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The Champ
08-03-2005, 02:23 PM
I see that no one has updated/attended today's practice, but there is someone who attends the practices everyday with full in-depth notes...I'll copy and paste here with the link...

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This was a great day to go to camp. The morning was partly cloudy for most of camp and there was a cool breeze all day. I was in the endzone today and that actually proved a little bit of a problem because I had the players lined up in front of me. I did get a good view on some things, though. Lets get started.

Pryce was out of pads but on the field. Luther Ellis and Dorsett Davis were suited up today. Q was also playing.

BVP is still the second team guy. He looked solid as ever. Plummer still looked the best. Kannell is still the fourth QB right now. I hear they are going to re-evaluate on Friday and go from there.

Drills. They ran passing and running drills. The O-line, D-line and Linebackers worked on the run drills and the Corners, receivers and Quarterbacks worked on passing drills. I saw a lot of one on one. They did one drill specifically which was the corner's playing way off and the receivers running button-hooks. They made the corners play off even though they knew what they were doing.

Dominique Foxworth picked off a pass to Charlie Adams. He was one of the better guys at closing on the ball.

Jerry Rice faked out Darrent Williams bad, but Williams wass able to recover and closed fast enough to knock the ball away at the last second.

Shoate got beat a lot today.

I watched Karl Paymah very closely today and he doesn't seem to hustle. there was one where Adams broke to the outside and Karl had only to close but he didn't seem move very fast to get to the receiver. It might be something else, but that's what I noticed.

Rod beat his guy consistantly. He didn't get a lot of reps in until the end of camp, which I'll get to later.

Lelie was the best at beating his man. He'd always cut the right way, and caught the ball consistantly. He looked good in drills, slumped a little during scrimmages and really showed up at the end.

Watts dropped more passes. I'm still not worried because Lelie looked like that this time last year and didn't get going until the Chargers game. There's lots of time left.

All the corners were getting beat a lot on that play, including Bailey. It looks hard to play off so much and then close suddenly. They'll get better. None of them got beat bad, they just made the catch.

Notable others: Devoe, Crenshaw, Luke - all had some decent catches.

The run game.

All the backs looked good. You can really see the system work for them. Anderson still looked the best. He was the most complete of all the backs. One surprise was Maurice Clarrett. You can tell he's starting to improve. He had some nice runs and used some impressive juke moves.

Tatum looked good and has good speed to the outside, but gets swallowed up on runs up the middle.

Q ususally gets owned on Iso plays. Only when they really spread the defense out and the line gets a good push can he run up the middle at all. They use him in a lot of screens.

Clarrett caught a screen pass, but he ran away from his blockers after he got down field a bit. Alexander is a pretty good blocker. I'll get to tight ends next, but I can see why they like him now that I was able to see him blocking.

Bell was put in motion on one play during full team drills into the slot. He came across and a pass hit him in the hands and it bounced out right into Bailey. Bailey took and ran it right into the endzone. The crowd was real excited and he ran through the endzone with the ball thumping his chest at us. It was pretty sweet, but not cool to hear his hands still need work.

Next is full team drills -

Team drills were interesting. You Bell homers will be happy to hear that Bell and Anderson shared reps on the first team today, with Q as the second, and Dayne as the third. Alexander and Putz were used a lot on the first team, with Leach and Hape on the second. Nat Jackson didn't get any reps. i think he hurt himself yesterday. Devoe, Adams and Crenshaw were on the second team with Darius Watts and Rice splitting time on the first.

Plummer looked good. There were a few high passes but most found their mark. He put one right in a zone to find Rod Smith and made some great passes to all the tight-ends. He had a rel nice long pass to Lelie that Lelie appeared to catch ver acrobatically with Foxworth udnerneath. When he came down with it, one coach said he dropped it while the other said it was a catch. It was great.

They tried Mauk on the first team a little bit, but he quickly made several bad throws. He threw one that Ian Gold just leaped in front of and picked off. you could tell he was trying make more plays, but he just looke awkward.

I got a good look at all the Quarterbacks. Kannell threw into double coverage again and here's why. Kannell stares down receivers and then throws it anyway. He just looks at them too long. He'll stare and stare and then throw it and by the time he's begun the motion, the Safety has already started closing. He almost threw another pick but Crenshaw played defense on it.

Bradlee looked great today (Sorry Atlas). His throwing form is the best. His arm is almost completely verticle every time he throws, so his passes leave his hand at the absolute highest point. Mauk kind of side arms a lot of his throws and Kannell does too. Van Pelt took off on this one play when coverage broke down and must have ran 40 yards up the field before a single defender even touched him. He made some nice passes, and he had really improved throwing to his dump off guy during a blitz. He doesn't look to lose that second spot anytime soon but we have to see them all in a game.

Someone, I think Plummer, had a ball deflected at the line that Sam Brandon caught by reaching over two linemen and stealing. That was cool.

Next: Tight Ends - The stars of today

The Tight Ends had their numbers called a lot today and they all looked great.

Stephen Alexander. His blocking did impress me, but what I like the most was that he didn't drop any balls. He had several great catches that went for some big gains. They like running them on slant patterns. He did a nice job of using his body as a wedge between the defender and the ball.

Jeb - He had some nice catches too. They didn't play him very much though. I wondered if his blocking sucked or something, but he rotated with Leach now and again on the first team.

Mike Leach - This was the most impressive receiver on the field today. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but its true. He had several passes where he had a defender on his tail and he had to leap up and just make finger tip grabs. I would say he looked a little better than Jeb today. There was one play where the pocket was slamming shut and Bradlee stepped up into it at the last minute and tossed one as he was getting tagged. It was a little high, but Leach was there coming across the middle to leap up and snag it. That's two days where he has made big grabs for us. His blocking is pretty good too.

Pat Hape - Hape looked good. He made some nice grabs. Leach outperformed him, though.

They threw to the TE's on a lot of PA boot plays, and are still running a lot of Two tight end sets. Rod and Rice had some sweet snags. Rice juke out a corner, I think it was Curome Cox, at the line snagged the ball and took off up field for a nice gain.

Ash put a wicked move on Foxworth, spun, grabbed the pass and continued in one motion up the field. Ash would have had a sweet pas up the middle. It was high and he went up there and had hit, but Bailey reached up with his hand pulled his catching arm off the ball and it fell to the ground. It was one of those defensive plays where it wasn't cool looking, but it was really smart and achieved what he wanted. On another Blitz Jake stumbling backward, threw a high one down to Ash, but it was too far off taget and he missed it.

Next: the D-line

I know, but Davis had a sack! He cam clean through and almost nailed Mauk outright. It reminded me why some teams have the QB's wear red jerseys during practices. I didn't actually see Ellis on any of the teams. He just did a lot of squad rills.

Because of where I was, I couldn't get a good view of individual playing ability. I can give you a general description of the squads, though.

The first team line which featured Brown, Warren, Myers and someone I couldn't see, was pretty consitant. They were the best at getting their hands up and in the face of the QB. They had a few deflections, one for and int that i already mentioned. Still consistant pressure in the pocket, but they struggled plugging the passing lanes. The O-line did their best to keep the passing lanes open.

The second team line was amazing. You can see how deep were are at D-line and how not so deep we are at O-line because there was almost no dropoff from the first team and second team D-line but they were obliterating the pocket, and coming through. What's so amazing about this is that Van Pelt kept making plays. I've totally changed my mind about the guy and feel i should appologize for hating on him here. Van pelt sometimes had so little time, but he was so athletic, he'd just roll out and make something happen. There was one play where he ran forward, and completed a pass down field, but it was called back because he threw past the line.

Next - The scrimmages
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The Champ
08-03-2005, 02:25 PM
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The first D played the 2nd O and vice-versa. Van Pelt has his work cut out for him. He tried to make plays but the coverage was tight and the line was gone. They tried a screen play to putz and Ian tackled him as he caught it for a loss. 3 and out.

Next the first team O took the field. They moved pretty well down the field. At one point, it was third and eight, and that's when Jake shot a nice pass to rod in a soft zone for a big gain. I couldn't tell when or if they ever scored because it was the opposite side of the field and they stop drives to give the other teams reps alot.

Mauk was on the third team and looked bad. He had one nice deep ball but nothing worth mentioning. They were unable to convert.

Ok I'm hungry so that's your report for today. I'm going to be able to get a loot at the Special Teams preactices and will be there this afternoon. They are supposed to have it at 3:50 but some thunderheads are rolling in so we'll see. I'm going to eat lunch and will be back in a few for questions.
************************************************** **********************************

If you guys have any questions, post them and I'll ask.

08-03-2005, 02:34 PM
Watts...................... :rolleyes:

08-03-2005, 02:40 PM
how did Feugerson and Bailey look today?

08-03-2005, 02:40 PM
What the hell, OrangeMane hasdisabled new users registering? Well then i guess someone will haveto keep doing this (keep copying and pasteing this guy's reports on this board). Thanks towhoever will do it.

The Champ
08-03-2005, 02:43 PM
I'll do it...

I'll ask about Ferg but according to the report, Bailey was being Bailey.

The Champ
08-03-2005, 02:47 PM
.................................................. ..........................................
Ok, this means nothing. Just some fun guesswork.


WR 80 Rod Smith 17 Darius Watts

LT 78 Matt Lepsis 65 Cooper Carlisle

LG 50 Ben Hamilton 62 Chris Myers

C 66 Tom Nalen 50 Ben Hamilton

RG 65 Cooper Carlisle 77 Dwayne Carswell 70 Tyson Clabo

RT 72 George Foster 74 Cornell Green

TE 88 Jeb Putzier 82 Stephen Alexander 89 Nate Jackson 83 Mike Leach/Hape?

WR 85 Ashley Lelie 19 Jerry Rice 14 Todd Devoe

QB 16 Jake Plummer 11 Bradlee Van Pelt 13 Danny Kannell

RB 38 Mike Anderson 26 Tatum Bell 21 Quentin Griffin 33 Ron Dayne

FB 39 Kyle Johnson 37 Cecil Sapp


Broncos Defense
LE 98 Courtney Brown 92 Marco Coleman 91 Ebenezer Ekuban

LT 76 Mike Myers 68 Mario Fatafehi

RT 61 Gerard Warren 75 Monsanto Pope

RE 92 Trevor Pryce 60 John Engleberger

WLB 52 Ian Gold 51 Keith Burns

MLB 56 Al Wilson 54 Patrick Chukwurah

SLB 55 DJ Williams 58 Terry Pierce 57 Jashon Sykes

LCB 24 Champ Bailey 40 Roc Alexander

RCB 35 Lenny Walls 22 Dominique Foxworth 27 Darrent Williams

SS 25 Nick Ferguson 42 Sam Brandon

FS 47 John Lynch 31 Jeremy LeSeur 29 Brandon Browner

Broncos Specialists
P 10 Todd Sauerbrun

K 1 Jason Elam

KO 10 Todd Sauerbrun 1 Jason Elam

PR 27 Darrent Williams 10 Triandos Luke 24 Champ Bailey

KR 27 Darrent Williams 10 Triandos Luke 45 Roc Alexander

PC 83 Mike Leach 86 Patrick Hape

KC 83 Mike Leach 78 Matt Lepsis 50 Ben Hamilton

H 10 Todd Sauerbrun 13 Danny Kannell

Injured Reserve: Maurice Clarrett (groin), Paul Ernster (Toe fungus)

Practice squad: Matt Mauk, Chad Friehauf, Karl Paymah, Wesley Duke, Jeff Shoate, Patrice Majondo-Mwamba, Erik Pears, someone random

I didn't count players so I'm sure I'm over/under.

I figure a few "get hurt" and we rebuild them. Then have those guys for practice squad. I haven't watched special teams yet, either.
.................................................. .................................................. ........................

SMH @ Tatum Bell not starting...smh...

08-03-2005, 02:57 PM
f'n Bradlee Van Pelt huh....

...I'm liking the sound of that.

08-03-2005, 04:12 PM
f'n Bradlee Van Pelt huh....

...I'm liking the sound of that.
Van Pelt to Lelie for the TD!!!!!!
^^ Definitely not doubtful that will happen soon.

08-03-2005, 04:47 PM
Thanks for the report. According to Rocky Mountain News Bailey is more confident. It is obvious, he is making smart, athletic defensive news.

The development of Feugerson is crucial. He will play a vital role against Owens and Moss.

08-03-2005, 05:24 PM
Thanks for the report bro. I really enjoyed the part where you said Van Pelt was throwing verticle, sounds alot like Bret Farve, and making things happen when the O-line was breaking down. This kid is here to stay, atleast I think so. I also liked the part where you say that Romar Crenshaw was ajusting from offense to defense, thats a rarity in alot of WRs. I hope he somehow stays on the team as well!

08-03-2005, 07:28 PM
Uhhh, why do you have Clarett listed as IR with a groin?

Edit: Guesswork, I see. nm. :D

08-04-2005, 01:24 AM
Thanks for transfering the read backs. Much appreciated. Keep it up!

Calif. Bronco
08-04-2005, 08:37 AM
Good job getting us an update. When I went offline yesterday afternoon there wasn't one so I thought we would just not get one for the day. You rock Champ :beer:

08-04-2005, 09:22 AM

Points to you for being the one with the report today.