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mr williams52
02-25-2005, 07:47 PM
i guy i think would be a great draft choice for us is justin tuck.... he is a great pass rusher, which is most the important need this off-season. and if we switch to th 3-4, he could possibly play outside linebacker for us. so either way, i think he would be a great pickup for us.


02-25-2005, 07:56 PM
he has some injury concerns in the past, but he is a good athlete

i like darryl blackstock better

Mat'hir Uth Gan
02-25-2005, 07:58 PM
*If* we go OLB/DE type for the 3-4, I would prefer DeMarcus Ware, but I won't understand that selection unless Cody and Hawthorne are off the board.

I think Tuck is pretty far down the DE list. He's likely to be a mid-2nd round pick before our selection comes up. Depending on FA, we've got to pick up a NT at some point and that Carson kid makes sense in round 2. I really don't see Tuck fitting in just because of where we draft.