View Full Version : Baltimore would of signed Tamme

09-02-2013, 08:42 AM
Found this interesting in the DP, because I thought there was a 'chance' Tamme would be cut. I think its more speculation then anything but with no real TE threat its kinda obvious.

There are many reasons why the Broncos kept Tamme despite his $2.625 million salary. Here's another: Week 1 opponent Baltimore, which lost Dennis Pitta for the season, would have signed Tamme a minute after he hit the market.

09-02-2013, 08:47 AM
Then it's probably a good idea. I was never in favor of cutting Tamme. I wanted to trade him.

09-02-2013, 08:53 AM
Tamme is as much a Slot Receiver as TE. His presence on the roster mitigates having five WRs (one of whom is Holliday). I'm glad the Broncos kept him.

09-02-2013, 09:38 AM
Of course the Ravens would have signed Tamme.

They love picking up players from the broncos