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  1. Wow, talk about a handful!!!! Sounds like you're getting a lot done, though. Good on ya.

    Sam(my 8 year old daughter) and Ant(the almost 10 year old boy-child) have an upcoming local theater performance. We're pretty excited. It's Sam's 3rd, but Ant's 1st, and he's having fun. We made a deal with him that if he keeps his grades good, stays out of trouble at school, and does this theater thing to just try it then we'll sign him up for tackle football this year. We're trying to show him that school is his job and he has to earn the other things. And with the theater thing.. we just want to expose him to other things as well. The boy is like a dog on a bone.. once it's on it won't let go. And football is him bone. Sam? Yeah.. she's content with piano and local theater. She's such a character! She cracks us up.. oh, and she LOVES helping us cook dinner and bake. We actually got her her own apron for her birthday that she puts on whenever we're in the kitchen.
  2. Yeah man. Boys are playing soccer now, so I'm hopping in the evenings. Older son (14) just took 2nd in a tournament this weekend - scored the game winner in our first game. Other than that, I'm finishing an addition to my house and am hanging siding when weather & time permits. When I'm done, I'll have a sweet hangout space for the boys during their HS years. 60" TV, ping-pong, foosball, dart board - all within earshot so we can keep tabs on them!
  3. I am doing VERY well, thank you, sir. The monkeys keep us very busy, but I'd not trade them for anything in the world.

    Hope you're doing well?
  4. How you doin' Eric? The little monkeys keeping you busy?
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