View Full Version : Garoppolo May Be The Biggest Winner

05-14-2015, 10:45 AM
I tend to agree with those who believe that Garoppolo will do fine in starting while Brady is suspended (that is, unless The Pats get a fortuitous break with the legal types). In fact, he could be the biggest winner after this fiasco.

Of course we all remember how Brady's injury helped the career of Matt Cassel. As you recall, if not for such a competitive conference, The Pats had a legit opportunity to make the playoffs. Suddenly Cassel was a starter type. Then again, it more than likely proved that The Pats' system / coaching / talent proved out more than Matt Cassel.

But Jimmy Garoppolo has some game, and he will no doubt be placed in the right situation, from a QB perspective. He will fit like a glove, given what will be designed for him. He will probably prove worthy, and therefore, win some games. And if The Pats win 2 or more games in that 4 game stretch (again, which is what the punishment is today), his career will be on a nice path to starter-dom. In fact, there will be interest from opposing teams, as early as 2016.

So, given what we know today, I would not be surprised if this young man makes a big splash on his resume. Sure, he may blow it, or come up short at key moments, but I doubt it will be even close to a disaster. And even if he does not overwhelm, a decent performance level will accelerate his journey to become an NFL QB, whether or not it's in Foxboro.

05-18-2015, 11:16 AM
Behind Garoppolo, I worry that The Pats will be the biggest winner. Why? Look at the publicity they are getting. My goodness, I just looked at NFL.com, and they have a "hot topic" story on Kraft's interview, plus the first 4 latest headlines are all Pats related. Cmon, there are 31 other teams!!

Now, if the discipline is left intact, I will retract to some degree. But really, the $1M fine is nothing to Kraft, the 4th round pick is a joke, and to be clear, this may support the thread topic, in that Garoppolo may prove to be a decent QB, which automatically ups his value in the league. The only pain is the 1st rounder, and if The Pats go less than 2 and 2. Right now I can see them breaking even, and using all this fuel to motivate themselves for the season. They are (after all) blessed to be in such a weak division, making the playoff run that much easier.

Again, all the PR, and imagine what the Pats/Indy game will do for ratings and such. Plus Belichick gets to look heroic if he can fare well with a backup.

05-18-2015, 12:38 PM
In truth, I think the Pats should do fine with Garrapalo, probably 3-1.

I think he will fit well into the system. I think one key will be in how disciplined he is, in making good decisions on where to throw the ball. I do believe having been in BB's system, and perhaps learning from Brady will have helped him a lot in performing better in it. When you have a great system in place, it can benefit a QB a lot.

Cassell in most systems probably would not perform well, but all he had to do was be good in BB's system, the same is the case for Garrapalo. I wonder if BB will try and go heavy with the run while Garrapalo is in, or if they will put the offense more in his hands.

On some occasions, we see a team seemingly not suffer much without their starting QB. Of course, usually that's because their starting QB just isn't very good to begin with, or because they are a team with a great defense, like with Pittsburgh in 2010, going 3-1 without Big Ben, likely 4-0 if not for a game winning drive by the Ravens.

In the case of NE though, they seem to be able to do well with a back up QB, despite having an offense centered largely around passing. Not as good as they do with Brady, but still very well. Andy Reid is like that as well, a 'QB whisperer' of sorts, where his teams often do well with back up QBs despite often being very pass oriented.

I remember Eagles fans hating the thought of the Eagles being able to do well without McNabb, and Pittsburgh fans doing the same regarding Pitts doing well without Big Ben. I wonder if we'll see something similar with Pats fans and Brady.