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  1. Nice!!! Keep up the good stuff!

  2. Hi Can!
    Yep still working my way through school and am nearly finished with my first tri-mester (they switched from semesters last fall). I get a 2 wk break from Jan 21-Feb 3, just in time for the Super Bowl!! Currently at 3.87 GPA which is great but working my butt off. GO BRONCOS!!
  3. Are you still taking courses? If so, how's it going?
  4. I like talking to you cuz we have interesting conversations, you appear to respect everyone and are highly logical. Plus you like the Broncos.
  5. You look like BB!!!! Yikes.......what are you doing talking to me????
  6. LOL, it's ok, I am willing to provide tea an cookies. By the way, a very handsome co-worker said I looked like Brigette Bardot...seriously. Hence, my new avatar.
  7. You know that being kind to an OLD dude is very likely a sign of care-giving. Don't forget my cookies and tea.

    (<that's me at my most energetic time of the day)
  8. I love you, Can.....this distance between us? I cannot bear it any longer.
  9. BTW, my niece is dating Matt Prater's younger brother, Mason Prater. I shall ask her to talk to Matt about his poor kicking lately.
  10. I looked it up on wiki....and I'm not ashamed of myself. I'm a proud man, but I will stoop if I have to!!!
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