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10-22-2005, 10:54 AM
1. Houston - LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia - It's too early too give up on Carr and D'Brick will make sure Carr's blindside is kept clear.

2. San Francisco - S Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech - This team has alot of holes but the secondary is probably the largest, Jimmy Williams is the most complete defensive back in the nation and should help solidify the 49'er defense.

3. Green Bay - HB Reggie Bush, USC - With both Najeh Davenport and Ahman Green heading towards free-agency GB will overlook there O-Line and defensive problems and take the electrifying Bush.

4. Arizona - QB Matt Lienart, USC - Although many believe Lienart to be the best player in this years draft he will most likely fall due to team needs. Dennis Green does not like Josh McNown and Kurt Warner's end is near.

5. Minnesota - LB AJ. Hawk, Ohio State - The Minnesota defense has struggled against the run and Hawk should elevate the play of the entire LB core.

6. Oakland - DE Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College - The offense is loaded with talent and now the Raiders must move there attention to defense and it doesn't get much better than "Kiwi".

7. Saint Louis – CB Charles Gordon, Kansas - The St.Louis secondary is a mess and Gordon's speed and coverage ability should help a secondary in disarray.

8. Tennessee - QB Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green - Jacobs freakish athletic ability will leave many scouts drooling but with McNair aging and Volek most likely headed out, Jacobs will get a chance in the land of country music.

9. New Orleans - LB Ahmad Brooks, Virginia - Arguably the best LB in the draft is falling down many draft boards due to not playing because of injury. New Orleans will take a risk and it will pay off.

10. NY Jets - RB DeAngelo Williams, Memphis - With Curtis Martins age becoming an increasing issue I find it hard to believe the Jets pass on someone of Williams's talent level.

11. Detroit - DE Mario Williams, North Carolina St. - After going offense in there last few drafts Detroit finally goes defense and finds someone to compliment James Hall.

12. Chicago - LB Chad Greenway, Iowa - Although a playmaking WR could fit well in Chicago there are none that deserve to be drafted at this point therefore Chicago solidifies there LB core with Greenway.

13. Cleveland – HB Laurence Maroney, Minnesota – Despite Crennels defensive tendencies Cleveland takes who some believe to be the best back in this years draft

14. Miami – OT Eric Winston, Miami (FL) – The offensive line has been a cause for concern and if the Dolphins expect to keep Ronnie Brown healthy they will need to address the O-Line.

15. Baltimore – CB Devin Hester – Although the O-Line and CB positions are of concern Baltimore’s CB depth is average at best and Hester’s upside will leave the Raven FO drooling.

16. Buffalo – DT Haloti Ngata, Oregon – This guy is a freak and after Sam Adams the Bills lack of DT depth is scary.

17. San Diego – WR Chad Jackson, Florida – Behind Keenan Mcardell the Chargers WR’s need help and Jackson’s mix of size and speed should add to the already potent offense.

18. New England – CB Tye Hill, Clemson

19. Pittsburgh – OG Davin Joseph, Oklahoma

20. Kansas City – WR Santonio Holmes, Ohio St.

21. Philadelphia - T Jonathan Scott, Texas

22. NY Giants – S Darnell Bing, USC

23. Denver via Washington – WR Derek Hagan, Arizona St.

24. Seattle – OG Max Jean-Gilles, Georgia

25. Carolina – TE Marcedes Lewis, UCLA

26. Jacksonville – CB Jason Allen, Tennessee

27. Atlanta – S Laron Landry, L.S.U

28. Dallas – OT Marcus McNeil, Auburn – Despite struggling early this season McNeil could be the steal of the draft at this point.

29. Cincinnati – DT Rodrique Wright, Texas – A real steal at this point in the draft.

30. Tampa Bay – LB Ernie Sims, Florida State

31. Denver – S Michael Huff, Texas

32. Indianapolis – LB Abdul Hodge, Iowa

10-22-2005, 07:38 PM
If the pro and college season ended today I think you would be fairly close here.
My main disagreement would be SF passing on Reggie Bush. Play makers like him only come along every few years. He is a huge asset as a receiver, back, and getting those hidden yards as a return man. He is the only one in the draft that I would like to see the Broncos trade down for. Eric Winston at 14 looks unlikely as he is having bad year. Brady Quinn is probably a first rounder.

I like the Bronco picks, Hagan and Huff and they both should be around this late.
Other late rounders of interest in my opinion are Santonio Holmes, Marcedes Lewis, and O'Neil.

10-22-2005, 08:49 PM
I got a few minutes to nitpick here.. but I like this draft alot.

-San Fran drafting Jimmy Williams at 2? I cant see it. The Mike Rumph experiment didnt work well, so I know they will grab a safety but not this high. Most likely Reggie Bush. They can sell a bunch of his jerseys to the locals, and the kid's a stud.

-Green Bay would pick D'Angelo Williams after the scenario I just typed above.

-Arizona needs a RB badly. McCown can get it done if he has a %^$& runningback! I cant believe Denny is hanging his career out like this. But the pick here has got to be LenDale after the situations I typed above.

-With that said, Leinart most likely drops to NO. Tenn takes Mario Williams.

-Ernie Sims a first rounder? Im not sure.

-Denver should take Max Jean-Giles, but :coffee: ahh forget it, we all know...

-I dont think Santonio goes that high, but I havent seen much of Hagan. Where's Jason Avant?

-Carolina will never, ever, draft a TE in the first round. The draft experts get it wrong every year. too, no biggie. This pick is the best linebacker available, even if its Ernie Sims.

-Omar Jacobs drops to Baltimore and goes no further. This is subject to change if Vince Young has a great combine. He has all the college success, its all about how his combine stacks against Jacobs at this point.

-EDIT: Michael Huff = overrated.

10-22-2005, 09:26 PM
Brady i doubt will go in this years draft maybe next years but not this year

10-24-2005, 11:47 AM
I got a few minutes to nitpick here.. but I like this draft alot.

-EDIT: Michael Huff = overrated.

Micheal Huff = underrated.

10-30-2005, 08:10 PM
AJ Nicolson will be the linebacker drafted in Round 1 from FSU not Ernie.

10-31-2005, 01:24 PM
Not bad except one thing

Denver cant play Indy in a superbowl, both AFC dumb