View Full Version : League eliminates 'Tuck Rule', passes crown-of-helmet rule

03-20-2013, 09:37 AM
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League eliminates 'Tuck Rule', passes crown-of-helmet rule

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The Jim Schwartz challenge flag rule has also passed, I'm told. #Lions


It won't erase the past for the Oakland Raiders, but NFL owners have voted to eliminate the "Tuck Rule"

A source told Ian Rappoport on Wednesday that the elimination of the "Tuck Rule" passed overwhelmingly at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

The rule's elimination makes it so a player loses possession when he tries to bring the ball back to his body. If the passer loses control while the ball is going forward, it's still incomplete. If he loses the ball while tucking, it's a fumble.

NFL owners also passed a rule that would ban offensive players from leading with the crown of their helmets outside the tackle box.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet (https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/314419980403888128)
The Tuck Rule vote was 29-1-2. The #Patriots abstained, as did the #Redskins. The #Steelers voted against the Tuck Rule change.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet (https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/314419726107430912)
Who voted against the crown-of-the-helmet rule? The #Bengals. Even with coach Marvin Lewis on the Competition Committee. It was 31-1.

03-20-2013, 09:54 AM
Just heard. I don't want to be negative (about the crown-of-helmet), but I can see some really questionable calls until they get this thing right. Safety is critical, but this one may take a while. What's interesting is that the penalty goes back to the line of scrimmage (unless they changed that aspect of it), so if a player runs for 99 yards and gets called at the goal line, it comes back.

As for the tuck rule.....lets just say The Pats were extremely lucky......EXTREMELY.....on that day way back when. Of course at the time I was so against The Raiders, it didn't bother me.

Charlie Brown
03-20-2013, 10:04 AM
Goodbye running game!

Hello all-pass league. The league should just get rid of the running back position.

03-20-2013, 02:22 PM
Goodbye running game!

Hello all-pass league. The league should just get rid of the running back position.

Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired of the league in general. I like the running aspect of football, ball carrier vs tackler 1 on 1s are my favorite part...you don't see as many good matchups in that department anymore.....it's a pass obsessed league, and they're trying to make it more of one

I'm not sure how much longer I'll watch NFL football..for now, it's watchable but I fear this rule will be taken even further and make it unwatchable

Atleast I still can play real football(semi pro), well that is until congress steps in and starts dictating what is done in semi-pro leagues...then I'll move to Canada or Australia(Australia probably, Canada's too cold lol)