View Full Version : [Avs] Joe Sakic to the HOF

06-26-2012, 01:03 PM
Joe Sakic was elected to the HOF about half an hour ago... Also elected is another player drafted by the Nordiques organization Mats Sundin... That speaks to me about exactly how great Pierre Lacroix was as a GM...

Congrats Joe and Mats!

06-26-2012, 01:25 PM
Ducks fan here.

Always liked Sakic. Good to see him get in, very deserving.

06-26-2012, 01:36 PM
It was a good class of HoF'ers though the shanny snub is a bit tragic...

and same with the Pat Burns not getting in either.. so shameful

06-26-2012, 03:21 PM
That a boy Super Joe. IMO biggest sports figure in Denver history not named John Elway

06-26-2012, 03:46 PM
Damn, the Hall of Fame has lowered it's standards letting in an Av...just messing with you all. Put down your pitch forks.

Congrats to the entire class.:thumb: