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01-30-2005, 02:43 PM
Ok, so maybe I have tons of homework to do, but I have to find SOME way to procrastinate, right? I tried to be realistic without totally ripping off most of the mocks out there that all seem to be the same, alright, here goes:

San Fran: Aaron Rodgers
Ok, no originality here, this pick doesn't need much explanation does it? I think he's the more "pro ready" prospect than alex smith, could probably take over half way through his rookie season. They definitely need a running back too, maybe they'll trade for rueben.

Miami: Alex Barron
This one was hard! I decided to assume that they'll get Edge or some other running back in free agency, and the GM was too stubborn to admit that AJ Feely was a mistake. Considered antrell rolle, but decided their tackles were too terrible to not upgrade.

Cleveland: Alex Smith
Holy crap, all cleveland needs to upgrade is their secondary, linebackers, defensive ends, offensive line, QB, wide receivers and punter and then they're set! I figure they'll start with a QB, but DON'T PUT HIM IN AS A ROOKIE! For the love of god, don't ruin another promising youngster, let holcomb play, and let smith develop.

Chicago: Mike Williams
This one was pretty easy, don't really see the need to go into detail.

Tampa Bay: Cadillac Williams
Sounds like Gruden was wearing his Cadillac Williams a$$ hat at the senior bowl. Looks like a decent move for tampa bay, but i still think they have like, 40 other holes in their roster.

Tennessee: Jamaal Brown
I can hear it now "reach! reach!" Ok, this pick was hard, tennessee's got some major issues they need to sort out, but it sounds like both their tackles could potentially be leaving. Besides, i don't see anything wrong with jamaal brown, people just kind of stopped talking about him.

Oakland: Derrick Johnson
Now they're only 3 linebackers away from a decent 3-4!

Arizona: Cedric Benson
This is the best thing to happen to arizona since their new logos!

Washington: Braylon Edwards
I know what you're thinking, "hey, none of the other mocks have washington taking a receiver!" You're right, that's why my mock is cool. Ok, everyone seems to think D line here, but they worked wonders on defense last year with a bunch of no namers at end, and they have griffin inside. Another DT wouldn't hurt, but seeing as how they gave gardner permission to look for a trade, I think edwards would be a pretty wicked pick here.

Detroit: Thomas Davis
Defensive end would defintely be a good move too, but i think thomas davis is a solid acquisition. Their DTs are good enough that they can get by with sub par ends, and thomas can help all over the field. By the way, yeah, i know, this pick isn't very original.

Dallas: Travis Johnson
Parcells has said with the new emphasis on pass interference it's a waste to draft a CB in the first round, so i figure he just loads up on pass rush to disguise his absolutely god awful corners.

San Diego: Mark Clayton
After how good he did in the senior bowl week, i don't think this is a reach, he'll pair up with keenan mccardell to get that lippy little punk eric parker off the field.

Houston: Antrel Rolle
Wow, how did Antrel fall this far? I kinda forgot about him, that's how :heh: , but looking back, i stand by my picks. This is pretty deadly for them, dunta and antrel? Holy crap, houston's gonna be good. Another awesome first round pick by the texans staff (of which i am so jealous).

Carolina: Elton Brown
Damn, no tackles! Is what the panthers staff says, but that's alright, Elton Brown will defintiely help their poor O line. I found the funniest scouting report on him from the senior bowl weigh in: "Flabby man boobs". Wow, i don't think i could survive that meat market. Not that i'm fat, just oversensitive. (wow, that's really irrelevant)

Kansas City: Pac Man Jones
I was gonna say Dan Cody here, but they got pretty decent production out of their no name ends last year, and they're too stupid to pick a linebacker, so pac man it is. Plus, he gives us another return man to crap our pants about twice a year. :mad:

New Orleans: Channing Crowder
The saints take about 2 seconds to decide on this pick.

Cincinatti: Shaun Cody
Those bastards!

Minnesota: Kevin Burnett
I know, everyone says they should get D line here, but did you see their linebackers play this year?? Neither did I, that's how bad they are! They blew a pick on EJ henderson, and claiborne is leaving, but he sucks anyways. I heard tice is still high on dontarrious thomas, but these guys couldn't cover a....um... a meatloaf song. Nice zing by me! Anyways, burnett is a good coverage linebacker, and between udeze and kevin williams they have a better D line than us, so they shouldn't complain.

St. Louis: Justin Miller
He should upgrade their god awful special teams and god awful secondary.

Dallas: Shawn Merriman
Yikes, the tuna's got himself quite the pass rush now.

Jacksonville: Erasmus James
I think James is totally overrated, but the jags take the highest ranked defensive end, who somehow falls all the way down here.

Baltimore: Carlos Rodgers
This was hard, no receivers really worth a first rounder. I was thinking about odell thurman, but as far as i know the ravens' cap management is pretty good, and they should be able to resign Edge Hartwell, so they get a replacement for Primetime.

Seatlle: Odell Thurman
Basically they want the best middle linebacker left. Lance mitchell has some injury issues, and the last thing they need is another linebacker with injury problems, so they jump on thurman, who i think is a pretty solid backer.

Green Bay: Dan Cody
Hmmm, admit defeat and get a replacement for favre, or try and beef up their D and make another run at it? The packers make the bold move and keep trying. Cody kind of scares me, he seems like he might be a bust, I probably would take pollack over him, but what do i know?

Denver: Antaaj Hawthorne
In other news, I break my neck attempting to do a backflip after we make this pick.

New York Jets: Marlin Jackson
They need corners in the worst way, and I like Jackson more than browner, he's more ready to play now.

Atlanta: Brodney Pool
No offensive tackles worth taking, and pool is a solid pick.

San Diego: Ernest Shazor
Damn it, their secondary is gonna be young and good!

Indianapolis: Marcus Spears
Lucky them.

Pittsburgh: Brandon Browner
Wow, i never noticed how bad their cornerbacks are til the conference final.

Philadelphia: Ronnie Brown
A good compliment to Westbrook

New England: David Baas
Well, they gotta pick someone, right?

Well, let me know what you think, I think this is a pretty reasonable mock, but after free agency, who knows what the situation's gonna look like.

Mat'hir Uth Gan
01-30-2005, 06:26 PM
Interesting for sure.

Forgot a few players likely to go in the first round though:

OT Khalif Barnes
WR Troy Williamson
WR Roddy White
DE Matt Roth
DE David Pollack
TE Heath Miller

And added a few not so likely to go in the first:

LB Odell Thurman
S Brodney Pool
C David Baas
OG Elton Brown
LB Kevin Burnett
CB Justin Miller

I thought it was a fun mock, good humor. I'm not so sure there's an O-lineman in this draft worthy of a top 10 pick. It's a pretty weak O-line draft at the top, and there should be some good LTs available in FA so teams don't have to reach.

Overall though, I think its a perfectly valid mock draft, as likely as any others at this point in time. Nice work.

01-30-2005, 07:35 PM
Cool, thanks man. Yeah, I was a little surprised myself when i got near the bottom and noticed how few D linemen I had put in, and heath miller's absence. I was initially gonna have pittsburgh take him, but decided they needed a corner more. I wasn't so sure about the wide receiver thing, i didn't know how good roddy white and troy williamson were. Has kalif barnes really climbed that much? Wow.

01-30-2005, 08:51 PM
good, all of those picks are actually based on things the teams need.

Unlike most of them, why would baltimor draft a LB i have seen like 4 of them taking a OLB????

But great picks and very good :beer: