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11-02-2013, 11:18 AM
Guess what, a one-sided hockey game has to end with a brawl. What a surprise. What a lesson for the kids....."hey, if you are losing in anything, just beat up your opposition!" That will get you far in this world. I hope you are prepared for a lot of school/job changes, if in fact you are lucky enough to have such opportunity!!!

Last night was a disgrace. The Caps had a huge lead, and Philly brought out the "Broadstreet Bully" stuff, albeit I only saw the hi-lites, so it may not just be their fault for the initial flare-up. Even so, it got really ugly when Ray Emery challenged fellow goaltender Braden Holtby to a fight, which apparently Braden declined. So Emery, who is no stranger to fisticuffs, tells him to defend himself, and proceeds to beat him up. The ref stands there and lets it continue, long after it is clear that Holtby is just trying to hang on. And Emery, whose playing days are getting numbered, does not do the noble thing, like most good Canadians, but rather keeps hitting Holtby even when he is pretty much down and out.

As a canuck who loves hockey, and doesn't mind the occasional bout between two consenting opponents, especially those who appreciate the code, that is, once you're opponent is down, you stop......I found this brawl and subsequent consequences to be shameful. The Emery part is akin to a bully just picking on a weaker bystander, and basically trying to injure them. That's barbaric! It's an assault basically.

And here's the kicker, Emery was named a star of the game!!! Are you kidding me??? His team was blown out in the real game, and he beats up on an unsuspecting competitor. The Flyer organization should be disciplined for that message. It's a sad day when this type of behaviour is condoned, and some humour is apparently attached to it. Try getting beaten up and see how you like it.

Lets hope the NHL hits the Flyers and Emery with a big jolt. They probably won't. If not, I can only imagine what will happen the next time Washington meets Emery. But they probably won't. Even worse, if I condone them beating up on him, I would be stooping pretty low.....but it's hard to take the high road when you see vicious attacks of this nature. It's ugly and it needs to be dealt with properly, that is, using intelligent, professional judgement.

Cmon Shanahan and company.....set an example here. And cmon Ray, be the man and make up for your error. Make sure you publicly apologize to Holtby, his family and all those fans who believe in you and the other players. Be a role model!

11-02-2013, 11:28 AM
Typical Flyers hockey. None of what I saw surprised me in the least. They have been one of the dirtiest teams around for years.

11-02-2013, 03:46 PM
Yeah shouldn't surprise anyone. That's how all Penn sport teams are...well besides the Phillys. They are all sore losers and dirty. It's just like a few years ago with the Wings dropped the Penguins. Crosby got butt hurt and got in Howie's face. A brawl didn't break out, but the refs did save Sid the kid.

It happens with the Eagles, Steelers, and Sixers. Only the baseball teams are seemingly not that way.

11-07-2013, 06:18 PM
Anyway.......now that the league has done nothing to discipline Emery, albeit they claim to have searched high and low for ways to do so, I guess we'll just wait until the next Caps/Flyers game, maybe even the one after, for things to get wild again. I doubt Emery plays in the first one, but who knows, The Flyers do things different than some.

Then again, there is talk that goalies who skate the length of the ice to fight may be disciplined going forward. Makes sense.

Bottom line:

1) Emery could have won the fight and moved on, but chose to not only fight a non-fighter, but to add further punishment when it was clear his opponent was down. Meanwhile, earlier in the game Volpatti of the Caps let up when he realized that his opponent - Downie, was hurt.
2) The ref watched the end part of the fight, and did nothing to stop it. All he had to do was step in. I guess he will say he was too busy watching for other complications. He missed the boat on this one.
3) I don't mind hockey fights, as long as both competitors are willing and able, and that the fight ends once one player is clearly winning.
4) Why do many fans think that no one gets hurt in fights? One punch and not only can a player get knocked out, but if they land face first on the hard ice, more serious damage can be done. There are many examples of players getting hurt by face to ice contact. It has ruined careers.
5) The Flyers should be ashamed for picking Emery 3rd star. Is this about hockey, or assault.

I'll stop here. This stuff makes me angry.