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  1. Hey Janet.....I'm laying a little low of late. Then again, I just came back from Denver, and had a fabulous trip there, finally catching a Broncos game. One less thing on my bucket list!!

    Later I'll take a look at that thread, and pm my opinion.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Haven't seen you around the boards lately. Anyway, I was wondering if you happened to read any of the posts in yen thread entitled Calm Me Down Please? So basically I was saying that I was listening to sports media saying this and that about how Dallas was going to win and I was getting nervous so I started the thread to ask for an X's and O's discussion about how we neutralize them.

    So I got a post by a guy named Dooganquest who started to "diagnose" my anxiety and nervousness as abnormal and how I wrong I was for allowing a football game to impact my life.

    I responded but he didn't read it. This morning others were saying how weird it was to be a fan without emotional investment and his responses got more ridiculous about my mental health. So I just responded in a more forceful way.

    Wondered if you could go to the thread and take a look and see what you think. Would love your take.

    Thanks, Janet aka Broncoslover115
  3. No problem bud......stay true to your feelings. I am also very disappointed!

    Now, lets look forward to win #2!!!

    (Interesting.....last year some folks were discussing the value of Manning and Miller. No question in my mind who we need on the field to get us to the promised land......does #18 ring a bell?!)
  4. Hey There CanDB, thank you so much for your post in response to mine and me feeling disappointed. After being told what I was last night I felt incredibly frustrated and sad. So to see what you posted really felt supported and I really appreciated it. I also posted something attached to your two posts.
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