View Full Version : Who will be at the Broncos vs. Patriots Game 11/2/14

10-13-2014, 06:01 AM
We will be returning to Foxboro for the game 11/2, who else will be there? Looking to hook-up for tailgating. My wife always hates when I march through the stadium parking lot with my horses head on:logo: and we would like to hook-up with our people. This year the Broncos finish what they started in the first half of last year!

10-24-2014, 06:53 PM
I'll be there with my father. We're riding a charter bus down from Maine, which includes a tailgate party. I'm assuming there would be no problem with you joining as long as you're not actually eating the food that's part of the package. I'm interested in heading into the stadium early and seeing warm-ups and possibly even getting autographs. Last year I went with a group of casual pats fans and ended up not getting in the stadium until right after the opening kickoff. Oh, and they wussed out and left at halftime because they were "too cold" (and down 24-0) leaving me to find a ride home to Maine. Literally fair-weather fans. Unbelievable!

10-25-2014, 08:46 AM
My boyfriend surprised me with tickets & a trip to this game for my birthday, so we'll be traveling from Denver and would love to meet up and tailgate. We have tickets for a tailgate bus from South Station in downtown Boston that arrives at Foxborough at 1:30. If anyone is interested, we might have two extra spots on the bus as we just had friends cancel, and we don't know if they are going to refund us or not.
Pam & Bob