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11-03-2003, 11:56 PM
I haven't heard, but does anybody have an update on how serious Elam's injury is, and how long he is going to be out? I'd hate to have Knorr in there, who hasn't ever kicked a field goal, when we have Elam. ELAM!!

11-03-2003, 11:58 PM
That injury really hurt the team tonight, we could have used acouple of more field goals.

11-04-2003, 12:08 AM
or in Knorr do we trust?

11-04-2003, 12:09 AM
Originally posted by BroncoCy
or in Knorr do we trust?

Not Knorr! He is a decent punter, but NOT a PK!!!

11-04-2003, 04:51 PM
Alot of things may may be blamed on the loss but i think i major part was elam being hurt, we could have kicked 2 field goals late in the game instead of punting 6 possible points would have been HUGE!

11-04-2003, 06:04 PM
Do you think Shanny would of had the balls though? If I am not mistaken, wouldn't both of those been 53+ yard FG's? I could be wrong though.

11-04-2003, 06:09 PM
no not quite one would have been like 49, because we punted from the dam 32 yd line & went in the f$@#ing endzone anyway, the other i think 51

11-04-2003, 07:52 PM
Bottom line is when we were that close, we should have went for it on 4th down, instead of punting the ball, we were deep in there territory. We had Clinton, we should have tried to ram it down there throat and ran down the clock more. It takes Big Kahunas sometime, playing it safe can lose you the game, taking a chance like an intentional safety takes guts.

11-04-2003, 08:34 PM
Will he be back after the bye?

11-04-2003, 08:45 PM
I was wondering the same thing. Anyone else know??

11-04-2003, 08:51 PM
This is what I read at foxsports.com:

Originally posted at http://www.foxsports.com/named/FS/NFL/team?statsId=7
Nov 04 2003 - Coach Mike Shanahan said he had no idea whether Jason Elam would return from a strained groin in time to play in Denver's next game. The Broncos are off this week, so there's at least a chance that Elam won't miss any additional time.

11-04-2003, 08:55 PM
Probably good time to get a back-up kicker, what if it isn't ready for San Diego or he re-injures it and we are not prepared. Better safe than sorry.

11-04-2003, 09:01 PM
Originally posted by Elway
Probably good time to get a back-up kicker, what if it isn't ready for San Diego or he re-injures it and we are not prepared. Better safe than sorry.

We'd have to let somebody go for that to happen though. Micah Knorr has some experience so maybe Mike will have him practice FGs this bye.

PS: I'm expecting some Deltha smackers are going to propose letting him go for a back-up kicker, lol!

11-04-2003, 09:04 PM
To some it would seem like a logical choice. I don't think Knorr really has FG experience from what they were saying last night.
So somebody is going to have to go, as least temporarily.

11-04-2003, 09:15 PM
Knorr has FG exp in college, but not in the NFL. Tough for me to say. Since our next opponent is the Chargers, we should be able to get in the endzone. Maybe we should get a backup just to make sure though in case SD brings their AAA game.