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  1. That pumpkin is pretty awesome
  2. Thought you might enjoy this pumpkin someone made for work.


    A blog from sanderson about his upcoming schedule and his projects. Even had a few shots of his comic coming out.
  4. O nice. Yeah I just got bored at work and thought I should look it up and realized it was so close. Now do I get it on the 6th or wait till January to read both books back to back lol.

    Just insane the speed he gets books out. Because I think there are 5 books coming out in the next year.

    The 2 mist born books, the final reckoners book, the white sand comic and I believe the next stormlight book is supposed to hit fall of next year.
  5. Thanks bud, I actually was at Books A Million the other day and found that out.
  6. Hey just a heads up the next mistborn book is coming out on October 6 with the following one scheduled for end of January.
  7. God it's litterally worse than it was the last time I viewed this page....
  8. Yeah at first I was siding towards the PS4, but that split screen so I can watch football and still play games is going to be great. And the only game that I would want from the PS4 was Infamous as I always wanted to try those games, but the games on Xbox strike my fancy more.

    O and did I mention I like the X controller better

    PS Titanfall looks epic posted video of it in the Xbox thread. I like me my mechs and jetpacks lol.
  9. Still time for you to come over to the good side save yourself $100 and get a few more games instead
  10. I don't know which scared me worse....the fat kid or seeing this page's even more hideous than I remembered.
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