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  1. Lets just say you inspired me to take that first big step.......

    ............towards stupidity!!!!
  2. You crack me up Dave. Just got done reading your "you know what's stupid" thread.
  3. Yeah, I don't do the facebook thing, so this is foreign territory for me.
  4. Haha.......up until this week, you were my only "friend" here......I hope no one asks me to be a friend who I don't really care for. It's like Facebook all over again!!!!

  5. These messages are interesting, but I'm not quite getting the hang on them yet. Plus, now I have to figure out who I want to be "friends" with on the boards!
  6. Hey bud!!! Just wanted you to know I got your visitor message.......

    Be cool!

  7. Hi Dave! Just testing out the new note features on the boards. Looks like I might be your first visitor with this new capability.
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