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  1. It's all good man...Lynch is starting to feel a bit Tebowesque to me...Hopefully he pans out in a year or two, but for now Trevor seems to be our best option.
  2. Owe you a big time apology for arguing QB's with you in September man. I wanted Lynch to be better and he wasn't necessarily atrocious today. Did enough to win.

    But Siemian looks far more polished and accurate. Let's hope he gets healthy soon.
  3. What are you talking about there I go again stating my opinion as facts.

    I may be slightly doing that here but that is definitely not a stigma of mine.

    I don't post in the general forum a ton but generally in arguments like this I have posted facts with links from sites to back it up. To which you have commented before.

    I may be slightly wrong on how Siemian performed as an individual but that's not a trend of mine.
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