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Nomad Broncofan
12-09-2004, 02:34 PM
Lately on some of these threads people are going off course and talking about personal things or just being plain hateful. I'm no saint but if my kids get on here to see what fellow Bronco fans are talking about and all they see in talking sex on some threads or cutting each others throats on others. Yeah some can say it's funny and I'm uptight but the rules are rules read them. I think the moderators should look at those people, you know who I'm talking to, and kicked them off the board if they keep it up. This board is to talk football whether they are discouraged or a positive view of their team. What I'm trying to say is there is no age limit on this board so if you want to talk trashy take it to the private messages. Immaturity, hate, and negativity gets you no where so why take it here. Read the Code of Conduct and if no one likes what I'm saying then the league can see what kind of fans the Broncos have. I'm proud to be a fan of the Broncos especially with all the crap I get here in Seahawks country. Thanks for hearing me out.

Nomad Broncofan
12-09-2004, 03:40 PM
Yes you will make this a private matter between me and you. If this board was for adults only, then profanity and the hate you show that you and some others use would not bother me I would look away. But everytime I go to a thread and your name is there nothing good comes out. My kids come on here and why should your bad attitude ruin a fan board like this one. I guess it's people like you that are ruining this board and this country. You have no morales and respect for others. You can make fun of me all you want, but I'm not the one with the low self esteem that has to belittle others.

12-09-2004, 04:09 PM
people fighting?never heard of it stinking trouble makers they all should be punished

Nomad Broncofan
12-09-2004, 04:25 PM
ihateshanny, I am not singling you out you just have a guilty conscious. And this not fighting pickedoff55b just an issue that needs to be looked at on these boards. I know the Broncos are having rough times and everyone is trying to find answers but lately it seems people are going to other topics (vibrators, breasts, and other profanity) and if they can't stop then why be on this board. if we didn't have a Code of Conduct then I wouldn't have a legimate grip. i have nothing against anyone, we're supposed to be on the same team, but the obscene discussions should not be permitted here. if you don't like Shanahan or certain players on the team then it's your opinion. My opinion is not always right. Different ideas can come together to make a good idea. I just think the negativity you bring gets us no where. But I am asking that the obscene discussions stop and get back to football. I wrote my thread to get opinions of others being they are a part of this board. If I am the only one that feels this way then I'll have to suck it up and screen what my kids look at. It's bad enough tv has gone to hell. But I shouldn't have to screen this board because we have rules. i apologize for the country commit.

12-09-2004, 04:29 PM
I havent heard talk about sex yet, but in the SMACK FORUMS ppl are suppose to be at each others throats.

12-09-2004, 04:46 PM
No sex talk?look at page 2,the elway speaks out topic,around page 3-4 it gets pretty intense...I have to agree here,this board is for Bronco talk and i wish we could all keep it that way and just because its the internet does not mean we can act like animals...


12-10-2004, 07:49 AM
To all Bronco fans on this site:

Im not going to push the issue on this and make a stupid thread over it. I, myself apologize for my actions on this board. I was an idiot and let "ihateshanny" get the best of me. All this guy does is cause problems for other posters and tries to make people feel stupid. I admit jumping in on another person's bout with this "ihateshanny" guy just for the simple fact of getting him and his attitude off this board. People who post on this site do not diserve to be stomped on and made to feel stupid just because they have a opinion other than "ihateshanny's"

Like I said before, I'll let all of the posts do the talking on how this guy really is but I do apologize to everybody on this site including the MODS. I know its a pain in the butt to try to watch everything and keep everything inn order. I also apologize to the youngsters for the language.

12-13-2004, 11:50 PM
I have to agree with this topic and it has at times gotten out of hand. The mods do a good job but can't be everywere at once. This is exactly why I posted about reporting on here a couple of weeks ago unfortunatly I got flamed by some of the same type of people that are posting this way....go figure. I am tring my best to keep my posts above any of this childish and "playground" talk.

If I have cross the line and offended anyone on this site I truely appologize for that.

12-14-2004, 06:15 AM
dont know if ive done anything but im sorry for any misconduct that i've caused and i guess ill try not to do it again but to be honest i dont remember getting out of line in the past few months

12-14-2004, 06:25 AM
I say we stop bashing our players it makes us seem like a crapy team and I do agree for all of the other stuff in the thread.

12-14-2004, 09:58 AM
I say we stop bashing our players it makes us seem like a crapy team and I do agree for all of the other stuff in the thread.

I think critical commentary about players should not be a problem. This is a site to blow off steam, to hear other fans and non fans ideas.

I agree that ****** talk needs to be cleaned up, foul language serves very little purpose and only proves the old adage "Better to be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt!"

12-14-2004, 01:53 PM
thats what fans do...if we stop doing that then we're all just a bunch of no personality homers towards our team...thatd be stupid

12-15-2004, 08:04 PM
Id like to jump in.
Suprise Elway! lol. Took me long enough to find this..........

To me, It's totally embarrasing to come in here and represent your team by saying "YOU SUCK!" or some other such dribble. Making predictions like "We Own YOU and ALWAYS WILL" also make me want to make me hit the head, as it were. But I suppose everyone has the right to speak here. I'll give em that.
And by embarrasing, I mean when a Bronco fan says it. To see our team represnted like that steams me. This is a classy organization, and our fans should know better.
But thats football i guess. If you want niceties, play golf!
However, In the short time I have been participating, The personal attacks do seem to be growing. I wasnt under the impression that this forum was to just yell at other fans from other teams, or to read that the Broncos are just losers. I am assuming it's jealousy showing it's ugly head. After all, the other AFC West team's fans DO have a lot to be jealous of-we need a little Trophy thingy here mods. One with two shiny silver footballs! (sorry, this isnt the smack section)
I can understand trying to defend ones self/team, and I certianly am not an innocent in that respect. But really, Mods, how many times do I have to read some Charger fan telling me he owns me since his team beat us one time? I know, I dont have to read it, but it's in my mail for pete's sake! lol. And yes, I do know how to stop that.
Now, if any of you have read my other posts, you know how i feel about these other fans coming here. It's not just smack. I really do appreciate that they focus so much of their energy on our team. I think it's funny, and I'm honored that my team draws so much attention. But isnt this supposed to be OUR site? I guess, posting in the smack section, I ask for it.
I'd love to see a little bit more decorum in here, and look forward to the day it comes. Theres a difference between smacking and bashing. I'd like to see more reminders of that.
Lets talk some football!

P.S. I dont for one minute envy the mods. Ive done their job before and burned out after just one season. (in a different place). You guys do a great job! Only four of you? Amazing! I cant begin to imagine the crap you guys take!
I know, NO SUCKING UP TO THE MODS! sorry guys. lol.

One last thing.........
Did you guys ban Angryman666?
I know he was a bit over the edge, but he wasnt that bad, really. I PM'd him and his response was very cool. I dont know what led to his expulsion, I'm sure he must have done something. But I cant find any of his stuff anymore, only quotes.
As you can see, I dont want other fans kicked out (well, sometimes, lol), I'd lust like it to be more about football, and the Broncos, like Nomad. And for those other fans mentioned, no, I dont mean how your team owns mine! Who came up wth that anyway, WE OWN YOU! ??? That's the most stupid thing yet.