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12-31-2003, 10:32 PM
San Diego Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer will be brought back for the 2004 season. Woopie frecking do! All 4-11 finising teams let their coaches go, Arizona,(well, they don't really count) Washington (they don't count either, only on the "ringling Brothers' scale with the "head Clown Dan Snyder" the "WunderKind" who thinks he knows more more about the NFL than anyone). Chokeland Faiders need a new coach, the Giants also.
But not the Chargers. Good old "Marty the Moron" will be back bringing his "1980"s style" of coaching with him. yes, fans, "marty Ball" is back. Gawd, what a horable thought.

Since taking over in 2003 Marty has started one season, 2003, 6-1 and preceeded to lose 7 of his last 9 to finish 2003 at 8-8, the same record Mike Reiley had his first year.
So what happens this year? A 4-11 record, losers of their first 9.
Yes, the Chargers beat Oakland, on the last day of the season,giving all Chargers' fans, and maybe a few other team fans, a great Xmas present that fans can remember all year long, until next season.

QB Drew Brees looked like a 8 year veteren out there and what can be said about LaDamion Tholenson? "LT" has proven that he is one of the best running backs, along with Clinton Porits and Priest Holems in the league.

The Chargers' played the Radiers like it ment something, so even if Oakland had about 2/3 of their regular roster on IR and was using their 3rd string QB, it's still the "Raidehas, the greatest team evea to play in the NFL".

Of course this game looked like something from a "Chuck Knox" coached team, mostley ground game, as Oakland has the worst run defence in the league.(but guess who was 2nd?) So mostley running occured on the field.

At any rate, at 11-19 in his two years in San Diego, Marty returns. Why? Fans want his head "spiked" on the Qualcomm Stadium scoreboard, they(the PA announcer stoped introducing Marty during pre-game intros because of all the booing).
Fans are told "Marty deserves a chance with a better team than the one we had this year. All righty then. marty is the one who "cut" the entire defence secondary,and the 2 team leaders, Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison.
Schottenheimer told fans, coming out of training camp, "this is a damn good football team", which proves to fans Marty don't "know didley" if that team was a "damn good team".

Two reasons influenced the Spanos' into retaining Marty "the Moron" for 2004: (1) he is owed $5 million on his contract and (2) this is the last year former Coach Mike Reiley will be paid under his contract he signed when he took over the team in 1999.
With Riley's contract clear, the Chargers have said they will be active in improving the team. We will see what happens in that respect during the off season.

But one thing is certin, on his post game radio interview Schottenheimer said "i hate this (4-11) and this WILL NOT happen again". His words. But he also called that 4-11 team a "damn good football team". Yes Schottenheimer will be back in 2004, but for how long is the main question Chargers' fans are asking. The game has passed him by and by this time next year,if the Chargers' do not improve Marty will join Bill Calahan, Steve Spurrier etc al. in the unemployment line. yes, this is the NFL, or in the case of Marty Schottenheimer, "Not For Long". JB:rolleyes:

The Muffster
12-31-2003, 11:02 PM
Marty's nightmares are definitely dreamed in color... Orange, that is.

12-31-2003, 11:39 PM
Originally posted by The Muffster
Marty's nightmares are definitely dreamed in color... Orange, that is. I agree; but would like to add, not only orange but navy blue as well.:)

01-01-2004, 09:49 PM
The owners in San Diego made a bet on how many games Marty would allow himself to lose before he quits.

01-01-2004, 10:55 PM
Originally posted by Elway
The owners in San Diego made a bet on how many games Marty would allow himself to lose before he quits. Knowing Spanos, I think you are right. % mil is a hellva lot of money to pay a "loising coach". If Marty quits, the're free of any remaining moneys owed him.
Reiley is still being paid and I think the stupid fool Gilbride is also, but I'm not on Gilbride, the "worst hire of a head coach in the history of the NFL"!:D