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Dante's Inferno
02-13-2005, 06:36 PM
Hello Bronco fans, Jaguar fan here. Long time, no see. Anywho, I was wondering if you all could supply me with information regarding Reggie Hayward. With the Jaguars having a large sum of money set to be spent in free agency, and a glaring need at Defensive End, it would logically lead to the Jaguars being a big player in free agency. Of the DEs out there, Hayward is first on my list. Could you give me some information on him: playing in general, what you think his worth is, how good is he overall, injury prone, etc.? Thank you for your help.


Mat'hir Uth Gan
02-13-2005, 07:18 PM
I believe you will sign a FA DE and then draft one as well in the 1st round.

21) Jacksonville Jaguars
- 21st Total Offense
- 16th Rushing, 19th Passing
- 11th Total Defense
- 11th Rushing, 16th Passing

**Early Picks Last Draft**
- WR (1st), LB (2nd), RB (2nd), LB (3rd), DT (4th), WR (4th)

- Starting Safety Donovan Darrius will not be back leaving a big hole.
- CB Dewayne Washington was not overly impressive and can be upgraded.
- The DEs were terrible, Favors was adequate.
- There is very little depth behind the awesome NT duo of Henderson and Stroud.
- The LBs were solid; this team is tough up the middle.
- Top draft pick Williams was outplayed by 4th rounder Wilford.
- The running game is essentially gone whenever Taylor is out.

Current Free Agents:
WR: Troy Edwards should probably be resigned until Williams shows up.
OT: Ancient Bob Whitfield gave quality depth, but may hang it up.
FB: ďFuĒ likely will not be back.
DT: Derrick Ransom, depth is needed here, should be resigned.
DE: Jason Gildon was ok, could be resigned as pass rushing depth again.
S: Star Donovin Darrious is likely to finally be allowed to leave, no franchise.

Salary Cap Status:
- 23mil UNDER the cap
- They can address one side of the D-line in FA, the other in the draft.
- DEs Heyward (Broncos), Howard (Saints), or Okeafor (Seahawks) make sense.
- A trade for Randy Moss is not out of the question, Stroud and a draft pick.

Areas of Need:
DE x2 (s), S (s), WR (s/r), CB (s/r), DT (r), RB (r),

Draft Analysis:
If the Jaguars donít draft a DE in the first round of a very strong DE draft, Iíll be completely shocked. With their salary cap status, they can likely address one side of the D-line in FA. Which, I suppose may give them the flexibility to draft one of the top safeties at 21 if they so choose. But the better value is at DE. Plus, there are good safeties available in FA. Reggie Williams was a bust his first year, and Troy Edwards was adequate but now a FA, so the team may consider drafting another WR. Jimmy Smith isnít getting any younger. However, a trade for Randy Moss makes a lot of sense for a team looking for an offensive superstar and heir apparent to Smith. They have the defensive players to spare. The pick here, however, is DE David Pollack. A local hero of sorts and someone that will give the effort and pass rush on every down.

Heyward would be a good pickup. You'd have to pay him roughly 5 million per year. He is a solid pass rusher, who is below average against the run, but then thats what Stroud and Henderson are for. Jacksonville or Arizona is where I think Heyward will end up, and he would be a good signee for either team.

02-14-2005, 05:21 PM
Denver is keeping Hayward. I would be surprised if he plays for someone else next season.

02-14-2005, 06:09 PM
Denver is keeping Hayward. I would be surprised if he plays for someone else next season.

There is speculation to that effect, but anything is still possible. If Denver makes an offer he can reject it and go elsewhere.