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03-08-2007, 02:45 PM
First down is football magazine printed in the United Kingdom.

Shanahan pays tribute to tragic Nash.

By Christopher Leonard.

DAMIEN NASH was remembered on Monday as a charismatic man with a captivating smile who died as he lived - competing in sports and helping his community,
" I don't understand why he's gone, " Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said during a eulogy. " We never had a guy play for one year, as Damien did, and influence so many people."
More than 1,000 people paid respects to the Broncos' running back. Nash Died in his suburban St.Louis home on Febuary 24 after playing in a basketball tournament that raised money for heart transplant reseatch.
The medical examiner's office said the cause of the death as not been determined, and autopsy results might not be available for weeks.
" There's not denying the love he put out to people, especially kids," Nash's cousin Corey Perdue said before Nash's funeral service in St.Louis. " He was a real inspiration."
Dozens of Nash's former team-mates and coaches attended the three-hour service, from his fellow Denver Broncos to his middle school football coach. Many spoke during the funeral, recalling a 24-year-old man who smiled often, played hard and loved his family.
Although Nash often lived away from home, he always kept pictures of his wife, Judy, and his seven-month-daughter, Paith, taped to his locker, Shanahan said.
The capacity crowd at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St.Louis represented a cross-section of Nash's life.
Childhood friends and family knew Nash from his working class boyhood home. They stood next to NFL stars in dapper suits and black sunglasses who met Nash only recently when he reached the highest levels of the game he loved to play.
Weather they knew him for a lifetime or one season, everyone recalled some huge personality. Several said they would never forget Nash' smile.
" The young man would look back at him with the biggest time," siad Al Wilson, drawing a knowing laugh from the crowd.
Coaches and players fron Nash's teen years said his athletic ability shone trhough from the start. Nash attended Riverview Gardens High School and graduated from East St. Louis (Illinois) High School in 2001.
After playing for the University of Missouri Tigers, Nash was a fith round draft choice by Tennessee in 2005.
He played in three games for the Titans. The Broncos signed him as a free agent last season. He played in three gaems, rushing for 66 yards on 18 carries. In this two-year career, he had 24 carries for 98 yards and seven receptions for 55 yards.
The Broncos said on Monday that the Damien Nash Trust Fund had been set up through the NFL Players Association to help with school and health care expenses for his daughter.
Shortly before Nash died, he played in the charity game he arranged at his high school to benefit The Darris Nash Find a Heart Foundation. The charity is named after his 25- year-old brother who had a heart transplant last year.

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Very nice article. Thank you for posting it.

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holy typos!

good article though

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holy typos!

good article though

Yeah sorry about that.

I had to type it all in a rush.

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Yeah sorry about that.

I had to type it all in a rush.

Wow. You typed all of that for us? Don't worry about the typos. It's still readable. :) Thanks again.

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Wow. You typed all of that for us? Don't worry about the typos. It's still readable. :) Thanks again.

I did the same becuase they had one for DWill earlier this year.

DWill and DNash you are missed worldwide. :salute:

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Thank you for taking the time to type all of that for us! I wouldn't have had a chance to read it otherwise. :salute: :rockon:

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Very nice article. It still shockes me that he will not be there this year and I hope evryone will donate to his childrens fund.

We miss ya Nash.