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02-13-2005, 02:55 PM
Now hear me out, I ONLY see this happening IF we re-structure the defense, sign all our Broncos we want back and then have any available amount of money available left-over.

I say we sign Joey Galloway...... For a list of reasons.

1. A talented, fast, veteran receiver who could stretch the field for the Broncos along with Lelie, leave the Short routes to Watts and Rod. We are overworking Rod Smith.....Deep Routes, Short Routes, Punt Return........we need to preserve him for what he does best.

2. Having Joey Galloway would create a third receiving option for Plummer. Galloway mainly runs deep routes and does that very well. He was Grieses favorite target down the field. Now don't we all know that Griese hangs balls when he goes deep, just ask Eddie Mac. So we know he can go out and get a ball.

3. He can spread a defense, when you have a receiver like Galloway, although he is no Moss, Owens or otherwise, it forces you to play your cb's deep with a safety in coverage to assist against someone who has the speed of Galloway (I believe he ran 4.15 at combine so with his age id say hes a 4.3 flat guy) this allows gaps for the running game as well as passes over the middle to a tight end. A successful passing game is about open routes and spreading out a D, thats what Galloway did in Tampa.

4. It would give us a solid KR/PR, Galloway is still fast as all hell and is a very, very good return man, something we really need to address.

5. He could probably be had cheap. Let's face it as you get older and switch teams nobody wants to shell out big dollars for you, I think as you get older as a player you want to win one with a competitor, Denver is a first-class organization and a competitor every year.

Now before every screams out NO MONEY, I explained that in my title, this is a BIG IF! But it crossed my mind and I do not think this is out of the question. Denver is a Offense first team with Shanahan and Kubiak, who are both great offensive minds. Our defense needs to step up its play, there are defenses with far less talent who I believe perform better than we. Hopefully, we have a fruitful offseason, Draft well, lick our wounds and come after those Patriots.

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02-13-2005, 03:01 PM
If Joey Galloway isn't good enough for Tampa Bay; he wouldn't be good here.

Mat'hir Uth Gan
02-13-2005, 06:25 PM
If Joey Galloway isn't good enough for Tampa Bay; he wouldn't be good here.

He's Tampa's #1 priority this offseason. When he was healthy, they were a top passing offensive team. When he was out, they sucked.

He has huge durability issues, which is why I really would like Tampa to draft Williamson to replace him in two seasons.

As for Denver, they have Lelie, they are the same WR type. Ok hands, blazing speed, a solid #2 field stretcher. He would cost 1.5-2 mil a season and would not bring the characteristics to the Broncos that are needed, basically a dynamic #1 with outstanding routes and hands.