View Full Version : So we are drafting D-line....

02-20-2005, 11:11 AM
Assuming we aren't scrambling things up in the draft.. here are our picks for #1???
Maybe One extra we could get in the secon round..

I believe we should Try and get both Shaun Cody and Mike Patterson if they are available.. They are both winners coming from a winning team, kind of like D.J. Williams. Especially if we are adpoting a 3-4 d..
I also Think we should draft a good punter and kickoff specialist.. our special teams was atrocious last year.

1. Shaun Cody-USC
2. Marcus Spears-LSU
3. Anttaj hawthorne-Wisconsin
4. Erasmus James-Wisonsin
5. Travis Johnson-Florida St.
6. David Pollack- Georgia
7. Justin Tuck- Norte Dame
8. Demarcus Ware- Troy
9. Matt Roth-Iowa
10.Mike Patterson-USC
11. Christ Canty- Virginia

02-20-2005, 07:41 PM
Our interior line play in particular at RG was not very good either. I would pick 1) D-line, 2) O-guard, 3) D-line (if any still looked promising and if not a cover saety), 4) P/KO man, and then look for best depth available. If we pick up any free agents in these areas, I would look for best available player.