View Full Version : Clinton Portis on FINAL EXAM on Sportscenter...

03-24-2004, 08:54 AM
You can still check him out for the remainder Sportscenter replays...he did pretty well!

03-24-2004, 08:54 AM
he missed 5 questions

03-24-2004, 08:58 AM
Did better than me!

03-24-2004, 09:00 AM
Originally posted by Qistheman
he missed 5 questions

They didn't ask him the 5 easy one's

1.) Clinton, if My Little Pony was on sale for $9.95 and you could buy 2 GI Joes for the same price, what would you do?

2.) Did "Bob the Builder" have a son named Leon the Millwright?

3.) Clinton, does McDonalds Happy Meal still give you the plastic toy?

4.) Clinton, this Easter will you be eating any Peeps or will you stick to the Chocolate bunnies?

5.) Clinton, now that you are a Redskin, will your mom be dying her hair Burgundy?

03-24-2004, 09:28 AM
h,, i gotta check that out. i would think hes a dumbass. gotta start the CP bashing now

03-31-2004, 09:04 PM
Nice pic!