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  1. It's pretty large. I'll post it up in the prospect watch thread in a day or two. I'm trying to go through and make my offensive line prospect list but I got all of the defense covered and most of the offense
  2. What's your 2014 prospects list for next years draft? I'm not even sure where we could go in the first round
  3. That must be why JDR made the comments he made about when he's on he's great but that he needs to be more consistent. I'm hoping our heavy d-line rotation can keep him fresh enough to be consistent. I'm actually going to go back and watch it today. I hope he get's his focus dialed in and his consistency where it needs to be. I wonder if it's focus or conditioning. I hope it's not conditioning because he's been practicing at altitude but the game was in San Fran
  4. I went back and watched Knighton again and he has some outstanding plays but also a couple horrible plays. The dline has some outstanding depth that are going to make some noise
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