View Full Version : Visiting from Texas for December 8th game with the Titans

10-26-2013, 11:30 AM
I have seats in section 105 row 4. Are those good seats? I wanted to be close to the team. Also, what is easiest way to get to and from the stadium on game day? Is it walkable from Larimer Square? What areas of the stadium can we access and which are off limits? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

10-27-2013, 06:46 PM
Hi hurry. Welcome to Broncomania!

OK, lets start with section 105, row 4. Yup, your right behind the team, and four rows up. Your pretty close, lol. Right down in front of me. :thumb:

Walking to the stadium from Larimer Square should not take much more than 20 minutes. I have never done this, so I might be wrong on that. But downtown is just across from the highway. Your hotel might have a shuttle. That's who I'd ask.

Stadium Access.

You can go pretty much anywhere. Obviously, not the field, or into any of the corporate areas. You won't be able to go up to the Club, or into any box. Was there somewhere special you wanted to see? But if you wish to see the view from say, the 500 level, that should not be a problem.

If an area is off limits, there will be someone there to let you know.

Anything else, just post here, and I'll try to help.

Have fun at the game!