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10-19-2003, 11:54 AM
From here in Thailand at about 2 AM, I finally can receive Broncos game broadcasts. I am retired US Navy Corpsman with almost all my time spent with the US Marines, and since I retired back in 1986 after spending a year in the Sultanate of Oman, I've been living in Thailand and sure do appreciate hearing my good old Bronco's live via the internet. I've been a fan fof the Broncos since way back in high school in Estes Park when Lionel Taylor and Y.A. Tittle came to Estes to talk to us young football players. Now, you guys figure out how long ago that was! Below is a copy of what I sent to the new sponsors thanking them for the broadcast. Go Broncos.

Jeep in Thailand

Hi Spivack guys and KOA radio. This is just to say how much I appreciate your sponsorship of Broncos football. I am an old retired USN Hospital Corpsman who spent all my active duty time with the USMC. Since I retired in 1986 and after working for the CIA in the Sultanate of Oman for a year, I have been living in Thailand and am right now listening to the Broncos, Minnesota game thanks to you guys. All the Thai girls living with me don't really understand why the "Old Boss" is looking at a blank computer screen and yelling "Sh*t" when Buerlein continues to mess up. But, without you guys sponsorship, I would be sitting here High and Dry and watching only English soccer and rugby reruns (or - God forbid) Cricket.... I sure do appreciate you guys sponsoring the games... Thanks a lot and hang in there.. Go Broncos..

Glenn "Jeep" Holthaus in Thailand

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