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  1. I sure am glad you are our moderator my dear. Your ability to remain calm, cool and collected is so impressive.

    I had to purposely stay out of the violence against women thread for the most part because my insides were going crazy and I'm sure I would have received several infractions had I posted when I wanted to.

    When my stomach is flipping like pancakes on a hot griddle and my anger is rising up to my throat, it's best not to respond and let others do so.

    Oye vey!
  2. Thanks. I read it. I'm logging off right now, so I'll respond tomorrow.
  3. Hi There,
    Wanted to let you know I left a response on the Darren Sharper thread about how the emotional piece should be handled when a person goes to the ER for the exam since you were saying that it may be a missing piece in MD's hospital.
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