Tyler Colvin - A-
Our best trade of the offseason was getting both Colvin and LeMahieu for one player who has become a draft bust and another who will never make it in the majors. Don't like O'Dowd, but I will give him credit for this trade. Colvin's been a great pickup.

Todd Helton - B-
Terrible on offense, with the exception of his plate discipline, but his defense has been outstanding, like usual.

Marco Scutaro - C
Not the greatest hitter, but he doesn't strike out a lot, so I'll give him that. His fielding doesn't impress me though.

Troy Tulowitzki - B-
Got off to a terrible start, but has really played a whole lot better recently. Hope he can remain on the hot streak when he comes back from his injury.

Jordan Pacheco - B+
I really like Jordan. He's a good disciplined contact hitter, which is pretty impressive since it's only his second season in the majors. I think this kid has a bright future.

Chris Nelson - D
He was a first round pick. We took him over Jered Weaver. If he was going to live up to his first round potential, he would've done it by now. Instead, he's a career .245 hitter and he's not even that great of a fielder.

Jason Giambi - B-
Clutch of the bench, and can still play first base effectively.

Willin Rosario - B
I would love to see his contact and throwing accuracy improve, but he's adjusting very quickly to the majors. He's got a great power bat, and strong throwing arm. This kid has a bright future.

Ramon Hernandez - C-
Good mentor for Rosario, but not much of an impact player. He can throw out base runners very well though.

Pitching - F-
Our whole staff is a joke, with the exception of Belisle, Betancourt, and I guess Ottavino.

06-01-2012, 09:49 PM
Position Players:

Carlos Gonzalez: A+
Really is a phenomenal player. I don't know what crack ESPN was smoking when they said he was a below average defender, considering he had a gold glove two years ago and was one of the leaders in assists last year.

Dexter Fowler: B
Not as consistent as most would like, but I love the power he added to his game. May not be the .330/30 SB guy many envisioned, but I think we all will take .280/20 HR/90 RBI from a leadoff hitter who is outstanding defensively.

Michael Cuddyer: A
Love this pickup. Expensive, but the guy is a ball player. Gives the offense a consistent boost. Only an A because his D is Brad Hawpe-esque with marginal range and a cannon for an arm.

Tyler Colvin: B-
I liked this trade too but Stewart for Colvin straight would have been gold for me. He is our new Ryan Spilborghs with a good bat off the bench. I don't like his defense, which is why I lowered his grade. Guy is a good #4 OF overall and that is what good teams need.

Todd Helton: C
Todd is Todd on D. Todd is blah on O for the most part. He isn't seeing the ball well, which points to something bad, but he swears his back feels great. His RBIs are very nice however and you know Todd isn't going to flirt with the mendoza line any more than I get to flirt with Jennifer Aniston. I think this might be his last year, but we shall see. If he does decide to hang his cleats, they need to hang his number in RF.

Marco Scutaro: C
I liked this pickup, but he is underachieving. Really he was miscast in the leadoff spot, but with Dexter retaking his role, I see Scutaro picking it up. His D is solid, but not amazing. I would like them to try and resign him next year for around $4 mil instead of the 6 he is making this year.

Troy Tulowitzki: C+
Another underachiever, but really he is performing about where he probably will throughout his career. .290/30 HR/90 RBI. I think he is miscast in cleanup, but we really don't have anyone else that screams improvement. D was terrible early, and now is Tulo again. I like that he is accepting the leadership role, but he needs to learn that it doesn't entail carrying the team.

Chris Nelson: D+
I like his D, but it won't win him a gold glove anytime soon. I like his versatility, but he doesn't look like a starter anywhere. I like his skills, but he has yet to show them. The guy has a ton of potential still, which is why he was taken in the 1st round. He is too old to be a prospect, but young enough to maybe turn it around and become a good utility player. I'd honestly take him over EY or Herrera for the future.

Eric Young Jr: C-
His speed kills defenses. His lack of contact kills his chances of becoming a starter. Add in that he has no true defensive position, and you get a guy who is too good to let go, but not good enough to justify keeping. If he can learn how to make contact as much as someone like Herrera, he will start somewhere.

Jordan Pacheco: B-
His D has improved now that he is comfy, but isn't great. He reminds me of Garrett Atkins, but with less power and a little more range.

Jonathan Herrera: C+
Guy does what you ask him to do. Good defense and a good contact hitter. Really though I don't see him getting any better than he is now. It isn't a bad thing, as guys like Jamie Carroll make a good living doing it, but he is that guy that plug a hole until you can find someone to replace him with.

Wilin Rosario: B
Great power, bad average. His D is average at best but he is working hard to improve it and it shows. Bright future ahead with this guy.

Ramon Hernandez: C+
Solid pickup and a great vet to have until your future star is ready. Plays good D and can get the occasional HR.

Jason Giambi: B
He is who we thought he is! Great locker room presence and is decent with the glove at first. His power is a bit down so far, but as a pure DH for an NL team you can't expect much.


Jeremy Guthrie: D
Guy eats innings, but hitters are eating him for breakfast...and lunch...and dinner. I think he will turn it around, but I can also see him being trade bait.

Jamie Moyer: D-
Great start, horrible finish. Very cool story however and loved how he helped the young kids. I hope he comes back as a coach.

Jhoulis Chacin: F-
Terrible start, had an injury that he tried to hide, and I really didn't like how he responded to the team challenging him to step up. He seemed to think success would come to him when he should have been putting in the extra work like Fowler or Friedrich. Now that his injury can heal, he needs to pull up his big boy pants and muscle his way back into being the pitcher we know he can be.

Juan Nicasio: D+
Early he was the only bright spot. Now he fits right in with the rest of the staff. Lost his control with his fastball and that is his only good pitch. Plus side is he is very young, good attitude, and has that urge to succeed.

Drew Pomeranz: D
His below average stats show his potential. He had very little command but still managed to not be dominated like the rest of the starters. Once he regains his ST form, look for him to come back strong.

Alex White: D
Better than last year, but that isn't saying much. Too early to call him a AAAA player, he just needs that little jump to become a solid big leaguer. That said, I don't think this is a franchise pitcher. I don't think he will reach the success of Aaron Cook and I could see him bouncing around teams as a solid #4 guy in the future.

Christian Friedrich: C+
The only starter right now that makes me feel comfortable when he takes the hill. Great attitude, nasty stuff, and is looking like the guy we wanted when they drafted him in the 1st. He needs to find his command at Coors, and maybe even learn how to use his breaking pitches better with the altitude.

Esmil Rogers: D-
Great start, and horror movie finish. If he was a video game, I would call him Mass Effect for having a great foundation, then just blowing it at the end. Too talented to designate, but too crappy to keep. I see him rebounding to 5.00 ERA, then being traded for a mid level prospect or bullpen guy at the deadline.

Matt Belisle: B
The go to guy besides Betancourt. Had some shakiness, but he has the vet know-how with good stuff. I think he best serves to be a 7th inning guy, but we don't have a premier set-up man since we moved ours to closer.

Rafael Betancourt: A
Guy is money. Two years ago we all would be sweating bullets with him in the 9th, now I feel as comfy with him as I did with Fuentes (which is more than Street). Like I said with Belise, I think he would be even better if we could pick up a former closer type to set up for him (like we had in Lindstrom or LaTroy Hawkins).

Adam Ottavino: A
Quietly has become a great bullpen guy. 1 ER in 10+IP. Young, has good stuff, and works well against both righties and lefties. Really is this years Roenicke.

Josh Outman: C+
Small sample size, but I like him better as a starter than reliever. Could be a good stop-gap until we can replace him and move him back to the pen as a situational lefty.

Matt Reynolds: C
More of a situational guy, he has been used a lot because of the pitching problems. He has been getting better as the season progresses.

Josh Roenicke: A-
Bright future for this guy. A no-name pickup late last year and has become Belisle Part II. Possibly my favorite reliever outside of Betancourt.

Rex Brothers: F
Example of how command can kill any amount of talent. He will get it right, he just needs to figure it out in AAA for now. Probably our future closer.

Jim Tracy: D+
I like how he treats the hitters (minus the bench debacle that one game). Really knows how to trust the young guys like Fowler and Pacheco. His bullpen work has been sloppy at best, but it isn't easy with the worst starting rotation in baseball. I rate him as a solid manager, but can be improved on and he doesn't inspire as much as he develops young guys which keeps him from being a good manager.

Dan O'Dowd: D-
Knows how to find hitters, but pitching is the moon to the guy. Monforts love him and they may be the only ones who aren't family that does. I hope if we miss the playoffs that he is canned. Really feels like Shanahan, minus the coaching genius.

Rest of the coaches: C
Apodaca is the fall man for the staff, but he can be doing better and does deserve some blame. Hill is Hill, and Lansford has gone from scapegoat to Mr. Invisible (which is an improvement). Dauer has made some really questionable calls from 3rd, but he always has been solid and is probably an aberration like many on the team has had throughout the year.

Overall Grade: D