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  1. Thanks Jaws! Haha... I love to shop, so was looking forward to the new wardrobe idea. However, I think even if I lose the 13 more pounds I want to lose, I'm not going to need a new wardrobe my current one well just be more comfortable. So far, clothes still fit good just not tight where their cutting off circulation... or so tight that the button could go flying off the jeans where they put someones eye out... j/k.

    I have a bad habit when I shop of buying things that would look good on me if I lost five pounds... since the weight has been going in the other direction for sometime, I've accumulated many items that still have the tags that I've never been able to wear.... looking forward to the day, I can... haha. Thanks for the nice comment.
  2. Well done with the weight loss. Sounds like it's going well. Me, I should save a few pounds (the currency variety) too, by not having to go to my pocket to buy a whole new wardrobe. It will be nice wearing clothes I'm not bulging out of again. Nothing worse than a waist that pinches so much you can hardly breathe!
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