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  1. What would you want for the #1 pick? I have #3.
  2. While I'm considering moving up, it's not likely gonna be that high, because the asking price would simply be too much ..unless you're gna surprise me w/a good offer right now, I doubt it
  3. Would you be interested in trading up to #2 overall. A top D player could put Houston over the top.
  4. No thanks. The only players I am interested in are Davis and Johnson. I will NOT give up Bailey, Clady, Miller, Dumervil, and Franklin.
  5. how about charles johnson?
  6. I have the broncos now.
  7. What do you want for Thomas Davis?
  8. same thing though, no hard feelings. Offers will always be proccessed!
  9. I think I want to keep Ginn. He is highly rated returner.
  10. Ok. My apologies. We will stand pat for now! Thanks for dealing with me.
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