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  1. At all, most likely. I'll let you know though if I change my mind.
  2. At all or at that price?
  3. No thanks to Blackmon.
  4. Would the 9ers be interested in WR Justin Blackmon? I am looking for a 2rounder since yours is so far back.
  5. Jags/Sea trade request

    Sea gets
    #66 (3rd)
    #130 (5th)

    Jags get
    QB Flynn
    DT Branch
  6. Jags/KC trade request

    Jags Get
    OT Albert
    WR McCluster
    #98 (4th)

    KC gets
    #33 (2nd)
    TE Lewis
  7. Jags/Jets Trade Request

    Jags get:
    #9 (1st)
    #40 (2nd)
    #105 (4th)
    #201 (7th)
  8. I wouldn't have a problem with trading those guys as long as you get a good value back in return, but I'm only 1 vote of the trade council. And if I land as the SF GM, I'd probably be looking for a 2nd round pick for Alex Smith. Maybe a 3rd and a player. Depends on the circumstances. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to negotiations though...
  9. Thats where the visitor messages go. Lol

    So will I be able to trade the players I mentioned?
  10. By "wall" I just mean this place where all the Visitor Messages are posted. >>> It looks an awful lot like a facebook wall, so that's what I called it.
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