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  1. I'll happy to get any kind of notification from ya!
  2. But. I was about to send a notification to make his day.
  3. It's time for a new version of the "purple people eaters"........sorry Vikes, we're going to borrow the name for a week.
  4. A nice roasted raven sounds delish
    (ok not actually in real life)
  5. The game this weekend is worthy of a bacon and beer feast, perhaps some poutine as well, and we will definitely need a chunk of dessert that has some syrup on it......

  6. Im "Eh"cstatic for the playoff game this weekend
  7. "eh"men brother!!!
  8. Yep I tried it. Started saying eh for an hour or two!!
  9. We would welcome you as fellow canucks anytime!
  10. Winget showed me the maple flavored one.
    We figured we just might turn Canadian after drinking that stuff.
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