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  1. It's time for bed. I have a hangover. 😁
  2. Insane, isn't it. I'm blurry-eyed. I can't wait for the win tomorrow to calm these beasts.
  3. I've already had about 4. I'm quite buzzed actually. Lol
  4. Should we set up a drinking game? Every time a new thread gets started that turns into a direct or disguised Manning bashing thread, we take a drink! 🍻🍻

    Whaddya say?

    Janet (Broncoslover)
  5. Hi Larry,

    These people want to make me pull my hair out. I can't stand it anymore. The bashing is just horrendous. Yes, we played badly yesterday, yes, Manning said he stunt it up, but jeez, I feel these people want to burn him at the stake. So disappointing.

    I want us to win a SB just for spite now. And wouldn't it be more awesome if we had to go to Foxboro to do it.

    Holy smokes, I've never seen a fan base so pathetic when they have a winning record. At least there are some sane people here. 👍
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