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08-07-2005, 02:32 PM
Ok, you dont need to tell me exactly who will make the team. I dont want names, but just a breakdown of how many players of each position you think will make the team.

We're not gonna be able to keep all these backs, receivers, corners, and D-Line men. Look at it this way.

11 players on each side of the ball. 22 starters. Lets say we give each of them a backup, thats 44 players. throw in a punter and kicker, thats 46.

Now, the last 7 spots (total of 53) are yours to mess with. Dole them out as you see fit. More young corners and receivers, maybe another 1 or 2 running backs. Some more D-line depth. Does Ernster make the roster to do kick-offs? YOU DECIDE

by the way, i was saying the 46 off of a base I-formation and 4-3 Defense, so thats 4 recievers, 4 corners already. Rather than 2 FB's, you could assign that spot to someone else, and you now have 45 total, so 8 spots to mess with.


08-07-2005, 02:37 PM
Ernster should make the roster I think. He's regularily kicking it into the endzone, and he's punting an average of like 2 yards shy of Saurbraun.

I think they should keep more DLine and CB's, and some of the backups should be contingent on the players ability to play special teams.

White Dragon
08-07-2005, 04:00 PM
(3) QB - Plummer, Van Pelt, Mauck
(4) RB - Bell, Anderson, Clarett, Dayne
(2) FB - Johnson, Sapp
(5) WR - Smith, Lelie, Watts, Rice, Luke
(3) TE - Putzier, Alexander, Leach
(4) T - Lepsis, Foster, Clement, Carswell
(4) G - Hamilton, Carlisle, Clabo, Watton
(2) C - Nalen, Myers

(4) DE - Pryce, Brown, Ekuban, Engelberger
(5) DT - Warren, Pope, Myers, Fatafehi, Elliss
(6) LB - Wilson, Gold, Williams, Pierce, Chukwurah, Burns
(4) CB - Bailey, Walls, Williams, Paymah, Foxworth
(4) S - Lynch, Ferguson, Brandon, LeSueur, Young

(1) K - Elam
(2) P - Sauerbrun, Ernster

08-07-2005, 04:39 PM
QB-2- Plummer, Van Pelt
RB-4- Anderson, Bell, Dayne, Clarett
FB-2- K. Johnson, C. Sapp
WR-5- R. Smith, Lelie, Watts, Rice, Adams/T.Luke
TE-4- S. Alexander, Putzier, N. Jackson, M. Leach
OT-3- Lepsis, Foster, Carswell
OG-3- Hamilton, Carlisle, Clabo
C-2- Nalen, Myers
K-2- Elam, Ernster
P-1- Sauerbrun
DT-4- Warren, Myers, Pope, Elliss, Fatafehi
DE-5- Pryce, Brown, Ekuban, Engleberger, Palepoi
LB- 6- Wilson, Gold, Williams, Pierce, Burns, Sykes
CB- 5- Champ, Walls, Foxworth, D. Williams, Paymah
S-5- Lynch, Ferguson, LeSueur, S. Brandon

I know my opinion will change greatly throughout the preseason and as we see injuries come about. There is certain to be a couple players who start the season on IR and a few who have slid down the depth chart because of practice (R. Alexander, P. Chukwurah, etc.) but who will really perform during games and make the team. It'll be fun to watch!

08-07-2005, 04:39 PM
3 QBs: Plummer, Van Pelt, Mauck
4 RBs: Anderson, Bell, Dayne, Clarett
1 FB: Johnson (with Hape or Anderson backing up)
4 TE: Putzier, Alexander, Hape, Leach
5 WR: Smith, Lelie, Watts, Rice, Devoe
8 OL: Lepsis, Hamilton, Nalen, Carlisle, Foster, Myers, Clabo, Carswell
10 DL: Pryce, Brown, Warren, Myers, Coleman, Ekuban, Engleberger, Palepoi, Pope, Elliss
6 LB: Willliams, Wilson, Gold, Pierce, Chukwurah, Burns
6 CB: Bailey, Walls, Foxworth, Williams, Alexander, Paymah
4 S: Lynch, Ferguson, LeSueur, Brandon
2 K: Elam, Sauerbrun

08-08-2005, 01:15 AM
QB: Jake Plummer, Bradlee Van Pelt
RB: Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell, Quentin Griffin, Maurice Clarett
FB: Kyle Johnson
TE: Jeb Putzier, Stephen Alexander, Nate Jackson
LWR: Rod Smith, Darius Watts, Charlie Adams
RWR: Ashley Lelie, Jerry Rice
LT: Matt Lepsis, Chris Myers
LG: Ben Hamilton, Dwayne Carswell
C: Tom Nalen, Chris Myers (backup)
RG: Cooper Carlisle, Tyson Clabo
RT: George Foster, Anthony Clement
LDE: Trevor Pryce, Ebenezer Ekuban, Marco Coleman
LDT: Gerrard Warren, Mario Fatafehi
RDT: Michael Myers, Luther Elliss
RDE: Courtney Brown, John Engleberger
SLB: D.J. Willliams, Terry Pierce
MLB: Al Wilson, Keith Burns, Patrick Chukwurah
WLB: Ian Gold, Jashon Sykes
LCB: Champ Bailey, Karl Paymah (6th CB)
RCB: Lenny Walls, Roc Alexander (5th CB)
Nickle: Darrent Williams
Dime: Domonique Foxworth
FS: John Lynch, Jeremy LeSueur, Sam Brandon
SS: Nick Ferguson, Brandon Browner, Sam Brandon
K: Jason Elam
P: Todd Sauerbrun

08-08-2005, 02:11 AM
QB-(3) Plummer, BVP, Mauck
RB-(4) Bell, MA, Dayne, MO
FB-(2) Johnson, Sapp
WR-(6) Smith, Lelie, Watts, Rice, Luke
TE-(3) Putzier, Alexander, Leach
T-(3) Lepsis, Foster, Carswell
G-(3) Hamilton, Carsile, Clabo
C-(2) Nalen, Myers

DT-(4) Warren, Elliss, Fatafehi, Pope
DE-(4) Pryce, Brown, Engelberger, Ekuban
MLB-(3) Wilson, Pierce, Burns
OLB-(3) Williams, Gold, Chuckwurah
CB-(6)Bailey, Walls, Williams, Foxworth, Alexander, Paymah
S-(5)Lynch, Ferguson, Brandon, Browner, LeSuer

Special Teams
KO Specialist-Ernster
PR-Williams, Luke
KR-Williams, Luke, Smith


Mat'hir Uth Gan
08-08-2005, 05:22 AM
All I know is that we are going to be cutting some good players. I cant wait to see who gets dropped. I expect one or two shockers.