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01-15-2005, 06:57 PM
Lets see.........i think we should all go around sayin some sure picks we think, then we can look back an see how accurate we were...............lets see

I say niners get Rodgers.....they need a Q...........

Dolphins to get Ced Benson.......even tho he too is from texas :P

Buccaneers will try for that Rb that foxsports says we want........Ron somethin...........

I think White wont go in firs round unless he has an amazin combine....after his knees las year there will be quite a few doubters-2nd will be likely

I think we will either take a dl with our firs, tho not sure who we have a good draft for that, if there isnt a firs round talent there i fear shanny may reach...........but hopefull not, he could trade down an get another pick or so.........

01-15-2005, 09:19 PM
guess noone else wants to add? :(

01-16-2005, 12:04 PM
1 San Francisco Aaron Rodgers, QB, California.
The franchise is in turmoil and they need to start all over again. There is no better way of marking out the start of a new era than making a QB the #1 pick. Other options: Every other position!

2 Miami Cedric Benson, RB, Texas.
They were left in the lurch by Ricky Williams. Benson can reinnite the ground game and free up room for the WRs. Other options: O-Line, QB.

3 Cleveland Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami.
The Browns secondary gets beaten too much. Rolle would shut down one side of the field. Other options: O-Line, QB, WR.

4 Chicago Mike Williams, WR, USC.
Unbelievbly sitting out the year has raised his draft stock. If Grossman can stay healthy, Williams will be his go to guy. Other options: OT, OG.

5 Tampa Bay Alex Barron, OT, Florida State.
They gave up far too many sacks last year. With more time to throw the ball, Griese to Clayton could become something really special next year. Other options: RB, TE, WR.

6 Tennessee Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas.
A case of BPA, Johnson also happens to drastically improve a weak LB corps. Other options: OT, QB.

7 Oakland Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn.
They'd select Mike Williams if he was available. Cadillac Williams could be a 1000yd rusher and would be a great addition. Other options: QB, LB, WR.

8 Arizona Alex Smith, QB, Utah.
Had Leinart declared, Smith would struggle to break the top 20. However after Smith, the QB pickings are quite small. He's a reach at #8 but will prove to be a great pro - who wouldn't look good throwing to Fitzgerald and Boldin (apart from McCown, King and Navarre)? Other options: RB, CB, OG.

9 Washington Elton Brown, OG, Virginia.
Their offense if awful but I don't think they'll select Braylon Edwards. Instead they'll select the best O-Lineman available and will look to open up the running game. Portis could potentially win the rushing title if the Redskins add Brown. Other options: WR, DE.

10 Detroit Thomas Davis, S, Georgia.
Detroit would like to trade down and still get Davis but they can't afford to trade below Houston for fear of missing out on him. Other options: Trade down, TE.

11 Dallas Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin.
DT is a bigger need but no DT warrants this high a pick. James will replace Wiley in the starting lineup. Other options: CB, DT, S.

12 San Diego (f/NYG) Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan.
Parker and Caldwell are at best only 2nd receivers. McCardell is getting up there in years sothe Chargers should draft Edwards as the heir apparant. Other options: OT, DE.

13 Houston Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn.
This is a case of BPA. Davis is good but not great - Brown has the potential to be great. He's a good receiver so he'd also provide Carr with a safety valve if the O-Line breaks down (again). Other options: Trade down, O-Line, S, DT.

14 Carolina Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma.
Their poor O-Line play early in the season probably cost them a place in the playoffs. John Fox is a smart coach and will seek to rectify that via the draft. Other options: OG, RB, LB.

15 Kansas City Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn.
Something tells me they'll draft a WR (out of stubborness) but the correct pick to make would be a new CB. Rogers has the potential to be a stud. Other options: Everywhere else on defense!

16 New Orleans Travis Johnson, DT/DE, Florida State.
It's time to write off Jonathan Sullivan. Johnson could be a boom or bust type player but I don't think the Saints have another option than to draft a DT in round 1. Other options: CB, LB.

17 Cincinnati Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin.
They need to plug the middle. There is already talk of them seeking a trade and I think that's what the Bengals will most likely do. Hawthorne is a bit of a reach but is without doubt the biggest need. Other options: Trade down.

18 Minnesota Shawne Merriman, LB/DE, Maryland.
Claiborne is a FA and Merriman has a huge upside at OLB. He could struggle in coverage initially but I think he has the ability to adapt very well to the LB spot. Other options: CB, S.

19 St. Louis Justin Miller, CB, Clemson.
It's a no-brainer pick in my view. The Rams secondary and return units are pathetic. The selection of Miller would immediately upgrade both units. Knowing Mike Martz, he'll probably draft a WR! Other options: OT, LB.

20 Dallas (f/BUF) Marlin Jackson, CB/S, Michigan.
Terrence Newman has had a big dip in form this year. Jackson could either play opposite him at CB or move to FS and allow Roy Williams move to SS. Other options: DT, WR.

21 Jacksonville David Pollack, DE, Georgia.
DE is the one major weakness on an otherwise solid, but unspectacular, team. Pollack is rising up draft boards at the moment. Other options: CB.

22 Baltimore Roddy White, WR, UAB.
They need a WR to determine whether or not Kyle Boller has what it takes to start in the NFL. White has a nice combination of size and speed. He has jumped ahead of Mark Clayton in the race to be the 3rd WR off the board. Other options: WR, WR, WR, WR, WR.

23 Seattle Channing Crowder, LB, Florida.
They made no secret of their desire to get an ILB last year. Selecting Crowder will allow them to finally address that position. Other options: RB, WR, QB.

24 Green Bay Kevin Burnett, LB, Tennessee.
In my opinion the Packers have the worst LB corps in all of football - they're like an average NFL Europe unit. Burnett hasn't featured on many 1st round mocks but I think he could rise a lot on draft day. He excels in coverage which is precisely what the Packers need. Other options: DE, CB, QB.

25 Denver Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma.
The Broncos need to inject youth and vigour into their D-Line. Cody is a bit of a tweener but is also a flat out damn good football player. Other options: S, QB, DT.

26 New York Jets Heath Miller, TE, Virginia.
Anyone who saw the Jets-Steelers playoff game would realise exactly where the Jets went wrong this season. They have no receiving corps. Miller would be a steal this late in round 1 but team needs could dictate that he does. He's a huge upgrade over Anthony Becht. Other options: WR, DE, S, K.

27 Atlanta Odell Thurman, LB, Georgia.
Another case of BPA. No OT is worthy of this high a pick so the Falcons should look to improve upon Chris Draft at ILB. Other options: OT, WR.

28 San Diego Marcus Spears, DE, LSU.
A great fit as a 3-4 DE. Spears is anothe player who could fall due to team needs. I think he could be the best DE in the draft. Other options: OT, DT.

29 Indianapolis Pacman Jones, CB, West Virginia.
The Colts win games by out-gunning than their opponents. If they draft Jones the target which the offense have to reach won't be as high. If Jones was 3" taller he'd be a top 15 pick. Other options: LB, DT.

30 New England Corey Webster, CB, LSU.
The Patriots CBs are falling like dominoes. Ty Law could be gone. CB is a no-brainer and the fact that Webster comes from LSU makes it doubly so. Other options: LB, OT, S, OG.

31 Philadelphia Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma .
TO going down wrecks their chances of Super Bowl glory. Clayton would be a perfect compliment for Owens and would also minimise the damage of him getting injured. Clayton for the Eagles would have a great shot at the OROY award. Other options: LB, OT.

32 Pittsburgh Brandon Browner, CB, Oregan State.
Every time I question the O-Line they step up to the plate. Browner is my favorite player in the draft due to his combination of size, speed and shutdown ability. With the WRs in the league getting bigger each year, he'd match up to them very well. Scott, Williams and Townsend are all getting up there in years so Browner would inject some much needed youth at CB. Other options: OG, C, DE, WR.

01-16-2005, 05:24 PM
I like it, cept i see the falcons beatin the eagles, without to theyre offense looked really flat considerin they played the vikings